Sunday, July 20, 2008

Saturday's happenings

Had a fantastic show yesterday!
Johnny was a hit.
They all told me I should bring him to every single show I do.
He was selling products like crazy, charming all the ladies, telling them how young they looked,
picking up the dirty products and rinsing them, playing with the host's 2 yr old adorable son.
I was pleasantly surprised.
I don't make it a habit it bringing my kids to work with me... but necessity made me.
I thought he would be his normal whiny, bored, eye rolling self, but he really stepped up!
My other two... well that's a different story. They forgot their house keys, and texted me incessantly during the show. Of course... I didn't answer them until I was done. They went from
"Mom, we're locked out, can we break in to our own house?" to "Food... need. food" "Am dying without you... please come home" "There's a rumbly in my tumbly".
Texting has really brought out their senses of humor!
I laughed out loud when I was able to read them at the show!
Ay yay yay!
Johnny and I rescued them at around 6 p.m., we all had dinner
and cleaned the house for a show I have here at my house today.
Working feels good!
I made $300 in 3 hours yesterday!
I forgot how lucrative direct sales can be!
The older two have referee classes again today, so it's just Johnny and me again.
Bill is sleeping off his crazy work weekend. He got home at 5 a.m. this morning.
What a good man.
I adore my guests attending today. They are such a Hoot!
More later!

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