Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday doings

What a fun day!
Fun Night actually.
Got a great, funny phone call from Andi.
I can't wait to hear alllll about Alaska Andi!
Had dinner with Mari... always fun, always insightful!
I got all my shows for July turned in... end of the month can be a stressful but fun time...
Just got home... it's 11:30 p.m. I needed girl time tonight. I have been home with the men for 2 months now, and I just needed to giggle and wear makeup and dress up and go out!
So I did!
I feel refreshed and renewed!
I forgot I have eyelashes and cute shoes and earrings!
Tomorrow brings more appointments... this time to the eye doctor.
William is getting contacts, I am getting more old lady lenses.
I am apparently not a good candidate for contacts.
Then we are off to the movies.
Don't know what we are going to see... I just know I won't be seeing the same movie as the men.
There is a method to my madness.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My new puter!

This is my new computer! See the green thing? Mine is purple!
The tower is only as big as a paperback novel.
I decided against a laptop because I already have one... and I wanted a small profile desktop.
The new screen is 20 inches!
It has 4 Gig harddrive (whatever that means!) and a Dual Core Intel 2 processor (whatever that means!) Fully integrated this or that, bells here, whistles there, LCD screen... and on and on and on.
I am sooo excited! It delivers from Dell and the end of August sometime.
This particular model was launched worldwide yesterday at noon, and they had PURPLE and I was SOLD! Bill was so happy to buy it for me.
Yes... I thanked him properly...
William will be getting this laptop, and the other two boys will inherit the other desktop Will got for Christmas last year.
So finally, after 4 years... Mama has a new computer.
I just couldn't get myself one until my kids had what they needed for school.
Paper is fast becoming obsolete in school.
Last year, many of the kids teachers took disks as paper turn ins.
No, the kids DO NOT have internet access. That is reserved for me, and I have a little device they can plug in their computer when they need internet... otherwise... it is under lock and key with Mama.
Can't be too careful these days.
Monday night, I had a lovely visit from a friend who has 4 small children. All under 6.
The Mama used to do and will be doing again, Pampered Chef as one of my consultants. So she came over to get some paperwork and we had a quick knosh of Antipasti.
Her littlest, 1 yr old, needed a diaper change, and Mama ran out of diapers. I called Letti to ask if we could have a diaper, any size, any type, she has the youngest baby on the street, and unfortunately she wasn't home... so my friend had to improvise. LOL!
She used paper towels, scotch tape and a plastic grocery bag as a "diaper". IT. WAS. HILARIOUS!
That kid sounded crunchy every time he walked. He didn't mind at all!
Let's hear it for Mama ingenuity!
She said she knew better than to live out of the diaper bag all day long, but she is a busy Mama, and her kids are always on auditions for commercials and TV shows, so she is on the go, go, go!
Too funny.
I remember those days, when not having a diaper handy meant the end of the world.
Not to my friend... she just made do, and calmly went home.
She was born to be a Mama.
It was great chatting and knoshing with you Terri!
I love your babies!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


5.4 earthquake!
It felt like we were rolling this time!
My pool sloshed around quite a bit and my hanging pots and pans
jangled quite a bit.
I'm a little weirded out by all the news coverage...
It wasn't THAT big, and no one seems to have gotten hurt.
I remember the Lander's earthquake just before we got married... that one totally freaked me out. 7.2. I was pregnant with William during the 1994 Northridge quake, and that one was a little freaky... but mostly because it was at night. I hate the ones at night.
Bill was on the 91 freeway, going through the Orange Crush area and he saw rock slides while he was driving. He actually felt it in his big truck... he was by the epicenter more than we were. He couldn't get through to us via his cell phone, and he didn't like that at all.
He knows how I feel about earthquakes... and he was worried.
I'm getting better about them the older I get.
William was riding to Hollywood Video returning movies for us, and my cell wouldn't work when I tried to call him. He said he didn't feel it at all.
Johnny was out back watering the garden and Alex and I were making lunch.
Just another day in lovely Southern California.
I wouldn't live anywhere else in the world... (except Italy)

Alex's Birthday Pictures

Blowing out the candles.

Finally, and good smile and not a weird face.


Some of La Famiglia.

There's the Alex I know and love... always with the faces.

Just some pictures of our fun Sunday.

I love entertaining!

Monday, July 28, 2008

My Zia Michelina

This is my beautiful Zia Michelina from New York.
She is my Papa's sister.
She passed away this morning after 85 years of blessing us with her presence.
She had 10 children... 8 boys and 2 girls.
She lived and loved until the very end.
She was the hardest working, sweetest, most loving human ever. I had the pleasure of seeing her 3 years in a row when we vistied New York every year for the holidays.
She has numerous grand and great grandchildren who adored her and will miss her very much.
God is now happy to have her in his midst... I am sure.
She plants a mean garden, and is steadfast in her work.
She will be planting and harvesting feasts for all the people in heaven from now on, and resting
in His loving arms when her work is through.
To all my family in New York mourning her right now... I say... stay strong... just like your Grandmother was. She is out of pain, visiting with her family she hasn't seen in a long time.
Be blessed knowing she loved you and still loves you and will help you all the days of your life.
Remember her as a woman of strength and character, with love abounding for each of us.
Though it may be sad day for us... they are rejoicing in heaven to have her there.
She will be waiting for all of us when it's our time, and she will be healthy, strong and beautiful as always when she ushers us into heaven.
Be well my family... mourn lightly... and know she is with you always.
I love you Zia.
I'll see you in (I hope) 50+ or so years.

The day after...

Yesterday was a good day.
Good food, family and fun.
Alex was such a little man. He was gracious and kind, and stuck around with the grownups and helped, and walked guests out.
He has turned out to be a truly appreciative pre teen.
I forgot to serve the salad! I KNEW there was something I was forgetting!
I made homemade ranch dressing too! From scratch!
Totally boneheaded that!
Out of sight...out of mind!
We know what we are having for dinner tonight!
Leftovers AND salad! Lots and lots of salad!
Next week is Dave & Busters with a couple of friends.
I'm always telling my men I see them running their own business some day... all three of them together. I don't know why... I just have this feeling that they will.
So last night... William...out of the blue, while helping to clean the kitchen says...
"Mom, if we three do open a business together someday... Alex is definitely going to have to be the salesman out front, doing all the selling. I'm just not that guy!"
Johnny pipes in... "Mom, I'm going to be the manager and boss every one around!!!"
To all of this I replied... 'William, that was very astute of you to recognize your brothers strengths and your weakness. That's what a good business owner does... puts people with certain strengths in positions that will enhance their God given skills, while doing what is your own calling."
So William said..."So would I be the money guy? The one in the back running numbers and figuring out profits and our margins?"
After I finished choking on my water I said... "Uh yeah... you are 14 and said profits and margins... yep... that's your forte'."
So he said... "Yeah, and Johnny is definitely bossy, so he will be a great delegator"
So Johnny pipes in loudly again "Yeah... Hey William, put these dried dishes away... I'm done washing them! See Mama? I'm only 9 and William is doing it!"
Thank God Will just smiled and did the job.
Proof positive that brain washing works folks!
I don't know what kind of biz they will do.
It just better be legal and something they love!
Oh! And they will all have degree's in their respective positions.
I'm just putting it out there into the Universe is all!
I read the Secret!
Just trying to get all my karmic stuff back to me is all!
Happy Monday!

Sunday, July 27, 2008


This child of mine. This sweet, sweet child. When I was pregnant with him.... my Mama put her hands on my belly and looked straight into my eyes and said (like a prayer) "This child will make you laugh and laugh. He won't know sorrow, and will always bring joy and laughter to your home." She made predictions about each one, that I forgot to post until now... and each one was right on the money.
This kid keeps me in stitches! He's been telling jokes since he could talk! He does a thousand voices, can mimic anything, and was voted class clown 4 years in a row... we're so proud.
He leaves me long drawn out messages on my cell phone that I saved for when I need a pick me up. He is naturally comedic.
I bought him Jerry Lewis and Danny Kaye movies for Christmas one year, and it was like he hit Nirvana. He knew there were others like him... he just knew it!
The kid has an entourage at school. They wait for him at the fence and cheer when I pull up to car pool. When Alex has his tonsils out last year and missed 4 days of school (we don't miss school unless someone is coughing up a lung) cards, gifts and phone calls were aplenty!
When I pulled up to pick the other two up... the entire class rushed the car to see how Alex was and when he was coming back to school.
I have been told he is nice to everyone, and isn't a mean child at school, and kids fight to sit next to him at lunch. I didn't believe it until I actually saw it with my own eyes one day.
I asked him about it after school, and he just said... "Oh, yeah, I don't get it, but if they want to sit next to me, I tell them to take turns and the ones that fight don't get to."
Oh to have those problems.
Mama's predictions were dead on. He is the middle child without the syndrome of middle child.
He knows who he is, but not who he wants to be, and that okay by me.
He loves his 3 meals a day, and if he misses one... he will makeup for it.
He only says 'I love you' in character voices, and is exceedingly kind and loving to all people (except his brothers :))
We adore him.
When he was a baby I would forever tell him "I just can't get enough of you!"
and to this day... I still can't.
I love you my Aiya.
More than you can ever begin to imagine.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Turning 12... again.

Last day of summer school!
For two weeks, I don't have to wake up at 6 a.m.! Yahooo!
Tomorrow is Alex's 12th Birthday.
We are having family over for dinner tomorrow night
and as his gift, he wants to invite a couple of friends to go play
at Dave & Busters.
I can do that!
We are planning that for next week some time.
I am in the process of conducting his interview.
Dinner tomorrow night is all his favorites.
Apricot Chicken, mashed potatoes, roasted green beans amandine,
hot freshly baked bread with butter,
greek salad, and regular lettuce salad with Ranch dressing.
I am so thankful he doesn't know what Beef Wellington is.
Remember being 12? Summer's were endless. I hated when my parent's had to go to work.
I thought they should stay home and play with us.
We had a person come in and "watch" us during the summer. Even though I was babysitting until the wee hours of the night, watching other people newborns and toddlers, my Mama had babysitters for us until I was 13. I get it now... but not then.
They would always want to watch soap operas... I hated soaps. They always wanted to call their boyfriends and tell them how bored they were. I hated being boring.
A couple of the sitters would go into my closet and start trying on my clothes and tell me how outdated I was. I WAS IN PRIVATE CATHOLIC SCHOOL! I wore a uniform, how many clothes could I possibly have?
12 had it's ups though. Hormones were kicking in... I had to wear a bra since 9, so that wasn't a big deal... but boys weren't so awful any more.
My Mom transferred me from Private to public and I went to the "normal" Junior High.
That was culture shock and a half.
12 was a real transition year.
I could have fallen into the wrong crown easily, but I had good roots and knew what I wanted
in friends. I remember having a sense of... "School is just school, when I go home, that's where it's safe to be me, where everyone loves me... this place doesn't matter so much." I also had extracurricular activities that many people didn't back then. I was dancing 4 nights a week and performing all over the country on weekends with people that valued all the same things my family valued.
That really got me through some rough patches of eating lunch alone and not knowing what the
new fads were and all the new lingo. I was sheltered, and it was a good thing. I figured that out quickly.
I remember experimenting with foul language, and feeling SO guilty, that a few weeks later, I woke my Mom up at 3. a.m. and told her that I had been saying bad words all the time at school and that I was sorry. She told me recently that that was the beginning of her profound trust in me. That she knew my conscience wouldn't let me down, and that I would be a strong willed girl with lots of self esteem. I didn't know it then... but I can see it now.
I wish every girl had my upbringing. It was strict... strong... loving... fun... and loads of clothes shopping was involved. My Mama didn't stand for any lip, respect of all adults was paramount,
and I was expected to walk a straight and narrow line... or else.
12 was a real transition year. I knew who I wanted to be... and had to behave a certain way to get there. I didn't struggle again until I was 17, and that was just over a stupid boy.
I wouldn't sleep with him... he broke up with me and called me a prude.
It hurt... I cried... he laughed... I stood my ground and didn't want to give myself like that to anyone. I was taught that was precious and a gift, and not to be taken lightly.
He was a real pig with the rumors. He is a pastor now. So funny!
Wow.. I really got off on another tangent here!
Remember being 12?
I do.
Until domani!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday Thoughts

It's only 10:30 a.m. and we already have drama here at Casa De Patsa (crazy).
I have kicked the kids out of the house, (they keep complaining it's too hot to play outside)
I don't care... get out!
They have a pool (no, I never let them swim without supervision), sprinklers, water balloons, 2 dogs, foos ball, nerf n strike, beach sand galore, balls, bats, bikes, scooters etc...
and they have 'NOTHING TO DO'!
And Johnny came screaming into the house all bloody on his lips. I was sure he lost teeth the way he was carrying on...! It turns out Jack, our one eyed dog nipped at him.
Johnny SWORE he didn't do anything to provoke Jack. He kept on repeating
"I didn't do ANYTHING TO HIM, about 10 times until I mentioned that we might have to put Jack down if he bit without being provoked. I won't keep a dog that does that... no matter how much I love it. I love my kids more than any stupid dog.
Well... THAT changed Johnny's tune immediately. He then sheepishly said he did have Jack in a sort of lock so he could carry him like a baby, and Jack got panicky and lashed out.
After clearing the blood, he has two very faint lines on his upper lip where Jacks teeth scratched him. Both Jack and Johnny have their shots.. ha ha, so I'm not worried about that... but I don't want Jack doing that out of the blue. Jack is usually very tolerant... so if he does it again... I'll have to make a hard decision.
Alex came in after Johnny was cleaned up and said that Johnny totally provoked Jack.
When does school start again??? Oh Yeah...September... dang it!
I need to go dig out that Christmas classic song
"It's the MOST wonderful time... of the year!" for the 1st day of school again.
Last day of school for William tomorrow.
He texts me everyday at 12:01 "I LUV U MOM".
Yesterday he mentioned he misses being home. He is only really home on the weekends
because he is at school 13 hours a day.
Poor kid.
We miss him too.
The family dynamic is different without all my roosters in the house.
At this very moment... I am ridding my head of a huge white line of white hair. (I could call it grey, but that would be lying... IT'S WHITE AS THE DRIVEN SNOW!"
I got sick of seeing it glow in the dark... it was keeping me awake at night.
So yesterday... I decided to get some revenge and get pampered. My nails were filled, my feet were soaking and I mentioned that I wanted to get my eyebrows waxed too.
You know...the works.
This sweet Vietnamese woman says "Okay", walks over to me, looks at my brows and makes a funny face, like... "Oh, that a big job... I need get lots of wax... we not have enough!"
It's been a while...okay? That's all I'll say.
Then the clincher.
The reason so many comedians make fun of nail places in stand up.
The reason Margaret Cho is one of my favorite comedians.
Out loud...
in front of... oh... 5 ladies and my nail guy... she says...
"You wan you uppa lip done too?"
Now... ladies... you know as well as I do, that airing our grooming habits is kind taboo in
America, even though some young people LOVE talking about how they love a
Brazilian Wax and all (THAT is another post all together... yikes!)
For the first time in a really, really long time...
I. Was. Speechless.
Every eye glanced over to... of course... stare or try to see the Mustachioed lady
from Shaver's Circus Maximus!
I just nodded slightly and put my book in front of my face.
It takes SOOOO much to embarrass me. Truly... I'm an open book!
But I remember a long time ago, some twerp told an old stereotypical Italian joke
that went like this...
Why do Italian men wear mustaches?
Because they want to look like their Mama's.
Anyway... while you are giggling like little girls, I'll continue...
I remember that joke, and thought... OMG... I AM the joke!
William has a mustache... and now so do I!
40 used to be fabulous...
Not so much.
So needless to say... I got TWO things waxed yesterday.
I said stop laughing! ;)
So yeah... living well is the best revenge... so is living without a mustache!
Neener Neener!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lots of words Wednesday. I'm out of pictures...

Last nights show was such fun!
The home was GORGEOUS!
I was coveting again...
Since I do the bulk of my shows from my own home now... I don't get the
opportunity to see other peoples houses anymore.
Boy have people been busy!
My entire house could have fit in her bedroom!
They were a lovely couple... very warm and inviting.
Great hosts.
Bill informed me he has to work this weekend. Bummer... BUT! that just means I have to
change plan a little and just kidnap him for an evening, and not tell him what we are doing
but just let him know I was thinking about him and want to treat him special.
I tryin' people ... I'm tryin.
I think I am being tested these days. I have always believed that God has an incredible sense of humor, and allows things to happen and people to come into our lifetime paths
for either a season or a lifetime to see what we are really made of. Do you agree?
I believe that everything that happens has a direct effect on our lives no matter
how insignificant it seems.
I also believe he gives us our families and friends as gifts and as punishment. hee hee.
(I meant that tongue in cheek)
And then there the people that are such pills to be around, such negative, bitter, resentful, hurtful people that you just wonder what the heck you ever did in life to deserve them.
The sad part is that you don't have to talk to them all the time or be around them all the time to feel the effect of their venom! It just happens like a telephone travels and trickles to
anyone that answers it.
Yeah, I'm being tested. I've had a couple of people personally email me, or talk about my blog
to others in a really negative way that I can only believe it is happening to see how I handle it.
There has to be something I am going to learn from it, for it to be so prevalent.
I don't care about the talking about me or my blog... fine... but to personally attack me and my
point of view and to read it to others without reading it word for word and only reading parts that one knows, if twisted correctly, can offend someone... when it's my blog, my personal space that I choose to share with anyone that cares to read it is insulting and hurtful!
If I wanted to air all my dirty laundry and all the people I knows, dirty laundry on this thing... I could... (NO WORRIES, I WOULD NEVER, EVER, EVER DO THAT!)
But I'm just saying... it's a free country... I can write whatever I want... as can every other blogger in the U.S..
I keep it light, I think. I publish this thing, and don't want my kids reading a brooding, hurtful, resentful blog their mother wrote. I am not like that outwardly or inwardly.
I appreciate the comments I get, from EVERYONE THAT COMMENTS, and they don't always agree with me... and I LOVE that! Friendly debate is FUN!
Have you read some blogs on the web? Yikes! Some are scary, nasty, deviant and raw!
I will never go there! I don't have it in me.
I have been "talking" to a specific few too much lately on this blog... those few who love to stir the pot and watch it boil. They either confront me in person (which I actually prefer), or e mail me personally, (which shows a modicum of class) or just spread rumors and hateful anecdotes to family members. (classless, totally classless) You know who you are... and I am related to one of them... how incredibly sad that is.
One thing I will not do is call themout by name on my blog. They know who they are.
I have always loved one of them like a sister... and she is cruel, mean and hateful, and I am so sorry
you have to be that way.
I wish you much peace and will pray for you and your family.
I really think I am done talking about this now.
PMS week and all, I think I am handling it pretty well.
Thanks God...;)
When I get to heaven (fingers crossed) I'll be the one in the
"Play a practical joke on God" section of the welcome class with Peter.
I don't want to see you there for another 50 years... but I'm coming, and we are gonna have a great time when I get there! You just wait and see!
Thanks for loving me enough to put into situations that test my fortitude and love for those hard to love.
Have a great day everyone!
I know I will...
I have a lot to be thankful for and to live for!
Go kiss someone you love and tell 'em you love 'em!
today I am going to get my nails done, get a pedicure and a facial...
Neener, Neener to the naysayers in my life...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Well, what a couple of days it has been.
I got to speak to one of my very favorite cousins this morning.
Anthony, you are a wonderful and true gentleman.
It is a privilege to be related to you!
Enjoy your time off, you deserve it.
I feel a lot better after talking with you.
My son William is almost done with summer school. We'll see soon if he gets his "shine" or not.
He has grown so much these last few weeks. Not physically, but in his maturity.
We have wonderful talks on the drive to school in the morning, and it is a thrill to really
like the person he is becoming.
On Thursday, I have to attend a mandatory meeting to discuss Hell Week.
Oh joy.
I have decided to kidnap my hubby this weekend. I hope he doesn't read me this week.
I made a promise to myself to concentrate on him more in my 40's
and I want to make good on it.
We had such a great time at his company party,
that I decided that we need that every couple of weeks.
So from now on I will be planning overnight and daytrip getaways for just the two of us...
even if its just the next city at the Hilton.
Dee and her hubby went to the movies recently, and that sounded like such a good idea.
The last time Bill and I went to the movies just the two of us was with Andi and her Hubby Kobbe to see Eragon.
It's been a looooooong time.
I feel the need to reconnect before all my roosters fly the coop.
Know what I mean? ***
Oh... and to the latest girl upset with me about what I write in this blog,
and what I say, and how I say it...
I do so hate to be petty and give too much credence to such a small minded person...
but I would like her to know that she has every right not to read this blog,
just as I have every right to write it.
Stop being bitter and get on with your life.
I believe you are 40ish now, right darling?
Start acting like it.
Hope to see you REAL soon!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Today was a good day.
There a bunch of wonderful women in my house, eating, laughing, talking, buying, just having
a good time. It's a great feeling.
I love my job. I got a lot of bookings today too!
Alex and Will are now referees, Level 8, whatever that means.
The classes were loooong. 8 hours Saturday and Sunday.
They texted me at each break, telling me incessantly how hungry they were.
I think I'll tell them I changed the plan to 5 texts per day.
It has to stop.
They were in the other room today, and texted I luv u, to me.
I hate text grammar. Ha Ha!
One more week of Health Class for Will. Then his "two a days"
start after a two week break and Hell week.
I was asked to cook for one of the nights of Hell Week.
I said "Heck yeah... I'll carbo load those men!"
So spaghetti and my Mama's meatballs are on the menu.
It'll be a great way to see William during that week, and to sneak him some clean clothes and make sure he is brushing his teeth. (I have a thing about clean teeth)
I know... I know...let go.
And I say... NO! NO! NO!
They will always be my babies!
Always... I say!

Saturday's happenings

Had a fantastic show yesterday!
Johnny was a hit.
They all told me I should bring him to every single show I do.
He was selling products like crazy, charming all the ladies, telling them how young they looked,
picking up the dirty products and rinsing them, playing with the host's 2 yr old adorable son.
I was pleasantly surprised.
I don't make it a habit it bringing my kids to work with me... but necessity made me.
I thought he would be his normal whiny, bored, eye rolling self, but he really stepped up!
My other two... well that's a different story. They forgot their house keys, and texted me incessantly during the show. Of course... I didn't answer them until I was done. They went from
"Mom, we're locked out, can we break in to our own house?" to "Food... need. food" "Am dying without you... please come home" "There's a rumbly in my tumbly".
Texting has really brought out their senses of humor!
I laughed out loud when I was able to read them at the show!
Ay yay yay!
Johnny and I rescued them at around 6 p.m., we all had dinner
and cleaned the house for a show I have here at my house today.
Working feels good!
I made $300 in 3 hours yesterday!
I forgot how lucrative direct sales can be!
The older two have referee classes again today, so it's just Johnny and me again.
Bill is sleeping off his crazy work weekend. He got home at 5 a.m. this morning.
What a good man.
I adore my guests attending today. They are such a Hoot!
More later!

Friday, July 18, 2008

EZ Friday

Very exciting day today...
Made some eye exam appointments...
Made some Dentist Appts...
Helicopters woke us all up because a man was hit by a train a block away...
I started gathering my items to color my "quickly becoming WHITE ALL OVER hair", only to find that I didn't have anymore of my color. Gotta call Mama to order some from her beauty
shop, before people start mistaking me for a giant skunk!
I have a show tomorrow, and I have this big WHITE LINE on my forehead!
And OF COURSE my kids are telling while we are all swimming tonight how many grey hairs they see glowing in the dark.
Ahh kids... Thank God they're cute...
Alex and William are taking a referee class tomorrow, Bill has to work tomorrow, and I have a show... so poor Johnny has to come with me to my show. He is thrilled, and strangely... so is my host! I always ask and give them plenty of wiggle room to say absolutely no.
So ALL of us are working tomorrow.
Then Bill says... "Get used to it honey... this is what the future has in store for us with these kids growing up." I got instantly sad, and then said "Oh my God! Bill. We have to like, gulp, like each other when these kids are adults and aren't home anymore!" To which he replied...
"Oh Heck no! We don't have to do anything we don't want to do!"
I love a man with a sense of humor!
I only tease the people I love.
Some people get all touchy about joking about hubby's like that. Not me.
Laughter is healthy in a marriage... even if its at the spouses expense!
I joke... I joke... calm down.
The mushy wife I am not. Give me a quick hug, a good kiss and tell me a joke anyday...
Spare me the flowers and I love you's.
But I digress.
Got around to watching the Baby Borrowers tonight.
Very interesting. Funny? Sometimes.
Sad? Yes.
Mostly sad because of the unfortunate girl that was quite lovely to look at, but her Mama seemed to dwell on that too much while she was growing up. She didn't seem to be taught how to care about other peoples feelings, or the fact that she wasn't the only person on the planet. She's the one that dragged the kid by the arm.
I like the premise of the show, and saw the humor, but because I am so touchy about teenaged pregnancy and the lack of scrupples and morals being taught these days... my heart ached for these kids that felt the need to want to be parents so young. To me... it screamed of lack of self esteem and the need to be loved on a level they just aren't ready for.
I think the kids were acting WAY too much like adult couples at such an early age.
I certainly do hope it scares the bejeezers out of teens across the country to keep their
values and virginity intact, regardless of or if a "guy likes me, I have to do this to keep him"
Who teaches them that anyway?
How about that one girl that yelled at that poor Mama. What a wacko!
If I ever spoke to any adult that way when I was a teen, my parents would have knocked my pearly whites out!
Don't hate... I liked the show.
I just always have to put my 2 cents in.
Don't even get me started about daycare centers in High schools!
One show I taped and loved tonight is "Rock the Reception" on I think it's TLC.
Too cute. I cried.
Ohhh. I must be PMSing.
Yep, I'm sure of it.
Better go now... before I set myself off!
I am NOT responsible to what comes out of my mouth during the next week...
Just so ya know!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

New Phone

My phone... but with a white face and pearlized pink back. I couldn't find a picture of it.
The guy told me I was the first person in SB county to own it.
Who know... who cares... I just didn't want black or red.
Well I got a new cell phone today.
I got a really cute Pearlized Pink BlackJack II.
They didn't have it in Purple. Darn it.
I'm not a pink person... but it'll do.
I made the HUGE mistake of adding texting to my son's cell phones along with mine.
There have so many times I could have used it in the last 6 months, but just didn't want to "go there" with texting for them... but I succombed to my own need for convenience.
What I SHOULD have done was LIE and told them it only works one way, from me to them, and just not answered their texts... but alas, they are bright and would have figured it out in a heartbeat. It's not like when they were little, and I could tell them any old thing.
You know what I mean.
So I decided to let William know he had texting by.. what else... texting him!
No sooner did I send it, did he reply with an enthusiastic "I luv U!"
Then NINE MORE texts within 2 minutes.
I have apparently created a monster.
I was going to get the Iphone... then decided against it.
I don't like going along with the crowd very much.
I don't need all the stuff on it anyway. Even the BlackJack has too much for me.
But at least now I have a headset that works and no longer have to scream at my speakerphone in my car while driving... because God forbid, I have a phone in my hand.
I wonder what our law makers are going to do about all the stupid people READING NEWSPAPERS while driving or PUTTING ON MAKEUP!
I see it almost every single morning on my little freeway commute to Will's school
So much scarier than a dumb little phone.
It's 9:15 p.m. and I am going swimming... sans phone this time!
Good night!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wordfull Wednesday

Boy am I glad I ruined our old phone!
I had NO idea how the great the technology was out there! It's been a while.
My new phone, actually my 3 new phones, they came as a package set, are wonderful!
When someone calls... it actually speaks and SAYS who is calling!
Today, when Bill called me, it said... Bill Shaver Calling in a voice!
I sure didn't!
William is working very diligently in summer school. He is gone 13 hours a day.
I actually miss the kid.
He is growing up so darn fast. He has the whole extortion thing down to a science.
He would like a "Shine" cell phone if he gets an "A" in his summer school class.
I told him he will be able to continue to live here in our house rent free until after college and get room and board, but no... he would like a "shine".
He'll get the Shine for an "A". He is working sooooo hard. A 4 month class in 3 weeks is TOUGH!
The amount of papers and homework is monumental!
He will deserve a new cell phone after this class and everything else he is doing.
His cell phone is on the blink anyway.
He is handling this "being on his own" very well.
I have a couple of spies planted at the school, and they tell me what's happening.
Good news... I didn't do anything remotely stupid last night during dinner.
Dinner was yummy, the company was sweet and nice, it was one of Bill's employees,
and it was a nice visit.
So, tonight Bill is heading over to a meeting for Soccer. Our friend Cheri recruited him to be a coach for Johnny's team. I am really happy about it. Bill is an awesome soccer coach.
He coached our older two for years and years, so now it's Johnny's turn.
I adore Soccer season.
I love the set schedule. 2 practices and a game... like clockwork.
I sure hope they don't change it up and need to have games during the week.
I have to work sometime!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

One for the books...

Holy Barracuda!
You are NOT going to believe what I did today!
I shouldn't even be admitting this!
The boys and I wanted to swim today... like every day... and they were busy smothering themselves with copious amounts of sunscreen while I checked my e mail really quick.
They called for me when they were done, and they were anxious to get in the water because it feels like hell outside.
I needed to take my Ipod blaster, a book, some magazines, my Iced Green Tea and both my cell phone and my house phone, in case George Clooney finally gets around to asking me to leave my hubby to marry him. (to which... I would, of course, refuse... but not before flirting first.)
Well, I didn't want to make multiple trips... you know how we ladies like to multi-task... so I tried to carry everything all at once.
Usually not a problem... right? Right.
Well, I stupidly put the house phone down my top of my Omar the TentMaker bathingsuit.
You know... between the cleavage.
Well... apparently there was a lot of room in there, because I forgot all about it there, and proceeded to go swimming. Yep... with the phone still in my bosom.
So now, Bill is at Costco, on his way home from work, buying us a new phone.
We have plenty of land line phones, but that was our only wireless phone.
I can't even begin to believe I did that.
And when I pushed the buttons ANYWAY, even though it was completely submerged, and thought that it MIGHT actually work again... I felt like a dimwit. DUH!
We are having a dinner guest this evening... I hope I don't walk into our sliding glass door,
or drink out of the wrong side of my glass!
No wine for me tonight!
Wish me luck!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Manic Monday

Poor William.
I picked him up tonight from practice and his long day at school and he is just exhausted.
It's 8:30 and he's already in bed.
He loved football though.
He says he can feel himself getting stronger and faster every day.
I need to record that "Six Million Dollar Man" Ne ne ne ne ne ne ne music and play it for him
when he comes through the door or lifts weights.
Make him feel like the Hercules he is.
We found out that "hell week" on his team is a week where they stay at school the entire week.
Morning. Noon and overnight.
While I wasn't thrilled about it... he will be able to attend. I don't want him missing out on the fun of High School. It will be a memory building week for him, and I don't want to spoil it.
I will just have to grin and bear it, and worry all week long.
Bill and the other boys are busy working the tournaments across the street this week.
I think tonight is the last one.
I hope it all slows down just a bit so we can get some more camping in.
As for me, I am nursing my hurt leg back to health.
I swam today to loosen it up and it is feeling much better.
Thank you all for reading me. I haven't thanked you in a long time...
and I really appreciate all of you!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Saturday Night Fun!

We had such a great time last night!
Our hotel suite was lovely, and the venue for the dinner and entertainment was awesome.
It was at the Grove, in the parking lot of Angels Stadium, and it is so wonderful inside that place!
Dinner was served buffet style with a potato bar, carving stations for all sorts of meat, salad, pasta the works! (Although, all the guys and their wives said my Mama's food at my party was WWWAAAAYYYY BETTER!) ;)
During dinner, they hired the Orange County Swing Dancers to perform a host of dances from the 20's to the 50's, then there was a CEO speech that was hilarious and not stuffy and full of numbers at all, some recognition, and then they got the DJ on stage, had Tarot Card readers, a Karaoke Bar and the Swing Dancers gave out lessons.
The colors of the decor was gorgeous with Black, Turquoise and Purple.
I forgot my camera, so I have to paint word pictures instead.
My Mama was on hand to stay with the boys overnight, and that was a treat.
Yes, Cheri, the coffee and ice cream was plentiful! Hee Hee!
We ordered room service at Midnight. I love room service. I have to order it no matter what, we barely touched it, but it is just something I have to do.
We slept in too late to get our complimentary full service Breakfast Brunch, but no matter... we SLEPT IN! Yahoooo! Besides, our room came complete with a kitchen, sitting room and a bathroom you can have a dance in... so we really didn't need to leave.
But we are home now... I hurt my leg last night on the dance floor, so I am limping a bit, Bill is getting the oil changed on our car, and they are all going over to the park to help with the tournaments today.
I don't handle 100 degree weather well, so I have to bow out this year, and am sending my son in my place.
My ankles aren't what they used to be.
Talk later!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Friday Frenzy

Bill worked out of town on Thursday night, and he got home yesterday, only to be dragged out
across the street to the park for a Jazz concert in the park our fair city was putting on.
It was so nice!
The weather was perfect, the music was great, and we "worked" the Snack Bar for our Baseball League. Mostly, our kids did the work, while we sat nearby and enjoyed the company of our friend and Pres. Cheri and the music.
We saw some vvveerrryyyy interesting people enjoying the music also.
There was a man, about 65, long white hair pulled into a ponytail, white beard, white mustache, black tank top and .... a.... um.... a....
long, flowy, 3 tiered ruffle gauze SKIRT!
He was definitely in touch with his feminine side. Our kids were out selling discount cards to the mass of people on the lawn, and Johnny came by and informed me he saw another old man dressed like a woman like the one we saw at Bubby Gump's in Long Beach.
Too funny.
I really enjoyed seeing all the families gathering on the lawn, listening to a great band, spending a leisurely evening together. It was wonderful that our city provides this for us.
I just wish we had a gorgeous park to do it in like in Riverside at Fairmont Park. We need a lovely, tree filled park, with Gazebos, a creek, and just lots and lots of hilly grass to do these things in. But... I'll take what I get.
Tonight Bill and I are going to his company's 25th Anniversary dinner at The Grove in Anaheim. I LOVE seeing Bill's co workers and crew with their wives. They are such fun people.
This will be the first time we will be alone together by ourselves for the evening since last October. Sad huh? Such is life with three active boys and their lives.
So we will have fun just being a couple and not having to say 'No and Stop that" all night long.
I hope.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Long day

I was gone all day and night yesterday.
Didn't forget the boys' doctor appt this time.
New Doc. Our regular Pediatrician recently retired,
so until the full time replacement starts in August, we had a new, young, Italian Doc.
Very nice... very thorough... very talkative... I liked it.
What I didn't like, was that I could have been his Mama!!!
Que sera sera...I suppose that's going to be happening a whole lot more in the future.
All three men are strong, healthy, and above average in the growth scale. Shocker.
Will had to have a little different physical because it was a sports one for Football.
He's 5'9" and get this... 191 lbs.
The Doc said that if he didn't see Will and only saw the chart on him, he would have thought he was an overweight child... but looking at him, and his shoe size Adult 12 1/2, he is obviously full of muscle and not overweight at all. I was shocked at the number myself. He's only a tiny bit soft in the middle and that is going away every week thanks to 4 hours a day of hard training. Muscle really does weigh more than fat. It was funny, when the Doc had him do all the strength tests, Will could pick the Doc up no problem. He almost knocked him down a couple of times, Will didn't quite know his own strength. Even Will was surprised and did a lot of apologizing. The Doc was obviously used to it, and was gracious. It seemed like he wanted Will to know how strong Will was.
My own personal Hercules. Yahoo!
I knew God gave me men for a reason.
Furniture moving.
All that heavy lifting I am constantly needing.
Alex is 100 lbs even and 5'1"
and Johnny is 60 lbs and 4'3".
The Doc said Johnny has the potential to be the tallest one. Go figure... the runt of the litter might just out size his older brothers eventually. That would be such great karma.
Alex seems to have x-ray vision 20/15, and Johnny definitely needs glasses.
No surprise. Bill, Will and I all wear lenses.
I had to return my handsfree soap dispenser. It leaked soap badly. Something so wonderful couldn't be good. I just knew it. ;)
After all the running around, we met my Mama at Chili's and had dinner with her so she could tell us all about her trip to New Mexico. It was so nice seeing her.
Keep her in your prayers. She is worried about a biopsy and x ray she had on her legs.
We took her to dinner to keep her mind off it.
Well, Alex is going out to lunch with a friend today at Dave and Buster's and I need to scrounge around this place for some cash. A thief would be so mad at us if they ever tried robbing my house or stealing my purse. Never anything of value on hand.
I don't even keep jewelry on the premises, so when we have something nice to go to, I have to make a trip to a safe deposit box.
Paranoid? Me? Yep.
Remember what I live behind?
Perpetually drunk people do stupid things every day.
You know?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wordfull Wednesday

Got my nails done today.
Did a tiny bit more shopping.
Yawned all day long.
But all in all, it was an uneventful day.
No one felt the need to call me out on anything (rare).
William didn't call me to remind me that he forgot something (rare)
I didn't have a hard time understanding my nail guy (rare)
All my laundry is done (rare)
The kids didn't fight today (rare)
Bill came home early and offered to get William from practice (DOUBLE RARE)
Hey... wait a minute... Have I died, and no one told me yet? Am I in heaven?
Quick, some one virtually pinch me!
This can't be right.
OOOOHHH Wait... I get it... I'm sleeping! Yikes, or in a COMA!
Very interesting...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

We lost... but we went down fighting!!!!

Those 11 yr olds sure know how to put on a show!
All but one of them were nail biters!
We lost 11 or 12 - 10 tonight, but it was an AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME
They played their hearts out!
By the time I arrived at the game, we were tied 2-2 and I think it was the top of the 2 inning.
Then the opposing team racked up a bunch of runs, but we fought back until it was a tie 10-10 game and we had to go into overtime.
I was only able to breathe after a pitch was thrown.
We gained a player tonight that was on vacation and he was integral to the score.
He, Tony, made some wonderful plays in the outfield, and smacked the ball when necessary!
Alex caught well, and at one point, blew it on a bad throw, then pickled his way out of it.
I would have LOVED to have seen this little team go farther, but they did a great job!
Bravo to the coaches, Coach Shaver and Coach Galeotti.
They were the bomb!
Very upbeat, never say die, in it all the way for the kids.
Bill missed a Union Meeting for this game... that's a big deal.
Bill. never. misses. Union. Meetings.
GT boys 11 yr old ALL STARS!

Tuesday Thoughts

Holy Cow getting up at 5:30 in the summer is tough!
What idiot thought up summer school?
I am such a night owl. If you were to call me at 1 a.m. on any given night, I would be awake!
But do not catch me before my coffee in the morning. You may not like what you hear.
I don't even sleep in late! I feel like my whole day is gone if I get up past 7:30 or so.
Now that I am getting older, it seems I am requiring more sleep, and I so want to pretend I am still young, beautiful, and can function all day on just a few hours of sleep.
But alas... this is not so.
I think daytime naps may be in future.
Never been a fan of them, but now they are looking pretty nice.
We'll see.
Maybe a nap on Sunday afternoons.
We play again tonight.
I am going to pretend I am the good luck charm and psych my kid out and make him think they are invincible since I am going to be there. Don't worry, I won't spring it on him until just before the game, so I am sure to be there.
I tease him incessantly about watching the ball go by.
It makes him want to prove me wrong.
He takes playful teasing well.
One of the coaches named him Princess, and he loves it.
Like I said before... weirdo.
Bill is better today. He stopped kicking his own butt finally.
He just wants those kids to play well and win for themselves so badly.
It's good to have a coach that cares like that.
He father's like that too.
He is much nicer than I am. :)
Me? I'm drill sargeant Mama.
More later!

Monday, July 7, 2008

We lost... but we're not out!

They smoked us! Mercy actually. 10-0. So sad.
My hubby came home all upset because Alex struck out twice... looking.
That means he didn't even bother to swing the bat.
It happens... that's what I told Bill.
He was pretty upset at the loss, but I guess that team has been winning like that since the all stars started.
I have to constantly remind Bill that they aren't handing out scholarships to 11 yr old boys, and this is just a game. He know that... but he takes losing personally... like he let the boys down.
I sure wish he felt like that about his honey do's!
2 days and counting that

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Manic Monday

I got all those colored sheers I was telling you about.
You know, the ones I am stringing around my entire backyard patio?
Bill put them up yesterday morning.
I thought it would look a little better than it does.
I should have stuck to three colors like I normally do, but noooo, I had to buy 5.
I need to get more of them, so I'll just order more in my three favorites and use the other ones elsewhere or on something else.
I'll take pictures another day.
I had the right idea, just not the right color combos. That's what I get from ordering from a catalog and not shopping it in person.
Will started summer school this morning. That poor kid.
He has school from 8-12 and practice from 3-7, and because I am so cheap, I'm leaving him there all day, so I don't have to drive back and forth to Redlands 4 times a day.
Besides, he'll have tons of homework he can do there, in an air conditioned library.
He called me after class. He said they already finished chapter 1 today, and took a test.
He laughed, he said this must be what college will be like.
I got an e mail from The cutest blog on the block today, telling me my white background will be around for a few more days. They are getting a larger server, then I can change my background at will again!
Thanks, Kim, for saying the plain background is so not me! That was sweet!
Since I had to get up at stupid o'clock this morning to get Will off to class, I did my shopping and looked at new cell phones. Decisions, decisions. My Razr V3 is awful. Everytime I charge it up, it gets super hot, and it's my second one, after replacing it with the first one that did the same thing! So now I am looking at Shines or Blackberry's. I really don't need a high zoot phone.
Just a phone, camera and a qwerty would be nice.
I appreciate all the feedback about my altercation with the "lady" and private schools.
Something else happened today while I was out and about, but my fingers are too pooped to push today.
Bill and I are also looking at getting a new car. We are keeping the Expedition, it's paid off and fits all the boys gear, and us all at once.
Bill and I decided it's time for a little indulgence and we are going to get us newer convertible.
I told him we should sell the Mustang Conv we have in our driveway, it's a V-8 and an 83.
He says no. Ever the saver, he likes that its a "classic". What. Ever.
It's mainly for me, so I can put put around without using the Expedition all the time.
I want a Jeep Rubicon or a Chrysler Sebring or a Mustang.
He just wants another Mustang. If we get one... it's going to look like a Ford dealership on our front yard. Bill's work truck is a Ford, we still own the Bronco, the Mustang, the Expe and now the new one, if we get it.
Too funny. My Father in Law drives the Bronco for us at his house. We didn't want it sitting around collecting dust, so he uses it, and we are teaching William to drive it in on my Father in Laws property in Hesperia. He has 5 acres, so William can't kill anyone. We hope.
He loves it. Before the gas hike, that was going to be Will's car, but he won't be able to afford the gas and buy the things he wants, so we will just get him a v-6 or 4 cylinder something, but still on the big side. I don't understand people driving around tuna cans. They can get really hurt!
It seems like yesterday I was cooing at my little William, and now I am talking about him driving!
Wow! It's been a great 14 years so far!
It hasn't gone by as quickly as some say, since I am around for everything that goes on with those kids. Every. waking. moment. 24/7/365. :)
Alex is playing tonight @ 5:30, so I couldn't go to the game because I have to pick William up from Football practice.
Pray they WIN!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Okay, how many of you can see the designs on this page. I'm worried now, Letti said my background didn't show up on her screen.
There should be 2 purple flowers, a black background, and some purple swirls and polka dots.
Okay, just read on the website I get my backgrounds from, they are having issues. So, I changed the font so you can read it.
Thanks for letting me know!


What I made for dinner tonight... BBQ chicken pizza. With the 5 minute dough of course!
No one said pizza had to be round, it just has to taste good!

Alex up to bat this week. Couldn't use a flash, so this is what I got.

Okay, the piece de resistance!




I don't know if my car has EVER been formally introduced to the garage... but last night

we all watched a Messiest House in America for Clean House, and it must have hit a nerve with Bill. MY CAR IS IN THE GARAGE!

I am very much a purger... he is very much a saver.

A perfect match we are not...


I find myself peeking in there just to look at it.

I have been nagging about that garage for 5 long years! We have lived in this house 15 years, and the last 5, he just can't seem to throw anything away... until TODAY!





Yeah, my kids go to private school, so what?

I don't know if I just attract certain types of people, or just have an 'invisible to me' sign on my forehead that just tells people to offer me unsolicited advice... but I am just so
sick and tired of people telling me how terrible I am for sending my kids to private school when we have superb schools right here in GT.
I definitely know we have wonderful schools here, and all over the U.S., but the vast majority of people that do know my kids don't attend public school and never have, actually tell me they wish they could do it for their children. To which I answer to them... "Oh okay"
I have nothing against public schools, at all, I don't feel like my kids are getting a better education, just a different one. I like having more say in my kids education without all the red tape and bureaucracy. I like that my kids are getting Biblical education alongside the mainstream education. I like that they are very, very strict about PDA's (public displays of affection) and teach against all the alternative lifestyle stuff I don't believe in, and all of this as a reinforcement of what I try to teach at home.
Better? No. Just different.
And I know that lots of schools teach these same principles, whether private or public, but my main reason is... I have more control over the "friends having an influence" if we don't go to a school in our same community. Please don't give me flack over it... if you want to know exactly what I mean, email me.
I have heard more times than I care to admit, many of my acquaintences say they don't like such and such person, but they have to be nice because their kids are friends!
Life is too short to worry about that junk! Raise your kids! Friends come and go!
My kids would attend Private school whether we lived in Beverly Hills or Podunk, USA.
It's my choice.
I am not doing them a disservice.
Yes, they are a lot more sheltered in their schools as opposed to other schools,
but is staying a kid a little longer such a bad thing?
Yeah, maybe my kids are 'different' in some ways, such as maturity level, things they have been exposed to, what they believe to be an acceptable age to have girlfriends and such...
but really, how detrimental can that be?
Private schools have a zero tolerance policy for lots of things okay in mainstream schools.
Kids aren't as free in private. I personally like that.
I try not to mention that my kids don't attend public school. I get asked A LOT where they go to school, especially here in town, because the Mama's don't see me in carpool and my kids don't know other kids in town except for the kids they know from playing Rec. sports.
In the grand scheme of things, does it really matter where they go to school?
I just want them to be good, God fearing men, who love me, their Dad, their siblings, have college educations, occupations they adore, marriages before carriages, and a home of their own.
Everything else is just icing on the cake, as long as it is good and honest.
Isn't that really what we all want?
This all stemmed from a lady, (I'll use that term loosely) who literally walked right up to me, asked me if my kids attend such and such schools, literally poked my shoulder and told me
to my face, that I was doing my kids a lot of harm by sending them to private school.
She continued to tell me that when my kids 'get out into the real world' they are going to
be shell shocked. It will be too much for them.
I asked her if she realized that I don't send them to school in chauffered limosines, with bodyguards. If she noticed that I live in a small, humble home, with bathrooms the size of coat closets, and that my kids play Recreational sports in our fair city. If she noticed that I am just a woman trying the best I can with what I have, have driven the same car for the past 5 years,
don't always have the right thing to say, sometimes slip when I'm mad,
and wear black an awful lot because it always matches everything, all the time?
No, our money tree has not dropped cash ever. Just leaves.
I live in the same neighborhood as some really rotten people, and my kids have to put up with them all the time, every time they pass their house, the Mom makes horrible, unkind, childish remarks to my kids, because she despises me.
I think my kids have a pretty good handle on what the world is really like.
Remember who I live behind?
They have two really good examples of what NOT to turn into in their adulthood, living within a stones throw from their home.
I just wonder why people feel the need to inform me of the impending doom of my kids!?!
How would all you mom's with kids in public school feel if I were to say...
"Oh, well, you know... private schools are just sooo much better than those public schools, you are doing your kids SUCH a disservice for not sending them to private schools!"
We go without a lot of things other people get all the time.
Big screen TV's
New cars every 2 years.
Remodeling done by contractors, not waiting for the hubby.
Walk in movies as opposed to drive in's (hee hee, we love the drive in's)
Everyone has a choice where to spend their money.
All the women who want me to take my kids out of private schools can suck my big toe.
I don't tell you what to do with your hair!
I don't tell you I can't believe you got braces before your own kids!
I don't tell you I can't believe you pay for your nails and toes and botox, and you complain that your daughter need glasses and you just can't afford it!
Oops... I guess I just did!
I guess turnabout is fair play!
I'll make you a bet... ladies who think I'm an idiot...
I'll bet you my kids turn out great, without all the drugs, alcohol, stupidity associated with teenagers, and NOT because they go to private school, but because
my kids, and a lot of my friends kids, know that we Mama's aren't gonna tolerate it, and are gonna be there for them every single day, while you are at your botox appointments and having your martini's at 5 p.m. We are gonna be taking our kids to games, lessons, music, or whatever floats their boats!
Time = love.
I'm gonna take my wrinkled old forehead to bed now, and kiss my darling children, and say a prayer over them, to protect them from women like the one who accosted me today.
How dare she... Really!
Her botox wasn't working... she had crows feet around her eyes!

Friday, July 4, 2008



We won! We won... AGAIN!

It was such a nail biter of a game tonight!
Alex caught, and he did a pretty good job.
We were down 5 or 6 and it was late in the game. Then something just clicked!
They hit the ball... HARD!
Last night and tonight, we scored a lot of run in one inning.
I guess those boys like to keep us on our toes!
I overheard some teens leaving because they were sure we were going to lose.
I asked them to stay and not count us out yet.
They said we had no chance,
I told them that a lot could happen in a couple of innings.
They left anyway.
WE WON! It was soooo cute to see how happy those kids were after the game!
My hubby was soooooo ridiculously happy!
The team really gets along well, and they are very supportive of each other, and it was
just great to see them cheer each other on, and do their chants, and
just uplift each other.
I love how none of the kids have attitudes. They are just happy to be there, grateful,
and having a blast!
It was a nice way to spend the evening!
My father in law and my Papa came by to watch tonight.
Way to go team!!!
You have done our city proud!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

We won our first game!

Alex's team won their first game!
Way to go ALL STARS!
Alex pitched almost the entire game.
It was 1-0 them at first, then in one inning, we scored 7 runs!
In that same inning, our team came in thinking the inning was over, and we actually only had 2 outs. I bet that other team was thinking it was the inning that never ended. We had 2 outs, and those kids just kept hitting that ball, and running those bases like nobody's business.
My hubby is the coach... he was on cloud nine well past midnight last night.
He so wants those kids to win!
The other team did end up rallying back but we won 7-5. Whew!
One player, Garrett Byrd, is due for a home run any minute. He hit 2 balls that literally took 3 days to come back to earth! Just a tiny bit more uumph on it and they would have been homers over the fence for sure! He was the only one from both teams to hit the ball that far and hard.
It was a really good nail biter of a game.
We play again this evening... and I hope that home run is hit during bases loaded.
It sure would be nice to win 2 in a row... heck, I'd like to win 'em all!
Greedy much? Me? YEP!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Soap dispenser syndrome

Good day today!
Misdemeanor man still hasn't shown up...
I got some laundry done,
Will survived another grueling 3 1/2 hour practice,
We swam a little,
Alex went to practice,
and I came home to a clean kitchen.
My new fountain was delayed at FedEx, but there is always tomorrow!
Tomorrow night is Alex's first All Star game.
Thank God it's at 8 p.m., when it's cooler.
I sure hope they do well, and WIN!!!
My ant problem has been abated.
My chest congestion is all gone.
My new handsfree soap dispenser works well.
Okay, that's it. I must be deliriously bored. A soap dispenser?
Yeah, I need to get a life... quickly.
Soap dispenser. I just blogged about a soap dispenser... and handsfree one, but one nonetheless.
Okay, I'm going to bed.
To get a life.