Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Well... we've moved in... All but two rooms of the house are done-ish...

This house is SOOOO much larger than our other home...I get winded just walking from one end to the other...

Did I mention that it was built for a woman with a handicap?  So it's perfect for me... no stairs, handicapped rails in all 5 bathrooms, flat as can be!

I just started my third year teaching Cuisine last Monday.  I still love every second of it.  The students are fun, energetic, intuitive, creative and seem to be having a great time... so that makes me have a great time too!

I have my youngest in class this time around.  My Teacher's Asst. LOVES when he is in class, he knows is way around my school kitchen better than anyone, and it makes her job that much easier... LOL.  He is such a great little cook, you should see him shake a pan and flip food in the air... makes me wanna well up and tear!  I don't think kids understand the gift of learning a life skill like cooking.  My boys will hopefully never starve, even if they marry women that don't cook...Ya know?

I just pray they marry orphans, so I can be the only Grandma... HA!