Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tuesday Thoughts

Holy Cow getting up at 5:30 in the summer is tough!
What idiot thought up summer school?
I am such a night owl. If you were to call me at 1 a.m. on any given night, I would be awake!
But do not catch me before my coffee in the morning. You may not like what you hear.
I don't even sleep in late! I feel like my whole day is gone if I get up past 7:30 or so.
Now that I am getting older, it seems I am requiring more sleep, and I so want to pretend I am still young, beautiful, and can function all day on just a few hours of sleep.
But alas... this is not so.
I think daytime naps may be in future.
Never been a fan of them, but now they are looking pretty nice.
We'll see.
Maybe a nap on Sunday afternoons.
We play again tonight.
I am going to pretend I am the good luck charm and psych my kid out and make him think they are invincible since I am going to be there. Don't worry, I won't spring it on him until just before the game, so I am sure to be there.
I tease him incessantly about watching the ball go by.
It makes him want to prove me wrong.
He takes playful teasing well.
One of the coaches named him Princess, and he loves it.
Like I said before... weirdo.
Bill is better today. He stopped kicking his own butt finally.
He just wants those kids to play well and win for themselves so badly.
It's good to have a coach that cares like that.
He father's like that too.
He is much nicer than I am. :)
Me? I'm drill sargeant Mama.
More later!

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