Sunday, May 31, 2009

The end and a beginning...

I am not going to post any more Money Mondays...
I have no new material.
Everyone knows the Economy sucks...
Pinch that penny,
Cook that meal,
Focus on needs and wants can come another time.
"Nuff said.
I liked that series too...but I can't write anymore about it just now.
I just don't have anymore words about it.
I kinda like trivial stuff right now.
Stuff that won't make you think... just might make you chuckle.
I'm going to write about my observations from my weekends.
Yes, I know... I only write about the bad, indecent, quirky or weird things I notice or that happen to me... but really... who wants to read...
"Oh, the sky of lovely, the kids laughed and frolicked all weekend... it was blissful!"
Go to other blogs for that stuff.
I live in the real world.
My kids play sports that make us gallavant all over Southern Calif.
Some places are nice... some... not so nice.
We also frequent our local Drive In, every other weekend.
They will let ANYONE in those gates...
Total blog fodder... I tell you!
We ALWAYS seem to park next to either the incredibly stupid, or the incredibly rude, and sometimes... both!
I have seen more butt crack at the Drive In, than I would at a plumbers convention!
So, no more Money Monday, until I have a "light bulb" moment about it.
Instead, I'll post about the Trainwreck stuff I see on the weekends...
Oh... there is soooo much to tell you!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Snack Bar Stories 8

The season is almost over...
boo freaking hoo.
Here are some things I am going to miss about the Snack Bar...
1. Seeing all the great people and their kids, with the little ball caps on, and the bats, and the Mom's wearing Jerseys, making all the Martha Stewart Bag snacks...
Some, and I do mean only some... of my fellow board members.
The teens I hired and have gotten to know and love...
Now.. for the flip side... here are some things I WILL NOT be missing...
1. Cheese that squirts out of a tube when a button is pushed...
2. Hot dogs.
3. People, mainly 2 people, telling me they want me to bring back the deep fryer, cuz they want their fried zucchini...ugh!!!
4. Smart N Final
5. Adults complaining and fighting that their little darling can't work the snack bar, like they did all those other years...
6. People asking me if I can break a $100, in the first five minutes I open... or EVER!
7. Being asked if I take credit cards... FOR NACHOS AND SODA! FOR REAL!
Oh the joys of running a Little League snack bar run far and wide...
You have to be juussst a little bit crazy to say yes to it.
I had big, huge, out of the box ideas I was going to impliment at the beginning of the season, and the wind sorta got knocked outta my sails when we found out we were losing 2 fields.
Maybe the next Snack Bar Czar will be able to do something fabulous.
I know people got a kick out of Johnny selling from a cart... it was fun putting that together.
If we had had three fields, I was going to have little stations set up at each field to sell necessities, and I even made aprons for the workers. But alas... it never came to be.
Oh, so many ideas were percolating in my head.
Only two more weeks, and I can hang up my apron and collect all the crap I brought from my personal kitchen into the place... I must have spent $100 of my own money on stuff for that thing, and brought over at least 20 items from my kitchen.
One man, Tuesday night, TOOK OUT HIS TEETH, to bite into a hot dog... right in front of my window...Why did he take his teeth out? I asked him, in between my nausea... and he said... his GUMS WERE ITCHY, and the hot dog would SCRATCH them!
Yeah... we get alllll kinds....
Stick a fork in me.. I'm done!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Writers workshop

These prompts got me all excited!
I am going to do two of them...
1. What is my life's anthem? What song would I sing about myself, if I was asked to sing a song RIGHT NOW? What is it, and what does it mean to me?
2. WE love telemarketers... tell a memorable story I had with one...
(Oh this one... I have sooooo many stories... but I'll limit myself)
My life anthem... has pretty much been the little song from the 80's by Matthew Wilder called
Break my Stride.
Here are a few of the lyrics...
"Ain't nothing gonna break my stride...
Nobody gonna slow me down... oh no...
I've got to keep on movin...
Ain't nothing gonna break my stride...
I'm movin and I won't touch ground... oh no
I got to keep on movin..."
It has multiple meanings at different times in my life...
Most of the time it means, that when others are trying to bring me down, to break me or my family, that we won't skip a beat... it just makes me stronger and more determined to prove the nay sayers and the ones who feel the need to 'put me in my place' so wrong that my life actually gets better as a result... while the naysayer is still in limbo and stunted.
I used to let what others say or said about me, get to me... now... I just head it off at the pass, ask if this or that was said, right at the source, and nip it in the bud. The fact that I am being talked about doesn't bother me... but it had better be the truth.. and if it's not...I will take issue with it.
Nowadays, I just come right out and ask for what I want answers to.
Stride not broken.
I hope to teach my boys to be the same way.
I had a job once, for one whole 4 hour shift, where I was a telemarketer. I would have left sooner, but I was taught to finish what I start.
I was 17, and I was hired to sell Vorverk vacuum cleaner appts. for sales people.
Holy cow... what a crap job.
I don't understand how people can handle getting hung up on, yelled at, cussed out, and berated on a minute by minute basis!!! And I was told I was great at it.. "a NATURAL!" HA!
No, it did not make me more sympathethic to telemarketers.
It made me want to start a support group for them.
I once read a list of things to say to telemarketers on the phone to A. illicit a laugh from them, or B. to mortify them enough to HANG UP ON YOU!
I posted the list next to the phone and found myself PRAYING for a telemarketer to call. It took a few weeks. (this was waaaaay before caller id, do not call lists and computers for everyone)
Phone rings.
I answer.... "Hello"
"Hi, is this the lady of the house?"
"Yes... sniffle, sniffle..."
"Uh... Ma'am, are you okay?"
"Nnnnnoooooo! (crying now)"
"What's the matter?"
"I... I...I... just ran over my 10 year old seeing eye dog!!!! Aaaahhhh...(sobbing now)
"He's DEAD!" sniffle, sniffle...snort...
"Oh, I am sooooo sorry, I'll let you go... I am so sorry ma'am"
"No! Don't go! I need someone to talk to! I'm soooo sssaaaddddd!"
"Well... uh... I have to go... I have other people to call."
"But you called ME! You must want to talk to ME!"
"uH, well, yeah... I did... but you aren't in the right frame of mind right now..."
"Please don't leave me alone... I might do something crazy or stupid... and I can't be alone right now..."
"I really have to go Ma'am. I really am sorry."
(sobbing profusely, screaming...)
That was very satisfying.
Another time, some guy calls and says...
"Hi, is the lady of the house home?"
(whispering) " I accidentally answered the phone, I robbing this house right now... call back later..."
"I just broke in... shhhhhh! Just call back!"
Phone rings again...
"Uh...hello? Is anyone there?"
At this point, Bill and I have made up a fight scene, and made it sound like
we came home to find the burglars.
Us: "What the hell! Who's in here! Saundra! Get the bat! I'll get a knife!!!"
Running, scuffling, grunting like in a fight, knife hits the ground... Bill yells to me to Call 911!"
I run for the phone, and the telemarketer guy is SCREAMING at the phone, saying to GET OUT OF THERE!!! WHERE ARE YOU!!! THERE'S AN INTRUDER IN YOUR HOUSE!"
I am dying laughing and trying not to pee my pants.
I gain my composure and make it sound like one of us was killed...and screamed for my life and at the last second...I disconnected my phone.
THAT was fun.
Another time...Bill was working out of town for 6 months, and I was getting a bunch of calls from random companies and my boys were 5,3 and infant... it was about 8:30 p.m. and the phone rings... Telemarketer guy says...
"Hello, Mrs. Shaver... I'm Joe with Acme Blah, blah, blah..."
I just start breathing heavily... and finally ask... in a sultry whisper, (while breastfeeding Johnny, by the way...) "What'yer wearing..."
Joe says... "Uh... what?"
I say it again... but end with... "Come on big boy... tell Mama What You are wearing..mmmmm"
We don't get many calls anymore... bummer.
They were soooo much fun!
Oh yeah... the burglar one was before kids... no time for things like that now...
I'll post more another time...
I have a million of them.
I used to do it at work too.
Sometimes I'll get one on my cell phone, and my kids crack up.
Ya gotta make life fun... or it gets to be mundane!

Wordful Wed at Angies Circus!

My potted garden... tomatoes, basil, peppers, strawberries, eggplant, parsley, jalapenos... mmmmm
Finally got our patio cleaned up and ready for the summer! The cushions have to be up when no in use because my dogs think they are their beds... Chives, Apricots, Lantana, tomatoes, and Chamomile My Gladiolas are in!!! 10 years ago, this was just 3 bulbs!!! Apricots... almost ready!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I mean... I love me too... but COME ON!!!!

Hey all...
I have a question for ya.
A couple of questions actually.
I have noticed a phenomena going on lately in the blogosphere.
I was wondering if you have been having this happen to you too.
I have been getting personal emails from random people, gushing over how much they
"love my blog" and within the gushing part... there is an advertisement to invite my readers and myself to visit their site. (Which, of course, I do not.)
Last week, I was hit up from a Children's Furniture company to allow them to guest post on my blog once a week. They got all bent outta shape when I emailed them back and asked what sort of compensation plan they offer. I laughed out loud!
They came back with...
"Well... we could give you $25 in your Pay Pal account initially"
I said... "$25 a week?" Sure! I'll let you guest post... just email me the post and I'll post it like clock work..."
They came back with... "Uh... no... just $25... one time."
DOES IT ACTUALLY SAY "Stupid" on my forhead?
I am happy that I am getting recognized for my blog... but some of these places are really kinda sleazy in their ways.
Am I supposed to just say yes to everything?
I am soooo not that type of person!
I am a super cynic!
Skeptical is my middle name!
I was asked to do the Fishful Thinking deal a while back, and had a real interview and everything... I was so happy and excited... They were the real deal... and I wasn't even upset when they called me back to let me know I wouldn't be one of the Faculty members because my kids ages didn't hit enough of the demographics needed... BUT THEY WERE SOOOO FANTASTIC!!! Those Fishful people they DID choose, would have been my choices too!
I LOVED talking to Kelly Buchanon and we are even friends on Facebook now!
Fishful was actually OFFERING me something... where as the others seem to use fake flattery to get their foot in my door!
I got news for the sleazoids... my door revolves!!!
Do you have the same things going on in your inboxes?
I mean, I like that they read me... but I really hate getting a compliment just so they can try and sell me something... know what I mean?
Love me, or don't love me... those are the only two choices... but don't love me because you feel like you can get something for yourself out of it... ya know?
Do tell... please...

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Bachelorette... AKA Trainwreck TV!

Is it just me?... or Did Jilliam LEAN IN on every. single. guy tonight!!!
She kissed made out with, and LEANED IN on every guy she was alone with!
Wow wee!
Guess that hot tub scene last season with Jason the Jackass, was just the prelude to the season a la Jillian.
Foot Fetish Dude got a rose... really Jillian? Still not freaked out? Hmmm...
I. LOVE. JAKE. The pilot... 'let's go get some Belgian Waffles in BELGIUM... Jake."
Yeah, he's right up my alley.
Wes, country dude... so just trying to promote his music.
I liked David... at first.. he was all tongue tied... sweet... now he's this "man possessed" and little on the scary side. I like scary... but not THAT scary.
So glad she got rid of naked in the pool dude...
Seriously... he admitted ON NATIONAL TELEVISION.. that his getting naked may have been the catalyst for his going home... AND MENTIONED THAT HE WAS 'HUNG LIKE A LIGHT SWITCH!" yikes!!!! I don't know too many men that would/could/should admit something like that on TV or anywhere, for that matter!
Oh, and wait till Jillian sees the show when the Dance instructor from New York, admits that he
See the pretty camera???? SHUT UP IN FRONT OF IT! Your FAMILY is watching!!!
Juan, Juan, Juan. I was soo on his side last week. Now... he's a little to 'heart on his sleeve' for me. He need to butch it up a little. His Mama surely babied him. She needs to run away... fast.
I think Jillian should let the guys take the lead on the kiss dept. Call me old fashioned... but she needs to play it a little more demure.
Ugh... I HATE WHEN I SEE MY DREAM CARS and I'm not the one driving.
I like Mike, Jake, and Kiptyn so far for her...

Money Monday

Happy Memorial Day!
Kiss a soldier today.
You know... there is an old song that says...
"Money makes the world go around, the world go around... oh Money makes the world go around..." or how about the Abba Song...
"Money, money, money... must be funny, in a rich man's world..."
or who can forget the song from Sweet Charity...
"HEY BIG SPENDER!!!! Sppeeeeeend a little time with me...."
Money certainly is a motivating factor in songs and in lives.
I once heard it said that if you have .75 in your pocket at any given time, you are richer than 3/4 of the population of the earth...
How sad is that?
Pretty darn sad, indeed.
Which brings me to yet another quote that affected me when I heard it.
Man says..."God, where are you! How can you abandon us! There are people dying, starving, rotting away from disease, orphaned, maimed and molested! You just left us here, alone!
How could you do that! Who is supposed to help these people!"
God replies..."My son... that's is why YOU are here."
I believe that.
I believe we are not only here for ourselves and our blood families, but for others also.
"To whom much is given... much is required."
Money is nice. It helps us buy things we want. It helps us keep roofs over our heads.
Helps us stay healthy, relatively speaking.
But, we, as Americans, have such an abundance... even the ones that live in poverty, have sooo much more than those that live in other countries.
Where is all of this coming from?
Well, if you must know... I finally saw Slum Dog Millionaire, and it made me shudder with outrage. I felt disgusted with myself and all I have, living here, in my cute little house, and my washing machines, 5 cars, running water, electricity, clean utensils, grocery stores... and in other parts of the world, small children are maimed and blinded, and used like filthy rags.
People still have to wash their clothing in filthy rivers and beat their clothing against rocks.
In Africa, mosquitos are killing thousands a day, for the lack of a simple mosquito netting.
But what can I do about it? How can I help? I am but one person!
Well, here's my answer...
I know times are tough for a lot of people.
I know people feel like they don't have anything to give.
But starting at home is the best way to make a change.
Do you have things around your house that you haven't used or even looked at in several years?
Clothing, books, furniture in a storage facility that you pay on every month, but never use what is inside of it?
Think about blessing someone else with it.
Americans are big on Garage sales and yard sales.
Maybe once, instead of having one, donate what you want to sell to charity.
Have an old car sitting around?
Donate it to the Blind or Deaf... they will make good use of it for their cause.
Time, talent and treasure, and gifts from God that we are supposed to use to help others.
I know, lots of people tithe to their churches, and that money is supposed to be for helping others... but let's face it... lot's of churches are just big businesses now.
(save the hate mail letters... I get it... lots of churches are perfect... I know... I know...How dare I... blah, blah, blah)
Time at a soup kitchen to feed the homeless.
Talent... maybe making items and giving them to the shelters, or providing services at battered womens shelters to help the women get back on their feet, with dignity.
Treasure = money... plain and simple.
Giving to others is a joy that is unmatched.
My friend Sandi, adopts kids with special needs, and raises them, and takes such wonderful care of them.
She is completely selfless, and lots of us don't have the resources or wherewithall to handle 14 kids, much less with special needs... but how about taking our children to an elderly facility and asking the nursing staff which one never has visitors, and having the kids visit every other week and read to the person.
Time = money = treasure...
I wish I had seen that movie sooner.
It really moved me to tears.
I look around my house, and neighborhood and made me want to make it a better place.
I want to go to India and adopt a hundred orphans that have to dig in trash heaps for food, or right here in our own backyard of America, and offer free dental care to the lost children in the backwood of the Appalachia's and a book to read, and school and.. and... and...
What I am asking, my dear readers, is for a call to action.
Something small that will have a big impact.
Time, talent or treasure... to someone less fortunate.
The riches reaped when we sow something like that are far more valuable than money.
And when our children see us give, with our hearts, they, too, will be givers.
Isn't that was we all want?
Help when we are down?
A hand up?
A lift?
Thank you for indulging me today.
Now go celebrate your abundance by giving some of it to others less fortunate!
I love you!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Snack Bar Stories Episode 7

Ugh... This is really starting to give me hives.

This snack bar job is FOR. THE . BIRDS!

The shopping, stocking, working with the teens and a few of the board members are an absolute joy. We have fun, we talk, we banter, cover for each other.. all the good stuff a board is supposed to do...

Then you get the people that talk the talk, but don't walk the walk.

Big babies. Not showing up for their time, or saying they are gonna be 3 HOURS LATE!

Helloooo! It's only a 4 hour shift! I would say showing up 3 hours late is more like job abandonment rather than being late. I'm gonna say this real soon...

"Dude... get with the program. If you are upset about something I may or may not have done to you while I have been on the board, either speak up or shut up... those are your only two options. If you think you are 'punishing' me for something by not showing up... think again. I show up for my time, and I'm there an awful lot more than you are. Oh, and another thing, don't pull this Senior board member crap out on me... I'll just laugh in your face... this isn't Junior High buddy... do the job, or resign... I'm not gonna beg you, you're a big boy."

Such nonsense!


The demon child showed up again this week. This time... the little darling came to the snack shack with her Daddy and proceeded to THROW the items he was trying to buy her... AT ME!

She and her Daddy came to the window...she wanted a candy. Her Dad, the rocket scientist that he is...let her choose from an array of our junk. I was thinking... "Dude, just give her three options... she can't read!" He would show her something and she would throw it at me or him.

Ring Pops, corn nuts, candy bracelets... she wanted a candy I didn't have... so then the little angel says this to me... with anger and hatred in her eyes and voice...

"Go get me a Hershey's NNNOOOOWWW!"

I. Was. Done.

I told Daddy that I wasn't going to take that abuse from anyone...especially from a 4 yr old.

He apologized, which was more than I can say for the Mama last week.

He left for a few minutes and came back again and DID THE SAME THING AGAIN!

I said to her with a huge smile on my face...

"If my boys were to ever talk to anyone like that, I would pump soap into their mouths and they would be on restriction from anything fun... for a long time. Talking like that isn't allowed in my house." Then I looked at the Dad.

I could tell he wanted to discipline her, but I also know that Mama wouldn't allow it... she's Mama's shopping buddy and angel! Blech!!!!


I am gonna miss the teens that work in the Snack Shack. They are soo sweet... on Mother's Day, they bought me a huge bouquet of Purple flowers! They were gorgeous!!! and sooo thoughtful!

I've made each of them a scarf, and want to have a pool party at my house when the season is over...

So it isn't all bad... just a few bad apples...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Writers Workshop with MamaKat

The prompt I chose is... "Share a love letter"
So I did.
Way back in 1999, I decided to write love letters to everyone that touched my life in a profound way. I did these letters in December of 1999, the last of month of the Millenium, and called them Millenium Letters. There were 30, and this is just one of them.
Dear Zia
I have been meaning to write letters such as this for quite some time now. I know I write you little notes with pictures of the kids and call from time to time, but it just doesn't seem like enough anymore. I want to tell you what and how much you mean to me, and how much you have meant to me in my life.
First of all, let me start by saying that I love you very much, just as I love my Mother. I can't help it, when I look at you, I see her too.
My whole life, you have been a pillar of strength and reason. I have watched you become the matriarch of the family. You stand firm in your beliefs, mean what you say, and say what you mean. I admire you. You have beared the duty of nursing and loving your parents into peaceful rest. You didn't have to take care of them yourself, but you did. You have been blessed with an immearsurable amount of love and kindness. Zia, I know for a fact that you will recieve double reward in heaven for what you have done here on earth.
I have great memories of staying at your house. I remember when we used to drive over to see Nana and Nonno, I would beg my parents to walk to your house to see you and the family. I would nag them constantly about when we were going to your house. To this day, when I think of San Pedro, it is your house that comes to mind... no one else's.
Another day that I love to think about, is my wedding day. When I look at my wedding gown, even now, I remember that you painstakingly tailored my gown, on the inside of the train, that no one would see, BY HAND, because you didn't want me walking down the aisle unless every detail was perfect for me.You will never know how wonderful that made me feel. That small gesture of love has stayed with me and always will. Bill is sick of hearing about it every year on our Anniversary when we watch our wedding video.
When I came out of my room with my gown on, I really wanted to know what you thought. You said it was beautiful. I know you meant it, because if you don't love something, you don't say anything at all. I love that you are the only woman in my wedding album, besides my Mama, that I posed with.
I love your smile and laugh. We need more laughs in the world like yours. I love it when you think I am being obnoxious and you say something like "Oh yeah, Sandra??" or "Youa talka to youa brotha Sandra?" Did you know I can do your accent and voice almost perfectly? It's one of my many talents. Ha ha! (please don't take offense to this... I LOVE that my family has the most lovely accents, I wish I had one, I just LOVE listening to everyone speak English... it reminds me that you are who I come from)
Now that I have a family of my own, all the lessons I have learned from you have been flooding into to my memory in the past few years. The number one lesson is that "When I close my door at night, the people in my house are the ones I am supposed to worry about and think about first."
From time to time, when I find myself stressing about something, I always hear your voice say that to me, in my mind. Here are some other things I have learned from just watching and listening to you...
1. Learn to cook well, and cook for your family.
2. Love Unconditionally
3. Put my marriage and husband before my kids.
4. Be playful with my husband
5. Always have cookies on hand, and ALWAYS put them on a pretty plate when serving them.
6. Always put a table cloth on the table for dinner.
7. Always have coffee ready to make or brewing.
See how many areas of my life you have touched? Some sound funny, but they still ring true.
There are so many ways I have to remember you and love you, I just don't have enough paper.
If you ever have doubts whether or not you have touched someones life, please know you have touched mine.
Thank you for loving me, and my family. Thank you for being there when I needed someone to talk to. Thank you for being a voice of reason in an otherwise unreasonable time.
Thank you for loving my Mama and being there for her.
Thank you for staying married, even when things were tough.
Thank you for crying when you needed to.
I love you, I love you, I love you.
Your niece,

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wordful Wed at Angies Circus!

My Mama made William a HUGE birthday cake... his favorite... chocolate.
Almost time to dig in! There's my Mama! William's 15th Bday. May 10, 2009

What? No one TOLD ME!!!!!

oooohhh BOY!
I didn't know!
I truly DID. NOT. KNOW!
I had NO IDEA!
Did you know?
Did you keep it from me?
The Bachelorette!
Come on!
Since I don't watch commercials anymore, because of my DVR, and only watching taped shows when I can, I HAD NO IDEA THE BACHELORETTE WAS ON!!!
I thought for sure they would have canceled that stupid franchise, after last seasons debacle!
But nooooo...
So... my DVR taped it anyway, even though I didn't set it... it saw The Bachelor wasn't taken off to tape, and went ahead and did it for the Ladies version... plus, Dancing with the Stars went over and it taped 4 minutes of Bachelorette, and then... my heaven opened up and all was right with the world again... true, lasting love reigneth supreme...
Too much fun!
I did like Jillian.
Soooooo... without further adieu, Tuesdays will now be replete with The Bachelorette Fodder!
The season of TRAINWRECK TV has begun!
Oh what a summer it's gonna be!
True love, romance, fake dates, fake tans, fake smiles, lots of six packs, loads of hair gel...
Oh the summer is gonna be fun!
So she had her pick last night.
She looks lovely. Truly lovely.
But some of those guys... YIKES!!!
I don't know their names yet... but give me a minute...
There are two Tanner's, and a Kiptyn... (he must have been BEAT UP in school)
and some dude from either Glasgow or Ireland... with the cockneyest accent, THEY HAD TO PUT SUBTITLES ON THE SCREEN WHEN HE SPOKE... ENGLISH!!!!!
Already, the break dancer bugs me.
I do like Kiptyn for her... just need to get past the Bohemian name.
The one that lost his words at the first meeting, and got the First Impression Rose, totally cute,nice teeth, didn't like him at first... do now.
The FOOT FETISH guy... CREEEEPY! And a total pinhead.
LOVED THE PILOT, THE ARGENTINIAN contractor, and few others...
But the two that bugged me were the Country singer dude... (wannabe Kenny Chesney)
and Foot Fetish Fool.
I have to admit, I fell asleep during the rose ceremony, so late tonight, I'm going to have to re watch and see who she picked, or just wait for next weeks episode...yeah.. I'll wait.
So...I'm off to make a new post header for the new show...
Ahhh... something to write about on Tuesdays for the next 10 weeks.
Such fun!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Money Monday

This won't exactly be a "Money Monday" post in the same vein as it has been lately...
This particular post will deal with
"Political Correctness".
I was in line last week, at Ross, purchasing some goodies for myself and my Mama, and a friend of mine, I haven't seen in a while, caught my eye... so I left the line to go talk to her.
We were happy to see each other, did the hug thing, the air kisses, lots of smile... but genuinely happy to see one another.
She asked me how I was and my family too.
I said "Great".
And asked... "How are you?"
She too said... "Great".
Made some small talk, commented on my basket full of non essential items, just stuff I saw and wanted, and put in my cart. I thought nothing of it.
She kept asking me what was new... if I had anything to tell her, was I holding back...
I wracked my brain... said no...(I really didn't know what she was talking about)... then she asked me to think really hard.
I was getting a little weirded out... but couldn't, for the life of me, figure out what she was getting at. So I came out with it. I asked... "What's the deal? Do you know something you think I am not divulging?"
She said... "Well a little birdie told me you are going to be doing some remodeling, and you made a big purchase lately."
(It was soooo not a big purchase)
So I said... "Oh yeah, we are adding another master suite and a big bathroom to our house.
(Our bathrooms are soooo small right now... you can sit, take a shower and wash your hands... AT THE SAME DANG TIME) (If I lay down in our "master bathroom now" I touch it end to yeah, we need the room.)
And we bought a few other things that Bill has wanted for years.
So, I owned up to them, had forgotten all about them, because the remodeling is a need, and much cheaper than buying a new house, and the purchases weren't important or noteworthy, so I didn't think of them.
THEN... she said these words to me...
"Saundra... don't you think... in these uncertain, economic times, that it is in POOR TASTE, to make big purchases and remodel your house?"
I just stood there...
Staring at her...
with a quizzical look on my face...
wondering... A) was she really saying that... and B) What business was it of hers?
My reply...
"Well... Georgia, it's not like I am a cast member of Real Housewives of NYC for God's sake!
I didn't know it was in 'poor taste" to shop and buy things one needs or wants! My car is 6 years old, I have no credit card debt, no debt at all, as a matter of fact, not that it's any business of YOURS... where do you get off?"
THEN she says... "Well, I just got laid off my job, and I think it's insensitive of you to talk about all the things you are buying... to me"
She says... "Oh... yeah... I did, huh? "
I just stood there, with my arms outstretched and a bewildered look on my face, shaking my head...saying... "uh... yeah!"
So my question is...
Is this what we have become?
A few years ago... everyone was racking up debt by the thousands, buying $900 purses they couldn't afford and foregoing children's dental hygiene for the same purse...,
buying houses some idiot says one can afford, even though it's 2000 sq ft too big and $2000 more they one can afford...
and now it's my fault that it all hit the fan, and I am not supposed to shop anymore and buy things I CAN afford, (Hello I was at Ross, not Nieman Marcus) because she was laid off, and other people are jobless or had to sell the house they couldn't afford and live in something they can afford? Really?
I had no idea I was being rude.
I had no idea that remodeling my house would make someone elses self esteem plummet.
(By the way... all the labor is being done by Hubby and the kids...) so please!
Is this the general consensus these days?
Everyone has to be quiet and purchase and go on vacation on the down low?
I, for one, would be heathily envious of someone that could do those things in this economy and would want to try and duplicate what they are doing!!!
After our conversation... I was quickly reminded of WHY we haven't seen each other as often...
I was making a conscious effort to avoid her...
I had just forgotten.
Gotta get better at it... gotta practice more...
Next time I'll just wave and smile.
Who needs that!
Oy vay!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Snack Bar Stories Week 6

I thought I would run out of material.
I really did.
Each and every week seems to bring new and lovely surprises.
My poor hubby, the Vice President of our Little League, had to witness some very, very bad behavior from a couple of coaches this week.
So bad, in fact, that a disciplinary committee had to meet and issue an punishment and a warning.
Yeah, imagine how that sat with the Coach.
"I want to Appeal"
"This isn't fair"
"We didn't hear him cussing..."
Blah, blah, blah, blah.
Ugh,,, I hate overgrown babies!
Since two of our three fields were taken away last month, we are down to one field and it is very slow at the snack shack.
So slow, it tends to lead to creative ways to stay busy.
We found ourselves counting the HOURS our coffee pot took to make one pot of coffee...
Think it's time for a new coffee pot?
Yeah, me too.
We had some pretty warm days last week, so, with warm weather, OF COURSE, my breakers need to trip off. I ended up losing an entire freezer, because it was sucking too much juice from my other appliances. So now... MY HOME FREEZER is our BACK UP freezer now.
Such fun!
It is mostly fun to have to say "No honey, you can't eat the pretzels in our freezer, they are for the snack bar" to a hungry 10 year old. So sad.
But he understands... and asks me to buy us our own pretzels, which I will, next week.
The complaining parents have dwindled... mostly because they are properly trained now to realize that I'm not gonna budge on who works in my snack bar.
In hind sight, I can't blame them, all the time, they are not nor ever have been business owners, and don't get the concept of limiting the amount of hands in a cash drawer.
That's the ONLY leeway I will give the Snack Shack bashing parents.
Otherwise... they are all evil and must be destroyed.
We are having a hell of a time keeping the Ice Cream Salesman/ Roach Coach dudes, from
creeping onto our property stealing business from us.
Last night, the cops had to be called!
Thanks Snack Shack Team Leader!
It was a lucrative night too, and we couldn't afford to lose any money.
Ohhh... last night, at my son's game... I witnessed a little girl, maybe about 4 years old...
behaving like such a brat, I wanted to slap her Mother.
She had a water bottle, and her Aunt was choking, so the Aunt took the water bottle off the bleacher and began drinking it so she WOULDN'T DIE!... The little "girl", ooohh I want to say another not so nice name here... began screaming and thrashing around LIKE A WILD BANSHEE because the Aunt took a life saving drink from it.
The MOTHER, the sister of the choker, BERATED her sister for 'TAKING HER DAUGHTERS WATER". The Aunt said... "Didn't you hear me choking? I couldn't breathe! I needed to clear my throat!"
The Mother just giggled as her demon child did the deed.
So the Mother says... "Well, she's crying now, and what are you going to do about it?"
Yes, I held my tongue... but not for long.
After the Mother asked that question, the little "girl" got this evil look on her face, clenched her teeth, ran face first into the Aunt's chest and proceeded to BEAT and SCRATCH repeatedly at her Aunt, and caused the Aunt to bleed.
The girl caught a look at my mortified face, and started to cry again, pointing to me and telling her Mother that I was a "bad lady" and a "mean lady" and "go hit her Mama, she is looking at me and I don't like her".
My mouth froze into the look I was giving her, my mouth open, incredulous that a child would be allowed at any age to beat and scrape an adult unless being taken or comprimised.
The Mother turned around, and saw my mortified face, and turned around and said these words...
"Oh, she is angry with you because you were being naughty and were hitting Auntie... she's gonna get you if you don't stop."
I. was. done.
At this point.
Then my mouth opened...
"Oh no you don't. Don't you dare do that to me or your kid. She does this because you ALLOW it, she did it and YOU DID NOTHING TO STOP HER! Your SISTER WAS CHOKING, and if she hadn't grabbed that water, I WOULD HAVE AND HANDED IT TO HER, while performing the Heimlich. Your little darling drew blood, and now I'm going to get your sister a clean wet towel and a bandage for her cut. Discipline your child please..."
Ohh. I was HOT!...
My kids would have been severely reprimanded, made to apologize,and taken home if they EVER pulled something like that... at any age. There was sheer malice in that little devil's eyes.
I so wanted to SLAP THAT MOTHER!
In the past, this same girl was allowed to stomp her feet in defiance, call her Mother a loser and an idiot, kick her Mother, and slap her Mother across the face because she wasn't listening to her.
Ugh... that woman is creating SUCH a monster!
The little darling came to the Snack Bar window while I was tending to her Aunt's wounds on her chest and had the audacity to say...
"Give me a lollipop."
To which I replied...
and she said...
"I'm gonna tell my Mommy."
and I said...
"Go tell Mommy to come here if you want a lollipop, with money."
The Auntie left, and I proceeded to put all our suckers out of the way... there was no way I was going to give in to the she devil.
She comes back with a quarter, and I told her we didn't have anymore lollipops.
She went to her Mother crying...
I am a horrible, rotten person.
Sue me.
That kid was gonna learn a lesson from someone... it may as well have been me.
I am SOOOOO not someone who reprimands someone else's children... EVER, EVER, EVER.
But this kid is a future Black Widow.
No way was I giving in.
Mommy never did come to the window to demand a lollipop.
I think she 'got it'.
That kid ended up tripping and falling on her scooter after the game was over, then she ran face first into a tree.
Karma... sheer and simple... Karma.
No... I did NOT put that tree there!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mama Kat's Writers Workshop

I remember when...
I was young, unmarried, and childless
I didn't have a care...
I could get out my car, and not have to wait, or tell someone to watch for cars.
I could come or go all I wanted, without having to check in, and could go anywhere I wanted.
I could sleep in on Saturday and Sunday's.
I could clean my house in an hour... top to bottom.
It would stay clean for about a week.
I only had to do a load of laundry a week, or could take everything to the dry cleaners and fluff n fold, and pay someone else to do it....
I didn't have to worry about anything or anyone...
Just me.
I could shop all I wanted...
I could read all I wanted...
I could decide where I wanted to go on vacation based on my needs and desires.
I could take as long as I wanted in the shower, and no one would be there knocking on the door to ask me how long I was gonna be. There were no burning questions to be answered.
I didn't have to help anyone with homework.
I didn't HAVE to do anything.
If I didn't feel like cooking... I could go out or order in and get the spiciest stuff I wanted.
If I caught a cold, I was the only one getting it... it didn't cycle through an entire house for weeks on end.
My car was clean... all the time.
I could buy white carpet if I wanted to.
My purse didn't weigh 400 lbs, it wasn't filled with mini cars, lizards, DS games, PSP's and other people's cell phones.
My purse could be smaller.
I got the whole bed to myself.
No one snored.
No one hit the Snooze button 1,000 times a morning... unless it was ME!
I could watch all the chick flicks I wanted.
Nascar never existed for me.
My boobs didn't sag so low, I could scratch them around my knees.
My entire body wasn't a roadmap.
I didn't have grey hair.
I didn't have a worry in the world.
You know what?
I wouldn't go back to that for all the money in the world.
(well, maybe the boob thing, yeah)
Sounds kinda boring huh?
Just all the me, me, me, me....
Well, I promised myself I was gonna take a couple of "me" days, and I just booked them.
I booked the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach for 3 glorious days ALONE!
I am sooo excited.
I'm packing books, laptop, capri's, a few blouses, flip flops, undies, and maybe a cell phone.. I'm not sure.
Saundra is gonna find Saundra again.
I'm gonna get my groove back.
I need some swagger.
I love my chaotic, overfilled, cup runneth over, incredibly fantastic wife and mom life... but
a girl's gotta do , what a girl's gotta do.
I have to wait until after the I'm done with the stupid Snack Bar.
So... I booked July.
Ahhh... I can feel myself relaxing already...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wordful Wed at Angies Circus!

Okay... Alberto, don't kill me... but I just had to post this picture!
This, my friends, is a recent picture of my Italian Exchange Student that came to live with us
over 20 years ago...
Hubba Hubba huh?
The gorgeous lady next to him is his Mama.
I was soooo excited to get a phone call from him, and an email from him on Sunday, AFTER 17 YEARS! The last time I spoke to him was my wedding day!
Soon after I met Bill, about 3 months after, I took off to go to Italy for a month and stayed with Alberto and his family.
Yeah...I know... go ahead and hate me...
I had the greatest time, and he showed me Venice, Andorra, Monaco, Pisa, Milan, Nice, Switzerland, and oh so many other fantastic places!
The next time we go to Italy, probably next year in Spring, we are going to visit Alberto and whoop it up with my boys and hubby!
I'm hoping to show my men all the fabulous places Alberto showed me...
So great to hear from you Alberto.
You were never forgotten!
Until we speak again!

Plinky Prompt Tuesday

Which movies characters would befriend in real life?
This one was so easy...
"Steel Magnolias"
My all time favorite movie.
Hands down.
Shelby and I would be the very best of friends. I loved how warm, and loving and how much she wanted a baby of her own.
Clairee and Ouiser would be a complete hoot to be around.
They would get nothing buy my utmost respect and honor.
Their banter was the best ever, especially when Clairee says...
"If you can't say something nice...come sit ova here by me..."
I love how Weezer softens after she gets a boyfriend.
Truvy... well, Truvy was the absolute best. Big hair, big twang in her voice...
there is no one that would be a better friend to ya... just make sure and stay on her
good side... she can be quite the gossip!
My favorite line was her shoe line.
"I wear a 6, but a 7 feels so good, I buy an 8"
(yes, I can quote the entire movie verbatum)
Shelby's Mama, (Sally Field), I always forget her name... M'lynn! she is so much like my Mama
it isn't funny. The beginning of the movie, getting ready for the wedding... just like my Mama and me.
I think this movie appeals to me so much because of the beauty of where they lived, the strong bond between women, and how they helped each other through everything.... good and bad...
not just fair weather friends.
I have been searching for that my whole life.
No, I didn't forget Anelle. I just didn't like her.. so I didn't mention her.
I really love the cast of Sex and the City too. I most identify with Charlotte and Carrie.
I would most want them as my friends.
I'm a sucker for 'girlfriend' movies.
LOVED "Bride Wars", "The Women" and "Thelma and Louise"
I am a girl's girl.. even though I don't have a circle of best girlfriends that I see as often as l'd like.
You have to give time and energy to things like that... I just don't have those two things to spare these days with my boys the ages they are.
I do miss the commeraderie though.
I need to get out there more, and make time for me and my girls.
Who would you want as friends in real life from a movie?

Monday, May 11, 2009

Money Monday

I know you had heard that time = money.
But do you know how true that really is?
I know you've also heard that if a Mama were to be paid for all the things she does for her family, she would need to be paid something like 2 millions bucks a year...
I was thinking of this today, Mother's Day.
I have been a huge fan of multi tasking from way back... from birth... like most women.
Come on... you know and I know that we can all talk on the phone, fold the laundry, nurse a baby, and cook dinner at the same time.
Today, I'm going to talk about cooking for our families, and things we can do to simplify this task, chore, delight... whatever you think of it.
For those of you whose HUSBANDS do all the cooking...
Now for all of us NOT so blessed... This post of for YOU!
I have a blog that I don't write in very often right now, but it is still active...
and I really like the blog.
It's called
I really and truly do each and every thing I write about on that blog.
IF YOU NEED HELP ON HOW TO CUT DOWN ON THE TIME AND ENERGY you spend every evening cooking and planning meals... please visit this blog.
I haven't written on it in about three weeks, but not because it isn't valid... it's because of that stupid snack bar I'm running. I only get time to write for one blog, and this one is my main one.
So go visit it and tell me if you can use any of the concepts I came up with.
Have you noticed... this blog is called crazy, and that one is called sane.
Maybe cooking is my Zen, and I didn't even know it.
Saving time equals MONEY in the bank to me.
My MEMORY MAKING BANK. The less time I am prepping and slaving in the kitchen, the more time I can teach and help my kids cook with me and we can enjoy ourselves in the kitchen... hurry and worry free.
Prep is the key to success in the kitchen. Hands down.
Check it out.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


You are 15 today.
one. five.
It's 12:35 a.m. right now... we just got home from a Drive In Movie of Star Trek and Monster vs. Aliens.
15 years ago, at this very moment, I was sitting up in my bed, worried sick about the
impending C-Section that would take place at 8 a.m. the same morning.
After having lost my first baby at 4 months, and having a DNC on May 10,1993, God produced a miracle and made sure that day would never again be a day of sorrow for me.
YOU were born on May 10, 1994, a planned C - Section because you were breach, and all the attempts to turn you externally failed, and boy did they try.
They failed for a reason.
I was spared a day of grief.
For exactly one year, I thought of what would never be, of my first baby, a girl.
For only one year.
How could I feel sorrow after giving birth on the very same day exactly a year later.
I can't.
I believe I will see her again, when my work here is done... but in the mean time,
I have you to keep me busy.
I remember being wheeled into the hospital. Dad and I were nervous wrecks trying to stay calm on the way to the hospital at 6 a.m.
My Anesthesiologist came in to do a final work up at 7 a.m. and reassured me that I could be awake for the entire procedure.
They wheeled me into the operating room on my bed, and transfered me onto my surgery table.
They wouldn't allow Daddy into this part of the procedure. I was going to have a saddle block instead of an epidural, for reasons still unknown to me. It was my first time, and I didn't know I had options. I sure spoke my mind when I had your brothers c - sections.
They had me sit up, on the table, and proceeded to stick the needle into my back.
I saw Daddy looking on from a window on the door of the OR.
I was smiling at him one minute, and then... I must have had a look of horror on my face, because he yelled... "Hey... someone needs to catch her!"
They aptly named the saddle block. I went from feeling to total paralysis in a milisecond, from the breast down.
Straight on to the floor.
Daddy rushed in, told them to help me, and they finally got me back where I belonged.
The only thing I could feel was my arms, neck and face.
I feel so sorry for para and quadriplegics.
I was so afraid I had hurt you by falling. I couldn't feel myself hit the floor... couldn't help myself back up at all.
My OBGYN entered the room all scrubbed up, and didn't say a word.
She was all business.
I wasn't fond of her from the beginning, and had changed to a midwife at my 5 month mark, and when you went breach, I had to go back to her. She wasn't a pleasant one, especially after having left her and had to come back.
Now I wonder if that was her way of getting back at me.
Nah... I'm being too Italian on that one.
3o minutes later, out you came... all screaming and juicy.
I cried, and cried, and cried.
They put you on my chest, but I couldn't feel you. My arms were all tethered to IV's and pumps and tubes.
I guess I was crying too much, because the Doctor asked my Anesthesiologist to pump in the
Stadol, and I remember going from tears of joy, to cracking jokes and telling people how cute they were.
Now I know why they lock those drugs up.
I called them Nice-Nice drugs.
They placed the most fantastic warm blankets over me. I was already starting to get my feeling back in recovery just 40 minutes later. My toes were already tingling, and my breathing
became a lot easier.
My Mama was dying to get into the recovery room.
I could hear her pleading with the nurses, telling them this was her first grandchild, and could she please, please, please see you. They obliged.
I was sitting up a little by the time she came in, you were about 45 minutes old, and
Bill, the first to hold you, passed you to my Mama.
It was so beautiful.
I've never seen her as happy as she was right then.
She stared at you, spoke soft Italian to you, telling you how long she had waited for you,
kissing your head, calling you "My heart" in Italian.
Then she looked at me... and said "Thank you... Thank you... Thank you.. Thank you...this is all I've ever wanted. If I were to die right now... this would be enough."
Then she passed you to me.
I was the third person to hold you.
The second you were in my arms...I vowed to never let you go. I felt this rush of joy and fear all rolled into one. I knew I loved you.. I just didn't realize what lengths I was willing to go to protect and love idea until that very moment.
Mama kept rubbing my arm and thanking me.
I looked up at her, with my teary, swollen eyes and said these three words...
"I'm so sorry."
She knew instantly what I meant.
I remember doubting her love for me when I was angry at her in my teen years, or for fibbing to her, or coming home late, or not doing what I was told...
and it all rushed to me at that very moment I held you.
I completely, wholly, with every fiber of my being and soul, knew, truly knew, what a Mother's love is. I have never looked at my Mama the same way ever again.
She became even more of a hero to me from that day forward.
You looked exactly like me... already. It was uncanny. She kept saying it was like I gave birth to my clone.
I began nursing you right away. I had read up on the "Liquid Gold" that is the colostrum.
Then I got extremely exhausted, and drifted in and out of sleep.
Nana, gladly, took you off my hands, as they wheeled me into my postpartum room.
The next morning, my nurse came in and remembered me from the previous year.
She then looked at my chart, and noticed it was exactly a year ago.
She winked at me and told me I was being looked after very well, by the Big Guy.
I remember those 2 days in the hospital as a miraculous time.
You and I spent some great one on one time. You would sigh with contentment and I would stare at you and cry tears of amazement.
You are the reason I could call myself Mama.
You were my first foray in the Mama Club.
All the important firsts were with you.
Everything in my prior life had to happen so that I could have you, on this very day.
The culmination of everything I had ever done, pales in comparison with becoming a Mother for the first time. The feeling is the most overwhelming, true, terrifying, happy, joyous,
monumental of all.
I so, so, so, so love you my darling Son.
Happy Birthday.
I pray you have 85 more.

Friday, May 8, 2009

And the winner is...

Well, the week of the giveaway is over, and it is time to pick a winner.
I was keeping track all week long, of all the comments, and how many times each of you commented. I'm sure there is a MUCH easier way of doing this, for all you seasoned
Giver away-ers, but, me? Not so much.
So last night, during Grey's Anatomy viewing at around midnight, I began writing down your names, over, and over, and over again on pieces of paper.
I'm sure I could have typed them out... but it was sooooo hot in our house, I needed to be in front of our whole house fan...
The picture below is just one of the pages of tallies.
Before school this morning, Johnny was given the honor of choosing the name.
First, he mixed them all nice and mixy like.
Then he pulled out the name.
And the winner is...
Did I ever tell you about the time I stubbed my toe on Sylvester Stallone's car in Beverly Hills?
Oh... it is such a funny story!
I used to work for a car company that did a lot of business in BH, and I had to deliver a
beautiful Mercedes to....
Oh.. You wanna know who the winner is?
Right now?
But... But...I was in the middle of a story!
Oh... you don't care about my story?
Oh... well... if you're gonna be like THAT!!!
I don't know her real name!
But Pop and Ice!!! Yoooo Hoooo!
Send me your address so I can send the goodies out to you!
My email is
mamabella44 at gmail dot com
Thank you ALL that posted comments and chose to follow me.
Pop and Ice was a brand new follower.
She commented a lot!
Thank all of you that read me.
You have no idea how it makes me feel that what goes on in my head and in my life, is actually read by other people.
Thank you for allowing me to share with you, and for sharing your stories with me
I wish I could just reach right into my screen and give each of you a huge hug.
I think all of you
Onward to 1000 posts!!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Writers Workshop

Da Beach.
Inside the Coliseum My Mama and her boys. 2006. Look how small they were!
The prompt I am picking is..
Time for a trip? Where are you going this summer?
Where would you go if you could go on your dream destination?
I just made all the reservations for all the different vacations we are taking this summer into the Christmas season.
Just booked our Time Share in Vegas for 4 days during my birthday week, then we are taking a motorhome trip to the Grand Canyon, up to Idaho, and hanging a left and driving down the coast home, sometime in August.
For the Thanksgiving Holiday, I just booked the beach again, and I have to wait for June 1, to book the same beach for New Year week.
In between that, I will be taking little jaunts to New York City for a girls weekend, and probably going to Chicago for a conference for my business in July, I haven't been in a year, and it would be fun to bring the boys this time.
Bill will be going on his annual "Man Trip" with his Dad to the River to "hunt" quail.
Yeah right... we just bought a new boat, so I know EXACTLY what he'll be doing.
I love that he gets to spend that time with his Dad...
One separate vacation a year is good for a marriage... at least I think it is.
When Will is 16, we are going to head over to Italy again, but next time do Rome and North.
Last time we did Rome and South.
That's what he wants for his 16th Bday gift NEXT May.
We love to travel. Kids can read about places just fine... but actually seeing and feeling, and tasting, and being in the places makes the learning such a deeper experience.
My boys are forever changed by having been to Italy and England. Their view of our world and how large it is and how diverse it is a gift.
I wish and hope every child will be able to travel with their parents as children to exotic and totally different places.
If I were ever to become a Zillionaire, I would buy airline tickets to everywhere and toss them out a helicopter everywhere.
But... first things first... I need to become a Zillionaire... dang... that might take a while.
Where would I go instead... if I could?
Hands down.
I would book the most out of the way, less traveled by tour too.
It has always been my dream destination.
When my Father in Law went... I made him tell me about every second he was there.
He brought me home sand in a bottle that he bottled himself and water from the Red Sea and the Sea of Gallilee.
I was giddy. They sit on my bedside.
Yea... Isreal for sure.
To walk where He walked.
Oh man...

Wordful Wednesday! Bill's Birthday Edition!

Okay, so if you have been reading me for a while, you know how much we all love to play practical jokes on each other during very inopportune times, like Christmas, Birthdays, and just about any holiday. Bill's birthday was no exception. He was such a good sport... and let us blind fold him and "dress" him in a new outfit. He is a true manly man... not too many people would let his family do this.
So... where do you go to get the most atricious stuff that NO ONE would buy?
Well... Ross of course! I love Ross, but their clearance dept. is HILARIOUS!!!
So we found some goofy stuff for Daddy. He hasn't seen himself yet. LOL! Ohhh... shiny, sparkly shorts!!! And who doesn't ADORE dayglow sneakers! Then we wrapped all this regular, good clothes in boxes he would never suspect as having gifts in them. Milk boxes...
He got a bunch of much needed, non kid stealing clothes, and two awesome underwater, solar flash lights.
At least 20 new outfits.
Ahhh, the happy jokesters.
Cake time! Johnny is ALWAYS ready for ice cream!
No, I did not bake the cake..I don't bake if I don't have to!