Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lots of words Wednesday. I'm out of pictures...

Last nights show was such fun!
The home was GORGEOUS!
I was coveting again...
Since I do the bulk of my shows from my own home now... I don't get the
opportunity to see other peoples houses anymore.
Boy have people been busy!
My entire house could have fit in her bedroom!
They were a lovely couple... very warm and inviting.
Great hosts.
Bill informed me he has to work this weekend. Bummer... BUT! that just means I have to
change plan a little and just kidnap him for an evening, and not tell him what we are doing
but just let him know I was thinking about him and want to treat him special.
I tryin' people ... I'm tryin.
I think I am being tested these days. I have always believed that God has an incredible sense of humor, and allows things to happen and people to come into our lifetime paths
for either a season or a lifetime to see what we are really made of. Do you agree?
I believe that everything that happens has a direct effect on our lives no matter
how insignificant it seems.
I also believe he gives us our families and friends as gifts and as punishment. hee hee.
(I meant that tongue in cheek)
And then there the people that are such pills to be around, such negative, bitter, resentful, hurtful people that you just wonder what the heck you ever did in life to deserve them.
The sad part is that you don't have to talk to them all the time or be around them all the time to feel the effect of their venom! It just happens like a telephone travels and trickles to
anyone that answers it.
Yeah, I'm being tested. I've had a couple of people personally email me, or talk about my blog
to others in a really negative way that I can only believe it is happening to see how I handle it.
There has to be something I am going to learn from it, for it to be so prevalent.
I don't care about the talking about me or my blog... fine... but to personally attack me and my
point of view and to read it to others without reading it word for word and only reading parts that one knows, if twisted correctly, can offend someone... when it's my blog, my personal space that I choose to share with anyone that cares to read it is insulting and hurtful!
If I wanted to air all my dirty laundry and all the people I knows, dirty laundry on this thing... I could... (NO WORRIES, I WOULD NEVER, EVER, EVER DO THAT!)
But I'm just saying... it's a free country... I can write whatever I want... as can every other blogger in the U.S..
I keep it light, I think. I publish this thing, and don't want my kids reading a brooding, hurtful, resentful blog their mother wrote. I am not like that outwardly or inwardly.
I appreciate the comments I get, from EVERYONE THAT COMMENTS, and they don't always agree with me... and I LOVE that! Friendly debate is FUN!
Have you read some blogs on the web? Yikes! Some are scary, nasty, deviant and raw!
I will never go there! I don't have it in me.
I have been "talking" to a specific few too much lately on this blog... those few who love to stir the pot and watch it boil. They either confront me in person (which I actually prefer), or e mail me personally, (which shows a modicum of class) or just spread rumors and hateful anecdotes to family members. (classless, totally classless) You know who you are... and I am related to one of them... how incredibly sad that is.
One thing I will not do is call themout by name on my blog. They know who they are.
I have always loved one of them like a sister... and she is cruel, mean and hateful, and I am so sorry
you have to be that way.
I wish you much peace and will pray for you and your family.
I really think I am done talking about this now.
PMS week and all, I think I am handling it pretty well.
Thanks God...;)
When I get to heaven (fingers crossed) I'll be the one in the
"Play a practical joke on God" section of the welcome class with Peter.
I don't want to see you there for another 50 years... but I'm coming, and we are gonna have a great time when I get there! You just wait and see!
Thanks for loving me enough to put into situations that test my fortitude and love for those hard to love.
Have a great day everyone!
I know I will...
I have a lot to be thankful for and to live for!
Go kiss someone you love and tell 'em you love 'em!
today I am going to get my nails done, get a pedicure and a facial...
Neener, Neener to the naysayers in my life...


  1. I am sorry to hear about all the negative stuff you have been dealing with Saundra. I love reading your blog and I hope that one bad apple or a few don't ruin it for the whole bunch.

  2. I love your blog too! As I said when you first started, I can hear your voice when I read it! It's so genuine. I'm sorry someone out there is so miserable they have to try to drag you down too. It's happened to me and it just plain sucks.

    Has everyone forgotten we live in a free country? It's not like you're writing about these people so they would have something to say to a specific comment. Oh well, love ya much!

  3. thanks for that...

    these "people" are just jealous I suppose. Jealous of lots of people. They aren't happy so everyone else has to be miserable too.

  4. I love your blog. Both of them. You are the only person I communicate with that I haven't personally met. Soooo, keep it up. I think good people attract good people and you have done just that!! Keep up the good attitude and have a wonderful day of pampering!! I will post pictures of my bread if it turns out. Thanks for the tip...going to get my hands floured right now!!

  5. Adrian... THANK YOU TOO!

    Post your bread no matter what.

    My first batch was a mess, because I thought I could remember the recipe without having the book yet...

    Nothing makes me happier in the kitchen than baking bread. It's my little patch of kitchen nirvana.

  6. Hey Saundra - Just read your blog - missed one day - WOW - Anyway I LOVE your blog - so keep it going - you are funny and smart and that's a good combo for a great MOM.

  7. Not only that I love the way you change colors all the time and add pics - I need alot of help just to do simple things and you are doing so much. Anyway keep it going. 2nd comment from me today. Maxine

  8. Thank you Max. It has been a week and a half.

  9. Saundra,
    You know what comes around goes around. Sooner or later those nasty narrow minded people will get it. Kaboom!


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