Saturday, May 2, 2009

Money Monday

This weeks post is all about bringing in the much needed extra money.
So many of us do it.
Mostly people with good day jobs, moonlight.
Supplemental income, moonlighting, 2nd job, hobby-turned cash maker... whatever it's called... its a great way to help make ends meet.
Yes... even in our economy.
I am not the normal Mama. I don't have a "regular" job. I am a Stay At home Mama. BUT!!!
I have had my own Pampered Chef business for the past 9 1/2 years... and successfully I might add. I know... I know... I hear it all the time...
"Oh... she's one of THOSE people... who claims she runs a real business, but is just a schlepper for her hobby of cooking items."
Nope... not me at all.
Without going into too much detail and boring the life out of you...
I run a real... true business...
I have clients, new clients, repeat clients, downlines, meetings, sales quotas,
a real office, business trips, etc... just like real people!
I just happen to be able to do it out of my home.
I am not writing this to recruit new Pampered Chef consultants... no...
I am writing this to say that there are a LOT of opportunities to bring in extra cash, that don't require you to be out of your house after a long day of work.
Do you love kitchen items? Pampered Chef is for you. (e mail me... I'm just sayin'!)
Do you love scented candles? Partylite or Gold Canyon is right up your alley.
Love Tupperware? Sell it!
Adore Jewelry? Cookie Lee, Girly Gurl, Parklane, Remington etc... is waiting for ya!
Make up? Mary Kay or Avon calling!
Most companies only require a small buy in, and a small quota to stay active...
PLUS... you get all the goodies at deeeeep discounts and for free!
FREE is my favorite four letter "F" word.
Do you make cute things? Your own jewelry? Burb pads? Baby items?
Furniture? Clothing? Baked goods?
Do you fancy yourself a photographer?
Offer to take shots of your friends kids, and frame them... and let your friends advertise for you!
Have you seen how long the lines at Picure People are?
Please... you can offer a great deal and find some awesome frames you can mark up and sell too!
Are a whiz at the sewing machine?
Offer to tailor your friends clothing!
Are you great with tools?
Start your own weekend Handy man(woman) biz!
Make housecalls and clean up!
Afraid people won't buy? Are you kidding?
a full 85% of the country is still working... and my PC biz is brisk... even in these economic times!
Did you know... there was a poll done recently that asked... "How much money did you need to make ends meet, before you had to foreclose on your home?"
Do you know what the answer was?
$300 per month.
To think...if they had just had an extra $300 per month, they would still have been in their hard earned home... breaks my heart.
Take a look at some opportunities that you may be overlooking... if you have more month than money these days.
Remember though.... you can only sell what you know and love.
If you HATE cooking... don't choose PC...
If you hate scented candles... don't call Partylite!
To do well in sales... you need to have a genuine passion for what you are selling.
People can spot a fake from a mile away.
I hope this inspired those of you finding it hard times at the end of each month... to
try something that just might make you really happy.
When I started my PC biz all those years ago... I only wanted to add to my "tion" fund.
Vaca "tion"
Tui "tion"
Expedi "tion"
or have a little extra money for pizza and movies for me and the kids...
Soon after learning and doing shows... I was making more than enough to cover the mortgage and pay some bills.
It works...if you work.
What would you do with an extra $30o per month?


  1. Gosh, I know I'd suck at sales in general, so I'd have to think of something else. And since I'm unemployed, I really wish I could do sales but I'm shy and know it would be a disaster. I'm good at helping - I used to do customer support for web-based applications - people loved me! And I have volunteered with the Red Cross and Meals on Wheels. Any suggestions? I need to work from home for about one more year, if at all possible due to my daughter's frequent health problems.

  2. Very good advice! I did sell Avon, a few years ago. It was when I was working too and I just did not have the time for both and a family. Now that I am a stay at home mom, I might try it again:0)

  3. wonderful post! my mom does a purse party business and believe me you... she makes some moola.. and scores great free bags too!

    p.s. that $300 is really sad and breaks my heart too.

  4. Great post, very inspiring especially in these crazy times. I think you nailed it when you said do something you are passionate about.

  5. Great post. I love Pampered Chef, I just wish I loved to cook!

    Still looking for my passion...

    Happy Monday!

  6. What would I do with an extra $300 per month? Probably what I already do, buy books! Crazy, huh? Lucky for me, I can re-sell them at Terrace Books!

  7. Probably take that extra cash and get some health insurance for myself.

  8. Hmmm...I've been thinking along these lines myself..did Tupperware for years...didn't care for my "management", so I dropped it.

  9. You are just so dang smart!
    What great advise, tips, and encouragement!

  10. I thought this was great-I want to do something like that-not cooking, but a homebased thing...maybe purses....I am thinking...

  11. This was a GREAT post! Very informative and inspirational, I loved it!


  12. Man, the world LOVED Bill!!!:)))) 98 comments, woot!!!
    $300 a month? I'd fly to see you, that's what!!

  13. I do love pampered chef, but am concerned about the number of reps in my area. I can sell, that's not the issue, but I hate having to sell to my friends (at first anyway, until I build a customer base). Just sayin!

    I really like your posts on saving money. They make me think!


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