Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My new puter!

This is my new computer! See the green thing? Mine is purple!
The tower is only as big as a paperback novel.
I decided against a laptop because I already have one... and I wanted a small profile desktop.
The new screen is 20 inches!
It has 4 Gig harddrive (whatever that means!) and a Dual Core Intel 2 processor (whatever that means!) Fully integrated this or that, bells here, whistles there, LCD screen... and on and on and on.
I am sooo excited! It delivers from Dell and the end of August sometime.
This particular model was launched worldwide yesterday at noon, and they had PURPLE and I was SOLD! Bill was so happy to buy it for me.
Yes... I thanked him properly...
William will be getting this laptop, and the other two boys will inherit the other desktop Will got for Christmas last year.
So finally, after 4 years... Mama has a new computer.
I just couldn't get myself one until my kids had what they needed for school.
Paper is fast becoming obsolete in school.
Last year, many of the kids teachers took disks as paper turn ins.
No, the kids DO NOT have internet access. That is reserved for me, and I have a little device they can plug in their computer when they need internet... otherwise... it is under lock and key with Mama.
Can't be too careful these days.
Monday night, I had a lovely visit from a friend who has 4 small children. All under 6.
The Mama used to do and will be doing again, Pampered Chef as one of my consultants. So she came over to get some paperwork and we had a quick knosh of Antipasti.
Her littlest, 1 yr old, needed a diaper change, and Mama ran out of diapers. I called Letti to ask if we could have a diaper, any size, any type, she has the youngest baby on the street, and unfortunately she wasn't home... so my friend had to improvise. LOL!
She used paper towels, scotch tape and a plastic grocery bag as a "diaper". IT. WAS. HILARIOUS!
That kid sounded crunchy every time he walked. He didn't mind at all!
Let's hear it for Mama ingenuity!
She said she knew better than to live out of the diaper bag all day long, but she is a busy Mama, and her kids are always on auditions for commercials and TV shows, so she is on the go, go, go!
Too funny.
I remember those days, when not having a diaper handy meant the end of the world.
Not to my friend... she just made do, and calmly went home.
She was born to be a Mama.
It was great chatting and knoshing with you Terri!
I love your babies!

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