Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wordfull Wednesday

Boy am I glad I ruined our old phone!
I had NO idea how the great the technology was out there! It's been a while.
My new phone, actually my 3 new phones, they came as a package set, are wonderful!
When someone calls... it actually speaks and SAYS who is calling!
Today, when Bill called me, it said... Bill Shaver Calling in a voice!
I sure didn't!
William is working very diligently in summer school. He is gone 13 hours a day.
I actually miss the kid.
He is growing up so darn fast. He has the whole extortion thing down to a science.
He would like a "Shine" cell phone if he gets an "A" in his summer school class.
I told him he will be able to continue to live here in our house rent free until after college and get room and board, but no... he would like a "shine".
He'll get the Shine for an "A". He is working sooooo hard. A 4 month class in 3 weeks is TOUGH!
The amount of papers and homework is monumental!
He will deserve a new cell phone after this class and everything else he is doing.
His cell phone is on the blink anyway.
He is handling this "being on his own" very well.
I have a couple of spies planted at the school, and they tell me what's happening.
Good news... I didn't do anything remotely stupid last night during dinner.
Dinner was yummy, the company was sweet and nice, it was one of Bill's employees,
and it was a nice visit.
So, tonight Bill is heading over to a meeting for Soccer. Our friend Cheri recruited him to be a coach for Johnny's team. I am really happy about it. Bill is an awesome soccer coach.
He coached our older two for years and years, so now it's Johnny's turn.
I adore Soccer season.
I love the set schedule. 2 practices and a game... like clockwork.
I sure hope they don't change it up and need to have games during the week.
I have to work sometime!


  1. Wordfull Wednesday, I like that! Everyday's a wordfull!!

  2. Yes, much to my hubby's chagrin!


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