Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wordful Wednesday! Bill's Birthday Edition!

Okay, so if you have been reading me for a while, you know how much we all love to play practical jokes on each other during very inopportune times, like Christmas, Birthdays, and just about any holiday. Bill's birthday was no exception. He was such a good sport... and let us blind fold him and "dress" him in a new outfit. He is a true manly man... not too many people would let his family do this.
So... where do you go to get the most atricious stuff that NO ONE would buy?
Well... Ross of course! I love Ross, but their clearance dept. is HILARIOUS!!!
So we found some goofy stuff for Daddy. He hasn't seen himself yet. LOL! Ohhh... shiny, sparkly shorts!!! And who doesn't ADORE dayglow sneakers! Then we wrapped all this regular, good clothes in boxes he would never suspect as having gifts in them. Milk boxes...
He got a bunch of much needed, non kid stealing clothes, and two awesome underwater, solar flash lights.
At least 20 new outfits.
Ahhh, the happy jokesters.
Cake time! Johnny is ALWAYS ready for ice cream!
No, I did not bake the cake..I don't bake if I don't have to!


  1. What a beautiful family!! Happy Birthday, Bill! Thanks for Sharing!!

  2. haha! i love it... and those shoes, those neon and crazy shoes... they are the best! lol!

  3. What a fun family. And all so good looking!!

  4. How funny! Your family must be constantly laughing!

  5. That is so funn! You guys are probably never bored!

  6. You've got such fine looking menfolk! And do you mean to tell me that everyone DOESN'T have day-glow sneakers? Shocking!

  7. That is too funny! Bill sounds like a good sport - and it sounds like you guys have so much fun!! :)

  8. Looks like fun! What handsome boys too. =)

  9. Happy Birthday to your man!

    Your boys are just gorgeous.

  10. Great birthday pics!!! Congratulations the bday success!

    I have some fun posts to crack you up the next couple days. I hope you enjoy them.

  11. If you'd photographed me in the process of getting dressed there'd be hell to pay!

    But those shoes! They're hilarious! And it looks you all had fun. Happy birthday, Bill! MY birthday is this Saturday and I better get a decent lounge chair if no one on Craig's list takes me up on my offer/exchange of free shoes!

  12. That is hilarious!!! And dang... I think my eyes were damaged looking at those shoes!

  13. Looks like everyone had fun!!
    Love those sneakers...he's keeping them ..right?

  14. Happy Birthday Bill-I love your funny traditions-What memories...


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