Sunday, July 6, 2008

Manic Monday

I got all those colored sheers I was telling you about.
You know, the ones I am stringing around my entire backyard patio?
Bill put them up yesterday morning.
I thought it would look a little better than it does.
I should have stuck to three colors like I normally do, but noooo, I had to buy 5.
I need to get more of them, so I'll just order more in my three favorites and use the other ones elsewhere or on something else.
I'll take pictures another day.
I had the right idea, just not the right color combos. That's what I get from ordering from a catalog and not shopping it in person.
Will started summer school this morning. That poor kid.
He has school from 8-12 and practice from 3-7, and because I am so cheap, I'm leaving him there all day, so I don't have to drive back and forth to Redlands 4 times a day.
Besides, he'll have tons of homework he can do there, in an air conditioned library.
He called me after class. He said they already finished chapter 1 today, and took a test.
He laughed, he said this must be what college will be like.
I got an e mail from The cutest blog on the block today, telling me my white background will be around for a few more days. They are getting a larger server, then I can change my background at will again!
Thanks, Kim, for saying the plain background is so not me! That was sweet!
Since I had to get up at stupid o'clock this morning to get Will off to class, I did my shopping and looked at new cell phones. Decisions, decisions. My Razr V3 is awful. Everytime I charge it up, it gets super hot, and it's my second one, after replacing it with the first one that did the same thing! So now I am looking at Shines or Blackberry's. I really don't need a high zoot phone.
Just a phone, camera and a qwerty would be nice.
I appreciate all the feedback about my altercation with the "lady" and private schools.
Something else happened today while I was out and about, but my fingers are too pooped to push today.
Bill and I are also looking at getting a new car. We are keeping the Expedition, it's paid off and fits all the boys gear, and us all at once.
Bill and I decided it's time for a little indulgence and we are going to get us newer convertible.
I told him we should sell the Mustang Conv we have in our driveway, it's a V-8 and an 83.
He says no. Ever the saver, he likes that its a "classic". What. Ever.
It's mainly for me, so I can put put around without using the Expedition all the time.
I want a Jeep Rubicon or a Chrysler Sebring or a Mustang.
He just wants another Mustang. If we get one... it's going to look like a Ford dealership on our front yard. Bill's work truck is a Ford, we still own the Bronco, the Mustang, the Expe and now the new one, if we get it.
Too funny. My Father in Law drives the Bronco for us at his house. We didn't want it sitting around collecting dust, so he uses it, and we are teaching William to drive it in on my Father in Laws property in Hesperia. He has 5 acres, so William can't kill anyone. We hope.
He loves it. Before the gas hike, that was going to be Will's car, but he won't be able to afford the gas and buy the things he wants, so we will just get him a v-6 or 4 cylinder something, but still on the big side. I don't understand people driving around tuna cans. They can get really hurt!
It seems like yesterday I was cooing at my little William, and now I am talking about him driving!
Wow! It's been a great 14 years so far!
It hasn't gone by as quickly as some say, since I am around for everything that goes on with those kids. Every. waking. moment. 24/7/365. :)
Alex is playing tonight @ 5:30, so I couldn't go to the game because I have to pick William up from Football practice.
Pray they WIN!

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  1. I can't wait to see the finished product when it's all done. Will I feel for you I would hate to get up early during the summer but you will be grateful you did it when you are older. Good luck with your new car just get one with good gas


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