Saturday, July 5, 2008

Okay, how many of you can see the designs on this page. I'm worried now, Letti said my background didn't show up on her screen.
There should be 2 purple flowers, a black background, and some purple swirls and polka dots.
Okay, just read on the website I get my backgrounds from, they are having issues. So, I changed the font so you can read it.
Thanks for letting me know!


  1. Hi Saundra, We're vacationing in Flordia and I'm taking a break. I can only see your pictures. If I tilt my screen I can barely read this color font. I have to read the private school post, but my eyes won't let me!!!

  2. Hi Saundra - have missed reading your blog for a few days. The color is tough to read, but then I'm not as young as some of your friends. The writing could be a little lighter, but other than that everything else looks great.
    Also so loved the garage, and yes it has been a very lonnnnnnnnnng time since I have seen it empty enough to park in. Congratulations, sometimes it takes awhile to figure what to do with everything that we just have to keep. Love you all - Grma Max

  3. Thx Max,

    letti, can you see the background or just the color of the words I changed.

  4. I can see both. Angela said that she could not read it though.

  5. Hey Saundra! It's been a long time, but I've been catching up with you through blog world, and I only see a plain white background. It's so not you!



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