Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Jason's Dance

I received this e mail from a dear lovely friend of mine Bernie. She has 4 sons,all ranging in ages from 15 -3, all their names start with J, and they are so very handsome.
Bernie is one of those Mom's that is very hands on. Being in her house, you can feel the
energy and love oozing from the walls. She has patience, grace and is just so lovely to look at. Really stunningly beautiful. She will be one of those Mom's that her son's friends will be infatuated with... you know... a MILF. I know... vulgar... but true... we should all have those problems.
So... here is the e mail she sent. I believe Jason is one of older boys, either 15 or 13 or close to it.
I get all their names mixed up because they are so similar.
Read on...
Last night I got home and Jason was all dressed up..
I was caught up in the demands of the day and told him he looked very handsome. I tried to go about what I was doing and he followed me into every room.
I finally thought everything I was doing could wait..
I sat to talk to him and the first thing he asked was,
"Mom, Will you dance with me?"
I am so happy that I didn't get too busy to hear that.
He wanted me to put on my wedding dress, but settled for another "beautiful dress". His eyes lit up when he saw that I dressed up just for him.
He smiled the whole time we danced.
I felt how much he loves me and I hope he could feel how much I love him.
I just wanted to tell everyone please take time out once in a while and enjoy the moments that are so special.. It will mean the world to someone!
Have a good day..and slow down!~B)
Wasn't that awesome? I thought that was the sweetest thing any boy has ever done. Ever.
I got all choked up reading that.
Her boys love for her is a testament to what kind of Mama she is.
Be proud Bernie...
Be very proud.
I love ya, hon!


  1. That's so sweet Saundra! Yes..we are blessed to have our boys!! and if it helps to remember their names, they are in alphabetical order! (i know, i know..what's wrong with me??) anyways, Jason is my 6-year-old..thanks for posting this..I hope it helps others remember to take time for the important things in life..before you know it, we'll be dancing at their wedding!
    and MILF?? thanks for that..vulgar, but I'll take it!

  2. Okay, hand me the tissues!

  3. Kathy, I did the same thing! I got all choked up!

    Bernie... Yeah, yeah I know... vulgar... but it is what it is. ;)

  4. What a nice thing to post and to say about my friend Bernie...she really is a great Mom and friend. To all you moms out there...cherish every moment with your children and don't forget to tell them how much u love em, especially when things get tough and it's hard to claim them your own! =0)

  5. Oh anonymous... I wish you weren't anonymous! Thank you!


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