Tuesday, July 15, 2008

One for the books...

Holy Barracuda!
You are NOT going to believe what I did today!
I shouldn't even be admitting this!
The boys and I wanted to swim today... like every day... and they were busy smothering themselves with copious amounts of sunscreen while I checked my e mail really quick.
They called for me when they were done, and they were anxious to get in the water because it feels like hell outside.
I needed to take my Ipod blaster, a book, some magazines, my Iced Green Tea and both my cell phone and my house phone, in case George Clooney finally gets around to asking me to leave my hubby to marry him. (to which... I would, of course, refuse... but not before flirting first.)
Well, I didn't want to make multiple trips... you know how we ladies like to multi-task... so I tried to carry everything all at once.
Usually not a problem... right? Right.
Well, I stupidly put the house phone down my top of my Omar the TentMaker bathingsuit.
You know... between the cleavage.
Well... apparently there was a lot of room in there, because I forgot all about it there, and proceeded to go swimming. Yep... with the phone still in my bosom.
So now, Bill is at Costco, on his way home from work, buying us a new phone.
We have plenty of land line phones, but that was our only wireless phone.
I can't even begin to believe I did that.
And when I pushed the buttons ANYWAY, even though it was completely submerged, and thought that it MIGHT actually work again... I felt like a dimwit. DUH!
We are having a dinner guest this evening... I hope I don't walk into our sliding glass door,
or drink out of the wrong side of my glass!
No wine for me tonight!
Wish me luck!


  1. You made me laugh. Don't be ashamed we all have stories like that...lol I know I have many.

  2. Too funny! Thanks for sharing one of your embarassing moments! We all have them.

  3. Hilarious. I would of done something like that too. I haven't made my bread yet. These last two weeks have been so crazy plus I've been battling strep. Bluck. Who gets strep in July? Anyway, we are headed to my favorite lake this weekend...so no bread baking this weekend either. I am planning on making it next week...hopefully a few times from what I understand. Cant wait. I'll post some pictures if it turns out!!! Thanks for oogling over my boys. I cant help but think they are adorable. I love reading your blog...it gives me a taste of what life might be like around here in a few years! Take care and hold onto those new phones...(and I dont mean between the bosoms!) :)


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