Friday, July 11, 2008

Long day

I was gone all day and night yesterday.
Didn't forget the boys' doctor appt this time.
New Doc. Our regular Pediatrician recently retired,
so until the full time replacement starts in August, we had a new, young, Italian Doc.
Very nice... very thorough... very talkative... I liked it.
What I didn't like, was that I could have been his Mama!!!
Que sera sera...I suppose that's going to be happening a whole lot more in the future.
All three men are strong, healthy, and above average in the growth scale. Shocker.
Will had to have a little different physical because it was a sports one for Football.
He's 5'9" and get this... 191 lbs.
The Doc said that if he didn't see Will and only saw the chart on him, he would have thought he was an overweight child... but looking at him, and his shoe size Adult 12 1/2, he is obviously full of muscle and not overweight at all. I was shocked at the number myself. He's only a tiny bit soft in the middle and that is going away every week thanks to 4 hours a day of hard training. Muscle really does weigh more than fat. It was funny, when the Doc had him do all the strength tests, Will could pick the Doc up no problem. He almost knocked him down a couple of times, Will didn't quite know his own strength. Even Will was surprised and did a lot of apologizing. The Doc was obviously used to it, and was gracious. It seemed like he wanted Will to know how strong Will was.
My own personal Hercules. Yahoo!
I knew God gave me men for a reason.
Furniture moving.
All that heavy lifting I am constantly needing.
Alex is 100 lbs even and 5'1"
and Johnny is 60 lbs and 4'3".
The Doc said Johnny has the potential to be the tallest one. Go figure... the runt of the litter might just out size his older brothers eventually. That would be such great karma.
Alex seems to have x-ray vision 20/15, and Johnny definitely needs glasses.
No surprise. Bill, Will and I all wear lenses.
I had to return my handsfree soap dispenser. It leaked soap badly. Something so wonderful couldn't be good. I just knew it. ;)
After all the running around, we met my Mama at Chili's and had dinner with her so she could tell us all about her trip to New Mexico. It was so nice seeing her.
Keep her in your prayers. She is worried about a biopsy and x ray she had on her legs.
We took her to dinner to keep her mind off it.
Well, Alex is going out to lunch with a friend today at Dave and Buster's and I need to scrounge around this place for some cash. A thief would be so mad at us if they ever tried robbing my house or stealing my purse. Never anything of value on hand.
I don't even keep jewelry on the premises, so when we have something nice to go to, I have to make a trip to a safe deposit box.
Paranoid? Me? Yep.
Remember what I live behind?
Perpetually drunk people do stupid things every day.
You know?


  1. Wow what tall strong men you have. I bet they eat you out of house and home too. I hope Alex has fun today.

  2. We go through 6 gallons of milk a week, and about 7 boxes of cereal and they haven't even hit their growth spurts yet, according to the Doc. I am afraid... very afraid.


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