Monday, May 4, 2009

Plinky Prompt Tuesday

What is the least fun you have ever had at a place specifically tailored for fun??
You are all gonna kill me.
The answer is DisneyWorld 2005.
Before you go get the rotten tomatoes to throw at me... allow me to explain.
I live in Southern California... home of the first and BEST Disneyland EVER!
Yes... I am biased... sue me.
It rarely rains here, and it is very rarely humid. Ever.
All the hotels around Disneyland CA, are close by and either walking distance or a quick tram ride to the parks.
It doesn't cost Jr's college fund to spend a week at our Disneyland,
if you are coming from across the country.
I earned the 2005 premier trip, all expenses paid for family of four, DisneyWorld Florida trip with The Pampered Chef. We were very happy and excited. I worked really hard for it, and I earned it. We only had to pay a nominal fee to buy Johnny in.
Everything was paid for, tips, gratuities, airfare, hotel, transfers, tickets, AND PC bought out the entire MGM studios park for an entire evening for just us, meals and rides included... and all the restaurants were open for us only.
It was awful!
We aren't used to humidity. We live in a very dry climate.
The air was sooo thick we could taste it.
We were wet constantly. We were dehydrated constantly.
We hated every moment.
Our only solace was in our hotel room, where we ran the air conditioner 24/7.
Five days of rain, humidity, and wanting to ride the rides and see Epcot and having to wipe off the seats for everything.. gross.
I lived in Florida for 6 months when I was 18,
and I don't know how anyone can live in that humidity.
Disneyworld is HUGE! Too huge for my taste...
The hotels are all spread out... miles and miles away.
It is lovely... but I love my Disneyland here at home...
I will never go to Disneyworld again.
Don't send me hate mail about how fabulous it is there...
I won't buy it.
We will agree to disagree.
Even my kids didn't like it.
Do you know how hard it is for a kid to NOT like Disneyworld?
Yeah. It was bad.
The hotel bus left us in the hot sun, no water, now misters, no nothing for 3 hours.
3 people fainted.
Our pool was even warm... ugh!
It was only June!
We tried... we really did. We were just soaking wet all the time.
My hair never dried.
California should have been called the Sunshine state... not the Golden state.
We have 352 days of sunshine here.
25 days of rain... maybe.
So there you have it... how we had a rotten time in a place MADE for fun!
Maybe we are just wimps... but when air is thicker than butter... I'm out!


  1. We surprised the boys ten years ago, after attending a wedding in Florida, with a week at Disney W. We couldn't wait to leave. It IS too big and EXPENSIVE and truthfully all the fake smiles from the happiest place on earth were a tad annoying.

  2. I have never been to Florida, so I am not a "hate mail" sender! I must say though,I do love Disneyland. And I do love Southern Cal. And I agree with you about humidity - it actually makes you feel tired! But, you do get lovely skin as a result of it :)

  3. this is a really funny post to me.... i live in waaa-aaay south georgia (only about 1 and a half hours from the florida line) and i looove our summers and the humidity.. crazy i know!! i hate being cold and relish our summer (which is almost all year here).. my hubby is from northern oklahoma and has been here for 7 yrs and STILL is not used to it!!

    p.s. visited california a couple yrs back and i swear, seriously... without our humidity i so couldnt breathe as good.. i think our bodies just get accustomed to what we are used to!!

  4. Mine was a water park. They sold us the tickets and then would not us ride half the rides because there was a weight restriction.

  5. I am not a big fan of amusement parks. Disneyland is very manageable. I live in LA, used to live in Florida. Randi is right, you do get used to the humidity where you live.
    I so do love it here, you and I are so spoiled w/the weather.
    That is way cool you won the PC trip, You Go Girl!!

  6. I live in North Carolina - I can swim in the humidity.

  7. You would hate it here in Arkansas. It's only the beginning of May and it already feels like I'm breathing pudding. Not chocolate pudding either.

  8. You are so funny-but so right!!! The air is so humid in FL, which is fine if you are in the air conditioning, or the pool-no where else!

  9. I have not been to Florida, my daughter and grandkids just got back, loved it ..but it was April!

    I agree about California Disney.. plus I am nostalgic..this was the home of Walt and Mickey!

    Keep adding my name to your winning list!!!

    Jan :)

  10. Oh I hate humid weather, fullstop. I have been to Disneyland a few times but never to Disney world. What a shame for you after you worked so hard to get there.

  11. In Oregon you may not always have sun, but we seldom have humid days. Ours summers are delightful! Never been to FL, because CA is so much closer!

  12. Love both (Disneyland & Disneyworld)! Here's the Disneyworld tricks.

    Go in March or April (NEVER during the Summer)
    Stay at the Contemporary Hotel where they have the monorail.
    Stay for two weeks so you have plenty of time to see everything.

    One more thing... win the lottery before you go, so you can eat while you are there!


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