Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Plinky Prompt Tuesday

Which movies characters would befriend in real life?
This one was so easy...
"Steel Magnolias"
My all time favorite movie.
Hands down.
Shelby and I would be the very best of friends. I loved how warm, and loving and how much she wanted a baby of her own.
Clairee and Ouiser would be a complete hoot to be around.
They would get nothing buy my utmost respect and honor.
Their banter was the best ever, especially when Clairee says...
"If you can't say something nice...come sit ova here by me..."
I love how Weezer softens after she gets a boyfriend.
Truvy... well, Truvy was the absolute best. Big hair, big twang in her voice...
there is no one that would be a better friend to ya... just make sure and stay on her
good side... she can be quite the gossip!
My favorite line was her shoe line.
"I wear a 6, but a 7 feels so good, I buy an 8"
(yes, I can quote the entire movie verbatum)
Shelby's Mama, (Sally Field), I always forget her name... M'lynn! she is so much like my Mama
it isn't funny. The beginning of the movie, getting ready for the wedding... just like my Mama and me.
I think this movie appeals to me so much because of the beauty of where they lived, the strong bond between women, and how they helped each other through everything.... good and bad...
not just fair weather friends.
I have been searching for that my whole life.
No, I didn't forget Anelle. I just didn't like her.. so I didn't mention her.
I really love the cast of Sex and the City too. I most identify with Charlotte and Carrie.
I would most want them as my friends.
I'm a sucker for 'girlfriend' movies.
LOVED "Bride Wars", "The Women" and "Thelma and Louise"
I am a girl's girl.. even though I don't have a circle of best girlfriends that I see as often as l'd like.
You have to give time and energy to things like that... I just don't have those two things to spare these days with my boys the ages they are.
I do miss the commeraderie though.
I need to get out there more, and make time for me and my girls.
Who would you want as friends in real life from a movie?


  1. I would like to be friends with Carrie as well!
    Aidan and Steve, it would be fun to hang out at their bar.

  2. i pick the whole cast of friends... i cant help it... love it then and still love it now! they are just so stinkin' cool!

  3. Steel Magnolias is my all time fave....
    that must be why I "love ya more than my luggage!"

  4. I would be friends with Weezer because a cranky person doesn't bother you too much (they want to be left alone) and I have to admit I'm sucky when it comes to being friends with other women.

  5. LOVE Steel Magnolias! "I see a hole!"

  6. Seinfeld and George, Elaine, Kramer. And the people in The Office... well, actually, mostly just Pam and Jim... maybe Dwight if I was desperate.

  7. Like you, I wish I had more time to give to the relationships I have with 'my girls' - but in the end, I'm lucky because my 18 year old daughter is my best friend and we get a lot of time to be together. :)

  8. I'll have to go with Forest Gump. Let me explain. The way Sally Field stands up for her kids, for what she believes in, fights for what she needs. The way Forest is loyal and kind to a fault. Everyone needs friends like that.
    (Okay and maybe because it's my fave movie of all time)

  9. I too want to be friends with the girls from Sex and the City...though I'm pretty sure I already am. LOL

    I liked this prompt and your answer was smashing.

  10. I would want to be friends with the character from my all-time favorite movie! I would be besties with Katie (Morosky) from "The Way We Were". That woman just had it all going on...beautiful, excellent writer, political activist and HELLO, Robert Redford? Yeah, I'd be friends with her!

    Fun post and great answers...I'd take the whole gang from "Steel Magnolias" too, I love that movie!

  11. OMG! I TOTALLY had a Steel Magnolia movie-moment when I went to Colville, Washington for my friends wedding! We went into the salon -- after hours -- and had our toes done! It was so cool, everyone knew each other in that town! It was/is so small that as soon as Frank and I walked into the lobby of the hotel, they asked, "Are you here for the Danekas wedding?" We stopped in our tracks, "HOW did you know that???" It was hilarious! As far as movie friends . . . I'd have to say Gidget, the tv show. I so want to be her!

  12. I am going to have go with the others and say Sex and the City. I bawled my eyes out for at least an hour after the movie, because I wanted friends like that so badly. I would love them to be be my BFF's. Do you think they could overlook my 14 children?


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