Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Bachelorette... TRAINWRECK TV at it's finest...

Wow... what D.R.A.M.A.on TRAINWRECK TV this week....
This week is was the time they all got to go home and have Jillian visit the boys in their hometowns and meet the future Monsters In Law.
Kiptyn's Mama had just a weeee bit too much Botox the day before... she couldn't "emote" as well as she probably could have in a few weeks. No one with a 30 year old son has THAT translucent of skin... I mean... really... we all have HD TV's now... we can SEE the needle holes now...
Their home was incredible though. I love San Diego.
Reid's family all just stopped... when Jillian and Reid kissed on the sofa... and called him out on it.
I loved Michaels family... and he is an identical twin... but... that Jillian... she's a perceptive one... she figured it right out when... gasp... the boys did the ol' switcheroo...
Who would have guessed twins could trade places!!!
THEY SHOULD MAKE A MOVIE WITH THAT PREMISE!!! Maybe they could all it...
"The Parent Trap!"
I'm gonna make millions on that ORIGINAL idea!!!!
He was really heartbroken when he was dumped... and I really felt for him... he was adorable... just too young... no one needs to be married at 25...
Wes... Wes... Wes...
"I don't lie well"... HA!!!
We know you are lying because we see your lips moving!!!
Of course, we had to hear his lame song again...
She got to meet his entire band, while they got TV time...
I hope Wes sells at least... oh... 5 CD's... that's it.
He's lame.
I hope he is the one that have a dysfunctional "appendage" when it's time for the "Fantasy Suites"...
JAKE came back and told Jillian that Wes has a girlfriend... all this drama ensued... the boys confronted one another... (Jake was kicked off last week, but came back to tell Jillian)
Wes... somehow... I didn't get it at all... sweet talked his way into Jillian good graces, and took her to meet is sisters and Mama's.
She is DUMB!!! She gave that loser a rose again!
He is sooo using her.
Someone needs to wake her up.
After the confrontation... Jake bent over a balcony and cried... Ala Jason style. It's becoming a normal thing now..
Man up... guys! This Metro Sexual thing is old!!!
Ed came back too.
Boy he is cute.
He left a couple of weeks ago because his boss threatened him he'd lose his job.
But he came back, and he asked for another chance and she gave it to him.
Even though I think Kiptyn is a shoe in... Ed is a really close second.
Next week they head to Spain.
Hopefully she will leave Wes there... maybe he can sweet talk the Spanish Senoritas and leave America alone. His song is lame. He sound like just the run of the mill country singer... nothing spectacular.
Can you tell I can't stand him?
So...Jillian is as annoying as ever...
We are a few steps closer to seeing who will dump her after a few short weeks of real life...
Oh... the anticipation is killing me!
Hey...My Melissa, from last season... got engaged!

Monday, June 29, 2009

What kind of a driving companion am I??

I am pretty specific when I go on long car trips... which is precisely why I don't enjoy long car trips with other humans along for the ride...
I love to drive... have I told you?
The music has to be just so...
When I used to be able to plan my weekends out, and have my destination, I used to head on over to the Wherehouse or Sam Goody and buy myself a new Cassette... YES... I just said Cassette tape.
If I was driving a convertible or T -top at the time... they would be down or off..
Sunglasses on...
Seat in perfect position
Hair pulled into a cute, and functional ponytail,
tape in slot...
seatbelt on..
And off I would go...
to San Diego. the beach, or to San Francisco...
A blissful drive to where I was going...
Okay... I was all of 16-19 years old... so I could do that...
but it was blissful.
When I am with another person or people... I feel the need to talk incessantly.
The radio or cd player (yes, I've progressed since my teen days) don't get turned on
unless the others want to sleep while I drive. Then I need the radio for company... but I'm nice... I turn it down low.
I don't usually sing when others are present... but when I'm alone...
watch out... I'm in CONCERT!
I drum, hold my mic, bob my head... over accentuate every lyric... and have a ball.
My boys HATE IT when I do that when they are in the car...
I do it... simply... because I know they hate it...
Call it payback, call it being clueless... whatever...
But when "When Doves Cry" comes on.. they GROAN with pain...
Ahhhh... motherly bliss.
I NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER turn my head to talk to my car companions when I drive.
I have full blown convo's staring straight at the road the entire time.
When I am in the car with someone that looks at me while they talk,
I make a mental note to... A). bring a crash helmet next time I ride with them,
B). offer to drive the next time... or C). never get into a car with them again.
This is so sad... but when I need lipstick or my ear bud... I ask my kids to get it for me...
My poor sons know which lipstick I wear, unlid it, and turn it for me to apply...
All so I won't have to take my eyes off the road. I spent one morning on the way to school to show them all how to do it. You should have SEEN the eyerolls and whines I got.. LOL!
My sons are real men.. my daughters in law will hopefully worship me one day.
I hate game noises in the car... so I must have the games on mute.
I know...I am soooo mean... sue me.
We have an entertainment system in the car... that we never use...but the boys ruined so many movies by just leaving them on the floor of the car then stepping on them, I've banned the use.
They were younger then.. maybe I'll reinstate it.
I would much rather have them looking out at the scenery and asking questions though.
I am neither easy to live with nor easy to drive with apparently.
I am a horrible backseat driver to my poor hubby.
He can do no right when I am in the passenger seat.
I have learned in 20 years with him... that I just need to make sure I am soooo tired and sleepy that I just close my eyes so he can drive in peace. I usually beg him to drive.
He usually says no...
He doesn't like it when he is the passenger... he doesn't want to look like a 'wimp'.
What. ever.!!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Photo Tagged

Okay, so I lied a little... I was tagged and I can do photo tags... they are easy.
Thanks Jam!
6th picture... 6th folder
My nieces and nephew and my boys... waaaay back in 2004.
Yes, I used to dress them the same...Sue me.
10th folder, 10 picture...
Johnathon turning 6 at Chuck E. Sneeze!
I swear... every illness in childhood can be traced back to those horrible places...
I am sooo glad my kids are out of that phase.

Blog Break

I'm taking a long weekend...
I'm here... just taking a blog break for 3 days.
See you Monday.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael and Farrah... gone...

Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett... gone...
In one day.
Two American Icons.
Both so young.
This is one sad day...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Writers Workshop with MamaKat

I loved all the prompts this week...
I'm starting with 'interview a child"
So, I'm interviewing my oldest...
William, 15. Beautiful, sometimes stoic, always lights up a room with his smile, when he smiles, incredibly intelligent, transforming into a man right before my eyes... everyday.
Q. What if your favorite thing about being out of school for the summer?
A. Not having to wake up early... being able to sleep in.
Q.What do you want to do with your life after college?
A. I don't know.
Q. Do you love your Mama more than anything in the entire universe?
A. Yes... You cook and clean for me and you love me more than anything.
Q. Is your Mama a good Mama? (come on.. you knew it would be all about me...)
A. (the wiseasses answer was...) "Possibly" as he scratched his chin and made like he had a beard.
I'll re- ask the question...
(laughter ensures)
He emphatically replies with a loud. "YES".
Q. What is your favorite restaurant?
A. Chili's ( we are so worldly... huh?)
Q.What does the perfect day look like to you?
A. Wake up at 2 p.m.
Eat a beautiful meal prepared by my WONDERFUL Mama, (he laughs) then drive a Nascar,
then have dinner in Rome in a Pizza parlor near the Coliseum again.
Q. What has been your favorite vacation so far?
A. Our trip to Italy in 2006.
Where would you like to go in the future on vacation?
A. Hawaii
How much do you love your Mama... again?
A. Ha ha! A lot! (big smile)
I have soooo much more brainwashing to do... Soooo much more!
Now... write a help wanted ad...
Wanted: someone to get rid of cobwebs the second they appear... squash spiders,
make me laugh at any given moment...leave all your dirty laundry all over the house on a daily basis, eat me out of house and home, cost me thousands and thousands of dollars a year in tuition, need me to go shopping for something at midnight because you NEED it in the morning... or else... asks me for money every day, roll your eyes at me, kiss my cheek then give it a huge lick and laugh till you pee your pants, write me the most adorable handmade notes all the time and post them right where I'll see them, make me worry all the time, ask me if I love you more than my luggage, tell me how sexy YOU are, ask me what is for dinner at 8 A.M. everyday,
stomp your foot and say "What!" when I ask you to set the table, text 6,000 texts a month
and a whole host of other things that I KNOW
I AM GOING TO MISS TERRIBLY and just realized that you three are GROWING UP ENTIRELY TOOOO FAST!
I need my three men to be babies again. Now. I'm waiting.
I see long hairy legs, mustaches, chest hair, MY BABY SHAVING almost everyday now.
I hear them talking about girls in hushed tones in their rooms.
I see them follow a cute girl with their eyes.
I see them taking a lot more time getting ready to go out now.
Deodorant has become a hot commodity in my house. So has hair gel.
Empty nest if gonna kill me.
I'm gonna be like that Mama on "Everybody Loves Raymond".
Oy vay... I sure they all my boys marry orphans.
Or, at least, marry girls whose parents live in... Siberia, or something, and are 95 and ready to kick that ole' bucket.
I find myself staring at my men while they are doing... almost anything... trying to burn them into my mind. I cry, everytime I think about them leaving my house for good.
Maybe we'll move to Italy and have them live with us forever. It's all the rage there.
The boys always stay very close to the Mama's in Italy.
Yep... that's it...
We move to Italy in 8 years.

Just in case you didn't know...

I've been blogging for a year and a half now.
I. Love. It.
Unfortunately, blogging takes time away from my novel writing... but it makes me happy, so I don't sweat it so much.
I have come into the habit of not blogging on weekends... I don't know why... it just kind of evolved like that.
More and more, I find myself saying things like...
'Oh my friend Lilly, from Australia, had a similar experience... or That's so funny, my friend Michelle in Michigan has three little boys and I remember... blah, blah, blah...
My Mama called me on the day I found out Braja had been in a horrific accident, I was crying when I answered the phone, and when she asked what the matter way, and I told her... she was relieved it wasn't one of her grandbabies... then had to ask again who I was talking about. She didn't get it. I was crying for someone a million miles away.
AnotherMichelle ...her daughters are so lovely, I'm saving two of my boys for her girls.
MamaKat, I live for her Thursday Writers Workshops... very cathartic.
Becky feeds my soul, makes me laugh, and sends me lovely purple items in the mail.
There are sooo many more I don't have the time to type about right now...
This little box is magic... isn't it?
I feel so connected to all of you.
I don't have a large circle of touchable friends... but my friends I have met in Blogland have helped me through so many things...I feel like I have a larger circle of love.
It's funny... I can tell when people are having a bad day, just by their comments... the "tone" if you will. Some days some are snarky. Some days some just want to spread love and sunshine wherever they read. And other's like to elevate themselves by putting other's down.
For instance...someone may leave a comment that she wouldn't dream or couldn't imagine blogging about a certain topic. That person may have been feeling down or have had low self esteem that day. This magic box is sorta "incognito" so people say things they wouldn't otherwise say in person.
I just wanted to say that I love you.
I think you are great.
I love my followers.
I love those I follow.
I check my stat counter all the time to see where everyone is coming from.
I just wanted you to know that.
I'm going to bed now...

Wordful Wednesday

My one eyed dog Jack... 5 years old... pound puppy... we adopted him just like that...

His previous owners Pitt Bull ate his eye out, and they took him to the pound to be put down...they kept the Pitt bull... weird...

They sewed him up, and we got him 6 weeks after...

He is the greatest dog... next to...

Daisy... pound puppy... 7 years old... she thinks she is a pitt bull.
People have been asking me to post pictures of my dogs...
I guess everyone was sick of seeing the kids so much... LOL!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"Now that I see how soft her feet are..., I can't wait for her to meet my family"

Trainwreck TV took to the Train !!!
Oh... it is gonna get good one of these weeks... I tell ya!
Yes, she is still leaning in all the time...
Yes, she is still wrapping her legs around the men.
On one of the previews, one home date actually put police "caution" tape around the hot tub...
THAT was funny!
Wes, the singer, admitted on National TV he was only there for the exposure, he got to sing his song on air (ad nauseum) and on their hometown date... yipeeee, she gets to meet...
wait for it... wait for it...
Oh! Every girls dream!
No, not his family, not his siblings...
He's a keeper!
And she did... keep him.
"Too perfect" Jake was sent packing... BUT WAIT... there's another... "Deanna" esque episode coming up where he comes back and wants to tell Jillian about Wes.
See how perfect you are... Jakie poo!
I really liked him... but he was a little... toooooo... into her... girls like a challenge...
Oh. My. Goodness... God Bless America...
Foot fetish Tanner.
Let me kiss, hug, suck, lick, stare at, lotion up, massage, groom, pick earwax from my ears, eat my dinner your feet... Tanner.
See my post title?
What does he wanna say...
"Uh... Mama... Daddy... THIS is Jillian... HEY... LOOK AT HER FEET!!! See Daddy... I'm not Gay!!! I like girls!!! Have you seen her feet?"
That poor boy needs to burst out of his closet... and never step near another girl again... unless they are shopping.
He even chose red snow shoes for Jillian, because she was wearing a red shirt... awww....
There's absolutely nothing wrong with that... but don't go on a straight show... dude... knock on the closet door... someone will let you out...I promise...
The Kicker???
Someone asked Jillian what she sleeps in... and Tanner took it upon himself to SHOW her what he sleeps in when she asked him... so he STRIPPED DOWN TO HIS ALMOST THONG UNDIES...
Yep... and she did mention how large his "package" was.
THEN!!! THEN!!!! He says this on his confessional interview...
"I'm a quiet, reserved kind of guy... how doesn't like to reveal too much out of the gate" or something of that nature.
Come on!!!!
I like Kiptyn for her... but can't help but wonder if he is the one that "malfunctions" on their one on one date in the 'FANTASY SUITE".
Soooo slutty!!!
You don't sleep with someone on NATIONAL TV!
Your Daddy is watching!
Save your slutty status for private.. Ms. Jillian!
They were all on a train for an interminable amount of time... great scenery... one guy actually got left on the side of the tracks after the date didn't work out so well.
Oh... soooo much Drama for the men and women of the Bachelorette...
What is the world to do?
Until next week...
Jillian... try to keep your clothes on for a few more weeks please...
For your Daddy...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Snack Bar Stories.... they continue...

Hey... Guess what! My Snack Bar days are not yet over!
We are hosting Girls Softball at our little one field park.
Ya- to the freakin' hoo!
So much for a real summer vacation or going to the beach to camp... oh well.
William has a boat load of football anyway.
Alex and William made All Stars for Baseball...
I vow... I will not miss a game this time around...
No sireee bob.
Snack bar or not... I'm gonna be at those games...
I will have sooo much more fodder from hosting All Star games...
Let me tell you!
These people are usually crazed.
It's like the parents lose all self control, and take it all sooo seriously.
It makes me want to scream...
"People!!!! There are no college scouts at the games! Do you really want your kid to peak at 12? Chill out! It's just Little League!!!"
It is really sad to see all the parents that live vicariously through their kids.
Yelling at them, scolding them about getting out, or not hitting for the fence.
Stomping their feet, cussing, getting into fights...
2 years ago, I read about a guy that SHOT a coach while in line for the Snack Bar because the coach didn't play his kid a whole game.
THAT kind of activity... I DO NOT need at my Snack Bar... thank you very much.
I couldn't STAND Williams High School coach this year, but I settled for dirty looks and ignoring him...he wasn't worth the effort to talk to him. He was just a dirtbag... plain and simple.
So yeah... a few more weeks of Snack Bar Stories are on their way.
This should be vveeerrry interesting.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Writers Workshop

Writer Workshop prompts I chose for today are...
Share a piece of unsolicited parenting advice... (you KNOW I have opinions on THAT!)
Tell about my blogline... when I started, what were and are the goals for my blog...
Parenting advice...
Here goes...
SAY "NO" once in a while.
I promise it won't hurt you!
I err on the other side and say "no" an awful lot to my kids.
I just can't STAND spoiled brats that feel entitled!
I visibly WINCE when I see a parent say something like... "All right... all right... just a second... you can pick out whatever you want... just please stop screaming..."
Does she not KNOW what kind of a monster she will be creating???
I really, really, really LOVE it when I hear parents say things like...
"Yeah, we bought Pete a new car...he's been so good lately... hasn't given us a minutes problems..."
When I KNOW Pete dropped out of school, hasn't showered in days, watches TV all day long,
does nothing to help out around the house, and speaks to his parents like they are his friends and he hates them.
I hate when parents reward their kids for doing NOTHING, helping with NOTHING, producing NOTHING, and not putting forth the effort to even finish school!
I could write for YEARS on this subject! Literally YEARS!!!! A book on this subject would never, ever end....it would have more pages than the Bible. I swear!
How about the kids that get $50,000 cars on their 16th birthdays... let me at 'em!
How on earth... are those kids supposed to keep up that lifestyle right out of high school or college? Talk about setting a kid up for failure!
Live in a fabulous house... drive a luxurious car... parents... of course... YOU earned it!
But giving your little darlings the spoils of your income... to the extreme... leads them to become complacent and sometimes lowers their self worth.
How can a kid out of college get all that stuff he wants right off the bat? He's gonna want to live the way he is accustomed to being brought up... never have been told "no" before...
Wait until his first interview goes south, and he is told "no" for a job... watch the tantrum as it unfolds... watch the excuses he comes up with... it will never be "his' fault... always someone elses fault...watch as he's turned down for a loan, so he can continue the life you set him up with... watch how it makes him mad... but unable to do anything about it, because he got everything handed to him on a silver platter.
Curious about why I feel so strongly about this subject??? I was raised with a "yes".
My only salvation? The fact that my parents became LESS Americanized as I got older.
They began to see the errors of giving all they didn't have as kids.. to us.
They saved us from ourselves... just in time.
My parents were poor, poor, poor in Italy. No shoes, begging for food for their families, going hungry for days on end... poor...
They came to America, and worked really, really hard, and made good.
They wanted to raise us like all the other immigrants said..."Our kids are gonna have it better than us" and we did... sooooo much better... but it began to backfire and they nipped it in the bud.
More on that another time.
I just know from where I preach.
Getting all you want as a kid, doesn't prepare you for life... it makes you complacent and entitled.
It is a very hard lesson to learn the longer one waits to learn it.
Teach kids to earn what they want, and not just get it by asking for it.
Tell them to pay half... (secretly put the half they pay into an account for them, and spring it on them on their wedding day... That's what my parents did...) It is a beautiful thing.
Okay... I won't harp in it anymore... and I love to buy my kids new things like the next person... I just don't do it to excess... and only give them what is appropriate for their age...
There are no Jones' I am trying to keep up with...living life that way is such a waste of time.
I started my blog on Jan. 4, 2008. My neighbor Letti turned me on to it.
I started it because if I took out all the journals I have written in for the past 30 years, it would fill up an entire room... this is sooo much more space effiicient!
My goals for my blog? Truthfully?
At first it was to keep track of day to day things that go on in our home... then... as it evolved...
it became more of a forum for me to write creatively, through my experiences... no necessarily in my family life only, but in my life altogether.
I'm not everyone's cup of tea.
I speak my mind, tell it like I see it, and try to interject a little humor now and again.
Sometimes I take poetic license, sometime I embellish, most of the time, I censor.... it's all about storytelling.
My wish and prayer for my blog is for someone, anyone at a publishing company see something in my blog and ask me to write a book. THAT would be a dream come true.
Until then, I am writing my own novel... loosely based on a family members antics after divorce.
It is really cathartic writing it.
No, I've never been divorced... so it's not me...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Our Vegas Trip

I booked our Timeshare for my birthday weekend in Vegas this year...
I just wanted a lovely place to nap, relax, go out and have fun or just stay in and look at all the lights and hustle and bustle if I wanted to...
So we did... We went to the Fremont Street Experience...
Found William's dream car... The boys ate... get this... deep fried TWINKIES! Gross! I saw Kathy Griffin get one of these with Bette Midler last week on her show... and I just had to have the boys try one. Bill, and William liked it... Alex and Johnny...not so much. I took a small bite... and was not impressed.
Our place has a water park, and we frequented it.
William enjoyed the roof top pool, and the fact that he was considered an "Adult" at the tender age of 15, according to the pool signs...
We ate two meals in our room, that I prepared, and ate dinner out.
Our place is a gorgeous 1100 square foot "room' with a kitchen, HUGE bathroom, master bedroom suite, living room and dining room... we got the boys their own apartment, connected to ours... it was great!
We bought a cool poker chip set, and taught the boys how to play Texas Hold 'em, and Black Jack... as you can see... after they learned... they got really into it, and wore sunglasses so we could't see them bluffing...
When Bill and I go to Vegas alone, we go to a different restaurant every time... this time, we were in the mood for Cheeseburgers... so we went to Cheeseburger... Las Vegas, the Hawaiian specialty.
Alex doesn't think he looks like his Dad... Ha!
It was a great weekend. 4 days really. Bill and I feel a great sense of urgency to spend as much time with the boys as possible.. they are growing up so quickly.
Thank God the boys don't mind hanging out with us yet...not that they have a choice... but it makes it so much nicer when the kids aren't sulking... ya know?
So now we are back, unpacking, getting back to normal life...
Summer enrichment school, football practice, All star baseball practice...
Happy Happy Joy Joy...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Today is my Birthday! Show me some comment love!

Yep... today is the day EVERYONE has been waiting for... with bated breath, I'm sure!
I am 41 years young today!!!!
I love my birthday...
It's the only day all year, I get all to myself!!! Mine... all... MINE!!!
Last year, Bill threw me a HUGE, wonderful, 125 person, Mama catered, white table linened,
Champagne on every table shindig, at the Sons of Italy, and it was a HUGE
This year... I know he'll just say Happy Bday and ask me where I want to go for dinner.
Not that there's anything wrong with that... Please don't think I require a party every year...
but a prank of some sort... would be cool, maybe something sparkly or really useful like a new laptop would be great... but... alas... I don't think it'll be done...
Except for last year... he hasn't really acknowledged my B day... really.
Sad... yes... but he is such an awesome man... who can begrudge him that one thing... ya know?
He does great for Christmas and Anniversaries... he just doesn't seem to 'get' my Bday happiness.
Whatever! Today is about ME!!!!
I know... I know... when ISN'T my day filled with me... fabulous me!
I kid, I kid... don't get your panties all in a bunch...
So... today... I am 41. I reaaaaaly love the 40's. I don't know why.
I have always love 4's, so maybe that's it.
I am enjoying the clarity of mind and spirit that comes with this age.
I speak my mind more and worry less about who hears or who likes me or who doesn't.
Not that I have ever worried or cared about what others think of me... but... you know...
now I care even LESS! Yahooooo!
I'll let you in on what we are doing in a day or two. AS it unfolds...I want to savor the nothingness of my B day. LOL!
This year, I am going to be sending my Mama Flowers on my Bday... she should be recieving them right about.... now.
The card reads... Thank you for taking such good care of me and for being such a great Mama... without you...I wouldn't be here! Happy GIVING birthday.
When I turn 80, hopefully she will be with us still, and be a fetching 99, I'll send her black roses... for all my aches and pains...LOL . She'd love it.. and laugh till the cows come home!
So... that's my post for today...
I'm 41.
Go ahead... take the day off for this holiday. Tell you boss I said it was okay...
She/He'll understand...
Oh, man! I'd better to change my profile thingy...
Now I'll say 40-ish.
Have a lovely Flag day!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Random Pictures

Just like the old days... prayer in school... one of my top ten reasons for sending my kids to private school...
Oops my flash was a little over zealous!
Johnny's first crush...He picked a gorgeous one... huh?
Eye seeee you!!!!
Good thing he's a boy... or we'd seriously be getting those eyebrows waxed at 10!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

MamaKat's Writers Workshop

MamaKat's Writers Workshop prompt that I chose is...
"Where would you like to be."
Well, how do you like THAT for an open ended question!!!
Where would I like to be RIGHT NOW?
In Ten years?
Geographically speaking?
Spiritually speaking?
Physically speaking?
Mentally speaking?
Hypothetically speaking?
See what I'm getting at... that was a great question...opens up all kinds of other questions to be answered... so I think I will answer them all.
I would like to be... right now... on a luxurious ocean liner, in Europe, with my hubby and kids, enjoying a fabulous dinner and the twinkling lights of Greece.
In Ten years...Done paying tuition... finally... enjoying the spoils of doing a good job raising my sons, and traveling the world with my hubby and friends. Oh! and Sunday Dinners with my sons and their wives...(no! too young!) or girlfriends... hopefully no grandchildren until they are married!
Geographically speaking? Central California Coast... the beach as my front door, and a vineyard as my back yard...
Spiritually speaking? I would like to feel more peace in God, and talk more with Him, and spend more time in prayer and meditation.
Physically speaking...I need to be a LOOOOT more active, to get this weight off.
My goal is to do 10,000 steps a day... I bought a pedometer today... so day one...is now.
Mentally speaking... I feel okay in this department. I'm not overly competitive, I think I have a good head on my shoulders, I just need to get more sleep... so either I cut my hubby's head off so he stops snoring... or, well.. I don't have an alternative!! LOL!
I know... Eeewwwww!
Hypothetically speaking?
My last name would be Gates or Buffett, and I'd be the biggest philanthropist imaginable...
I would love to one day hire a helicopter, and throw tons of cash out into the sky of an impoverished area...
BUT.... Where would I like to be?
Well... truth be told... I am a firm believer in loving oneself where we are at...
So... right here...

Wordful Wednesday

6th grade promotion Friday June 5th... This child wouldn't wear a tie...
OOps... I never get this hotmail stuff right... At our game last night... Alex playing 1st base.
And doing a fine job of it too. After Promotion, at Chili's... our tradition of lunching out after school's out.
Why does Johnny look so happy? Because Miss Teen California 2009 was his Teacher's Asst. this year, and he informed me she was "hot"! He giggled and danced when she was signing his yearbook...he couldn't contain his happiness.
Alex and his Teacher... Mrs. Nicholls.
Accepting his "charge"

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"I'm too Perfect...It's my curse in life..."

Oh dear... oh my... oh lordy, lordy...
Say what?
Did my ears and eyes decieve me?
Could it really be true?
COULD someone be on The Bachelorette...merely to PROMOTE their career or just get
some TV face time????
Say it isn't so!!!!
Might some of those hot guys ACTUALLY have a girlfriend back home...
Last night didn't disappoint...
I can't say I WATCHED the program, but I did hear it.
I glanced up from time to time from baking cookies for another catering job, to see what Jillian was doing with her lips this week, but other than that... the only part I really watched was
the part when the Not-out-of-the-closet-yet Tanner, Foot Fetish Guy, was telling Jillian that "some guys weren't here for the right reasons."
Oh yeah.. like wanting to suck, kiss and caress her FEET was a valid enough reason!!!
She let I'm-gonna-hit-someone- Dave (not Mike... thanks Jo!) and I'm-a-total-Mama's-boy-Juan go.
Dave was extremely disrespectful, foul mouthed and just dirty before it was okay.. with Jillian.
and Juan... well... Juan was more of a woman than Jillian was...too soft... too, too...sensitive.
I love me a manly man, any day of the week.
Jillian actually said "I'm not that girl" when Dave told her he had never been turned down for a kiss before, (she turned her cheek when he went for it) too funny, and he commented on how she had kissed every other guy in the house, and she denied it.
That girl leaned in and expected and made the first move on more of those guys than any other girl on the show...
Just a tad bit slutty for me.
I remember the hot tub scene with Jason the jackass.
Her Daddy must be sooo proud!
Can you imagine?
I still love Jake for her.
And Ed.
Wes can kiss my happy butt... he's a fame seeker.
Kiptyn is absolutely adorable...his name is growing on me... cuz he is soooo cool.
He's actually my number 1 pick for her so far...
Jake fell down a notch with the "too perfect" analogy he and Jillian focused on.
Who SAYS this sentence on national TV?
"I've been called "too perfect" my whole life."
Really buddy?
Let's see you walk on water or turn water to wine...
Come on...
Bring it, if you are gonna say crap like that! LOL!
Sooo, true love and all the spoils of it are well on their way to another Trainwreck...
I wonder what Mike Fleiss and Chris Harrison have up their sleeve for this rendition of
"I love you endlessly... hey! Look at that hot girl over there!!! See ya!"
Maybe there's a firing squad at the final rose ceremony...
and Chris announces something like...
"On the next Bachelorette...Jillian loves two men... but can't stand to let anyone else have the one she doesn't choose... stay tuned next week, when Jillian orders a Firing Squad to gun down the Bachelor she can't be with, but also can't stand to lose, but also can't stand to see with anyone else...... On the next... Bachelorette!"
Maybe Chris will make them each tattoo themselves with her picture and the one she doesn't choose... she has to remove it on camera...
They televised Jason dumping my Melissa... they'll do anything for numbers.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Drive In Diaries...Oy Vay... the people they let in!!!

I get it...
It's a Drive In.
No real "Attire" required, as long as you are dressed...
I totally get it.
We are watching movies... OUTSIDE... so it should be just an unwritten rule, oh, I don't know... taught when we were... saaaay.... 5 or so... that when we are outside... with other people around, out of their cars, enjoying dinner before the movies, kids riding their scooters up and down the mini hills, laughing, talking with friends... enjoying the night air...
Just MAYBE....
Other people DON'T want to hear... your stereo... set at volume... "Ear Bleed",
playing a song that repeatedly says this phrase about 150 times...
"F you, I'm DRUNK... F you... I'm drunk!!! I don't care what you say... F You I'm drunk!"
And might I just add here... that the "song" said the entire "F" word each and every time.
Oh. My. God. how I wish I had my camera that night...
The truck was nice... new... maybe a couple years old... big Chevy, extra cab...shiny...
What came out of that thing was scary...
Two adorable toddlers... both boys, blond and cherubic... that's where the cuteness stopped.
"Daddy" jumped out... no shirt on, shorts about 5 sized too big and almost down to his ankles, and pair of boxers that have seen MUCH better days.
"Daddy's" tattoo was lovely... Across his entire back were pictures of his two adorable boys, and the words...
"F you, they're mine" spelled on his back.
They will be so proud when the first swim party of their teen years rolls around...
dont' you think?
Then "Mommy" jumps down... pregnant again, very pregnant... we could see EVERYTHING!
She had a tank top on... pink, and a pair of pink yoga shorts... the tank only covered her breasts...
She... was barefoot.
So cliche... anyway...
"Mommy" hops onto the back of the truck to situate everything while "Daddy of the year" pops a beer can, empties a coke can, pours the beer into the coke can... and smiles...
Yes, folks... a toothless grin.
I was chewing on a piece of watermelon when that happened, and I laughed so hard, it came out my nose...
"Daddy of the year", sets the beer/coke down on the ground, to give his bride orders, and one of the toddlers proceeds to head for his beer/coke.
I yell across the aisle to inform Daddy Underpants, and he says... "Awww, he's fine.. he won't drink it all, he doesn't like beer."
The lovely family next to us... watching the Family Von Idiots right along with us, was just choking on their tongues...
We were all flabbergasted.
Another family complained that their song was tasteless, and extremely inappropriate for public listening... and well... as you can imagine...Mr. Bill of Rights Papa, informed the other families, that this was indeed a free country, and senatorship was illegal... (yep, he said senatorship instead of censorship).
Mommy Middrift agreed with the family, and turned the stereo off.
Hmmm... she WAS wearing her pants better...
But... alas... when Mommy went to the Snack bar...yes... barefoot... Daddy turned it on again and hit replay. Finally, a man from 2 aisles back walked up to him and made him turn it off.
It was THAT loud. and THAT vulgar.
After the first movie, they left, leaving about 20 empty beer cans in their wake. THEY WERE DRIVING home drunk... and yes... Preggo mommy was having a beer too...
Bill, my hubby, would have said something, I'm sure, had he been within earshot of the noise.
He was far away, near the screen, playing catch with our sons... he caught some of the lyrics when the wind was right... but didn't know where it was coming from...
When the movie was starting, he asked me what was going on...
and was sorry he missed all the drama...
I get sooo lucky.
I get to see all the trainwrecks...
I sure hope they all made it home in one piece.
I also hope that I didn' witness two future N'er do wells.. in the making.
Maybe those two precious boys will see the light and not repeat the same mistakes...
Here' hoping!
Oh... I just love the drive in!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Snack Bar Stories...

All of your comments have helped me decide to give the Snack Shack another go next year... as long as a few criteria are met... so Thank you.. I think... I'll let you know... next year.
Below... are some pictures of the demolition taking place, by our wonderful, caring, thoughtful, officials of our school district and city officials...
They had the brilliant idea to begin demolition... DURING BASEBALL SEASON!...
Aren't they sweet?
This is what we see when we look out the snack bar window.. nice huh?
That used to be a lovely, green baseball diamond, with gorgeous trees.

Alex.. looking absolutely thrilled to be there... as usual...

Johnny... happy to be anywhere! Another gorgeous view of the fields we were using just a few short weeks ago... Ahhh... bureaucracy... ya gotta love it! *** This week brought more melancholy of a season coming to an end... I am gonna miss my girls... they are a joy to work with... *** Next week is the end, so I am not buying anymore more food, and we are trying to sell what we have... so it's fun trying to explain to people that we don't have items they want. I even put a couple of signs up, thanking them for a great season, and to decrease waste, we will be selling only what we have left... Some people just don't understand. I smile and explain, and when another attempt doesn't help, I just point to my note.. and some parents say things like... "Oh, I don't want to take the time to read that... I want a snickers bar... and you can't give me one... so you aren't doing your job..." Lovely. I just say its the end of the season, and I don't want the excess food to go to waste... blah, blah, blah... What I WANT TO DO AND SAY IS... "Listen here Missy... (While grabbing her collar around her neck) do you realize how much time and energy it takes to purchase and fill this hell hole with food for you and your family? Wanna see nacho cheese up close and personal? (Then I proceed to bang her head against my Nacho Machine, and make her drink a gallon of oozing cheese)" But no... I just smile and tell her I'm just trying to reduce waste... She walks away without her precious Snickers bar. Hag. *** The brat child hasn't returned on my watch.. Thank the good Lord above... *** I did have one man pay me a dollar in pennies for Licorice. That was fun. He INSISTED on counting out the pennies... I just told him I trusted him and was going to push the pennies into my till, but no... He needed to count them. Fun. *** We had a lightening storm yesterday, and my entire Snack Shack was without power for a few hours.. it seems. Sooo. this week... my worry of waste is needless... LOTS of waste will be thrown away... Thank you Mother Nature... You are a real tree hugger of a lady... *** The drug dealers down the street's turn to work the snack bar was upon us... and guess who was working that Snack Shack that night! Yep! Lucky me! Their coach informed me that it was their night to work.. and I emphatically said "No!" I gladly paid the $2o bucks out of my own wallet, so they wouldn't have to be within 50 feet of me... just like my restraining order says... They claimed... "We can't afford to pay someone... but we can't be near her or the family..." Duh!!! That is so funny though... None of them have jobs... but they all seem to have enough money to buy cigarettes, big, HUGE screen TV's, gas, ear splitting car stereos, motorcycles, tattoos, earrings, and piercings and about 12 dogs and 5 cats.... but they can't afford $20 for a good student and sweet girl to work the Snack Bar? Hmmmm.... Business must be slow... As soon as there is money in being derelicts, unshaven, unwashed, uncool and slovenly, they will be millionaires. The 15 year old quit school last year... the parents must be so proud. Soon, they'll all be sharing the family tooth. Ugh.. I'm so done with them. It has been quiet there lately... calm before the storm... I'm sure... they've done it before. Okay, I'm done... they've taken up too much space on my blog as it is... *** So... that's it this week... Next week brings more fodder... Until then...