Friday, July 18, 2008

EZ Friday

Very exciting day today...
Made some eye exam appointments...
Made some Dentist Appts...
Helicopters woke us all up because a man was hit by a train a block away...
I started gathering my items to color my "quickly becoming WHITE ALL OVER hair", only to find that I didn't have anymore of my color. Gotta call Mama to order some from her beauty
shop, before people start mistaking me for a giant skunk!
I have a show tomorrow, and I have this big WHITE LINE on my forehead!
And OF COURSE my kids are telling while we are all swimming tonight how many grey hairs they see glowing in the dark.
Ahh kids... Thank God they're cute...
Alex and William are taking a referee class tomorrow, Bill has to work tomorrow, and I have a show... so poor Johnny has to come with me to my show. He is thrilled, and strangely... so is my host! I always ask and give them plenty of wiggle room to say absolutely no.
So ALL of us are working tomorrow.
Then Bill says... "Get used to it honey... this is what the future has in store for us with these kids growing up." I got instantly sad, and then said "Oh my God! Bill. We have to like, gulp, like each other when these kids are adults and aren't home anymore!" To which he replied...
"Oh Heck no! We don't have to do anything we don't want to do!"
I love a man with a sense of humor!
I only tease the people I love.
Some people get all touchy about joking about hubby's like that. Not me.
Laughter is healthy in a marriage... even if its at the spouses expense!
I joke... I joke... calm down.
The mushy wife I am not. Give me a quick hug, a good kiss and tell me a joke anyday...
Spare me the flowers and I love you's.
But I digress.
Got around to watching the Baby Borrowers tonight.
Very interesting. Funny? Sometimes.
Sad? Yes.
Mostly sad because of the unfortunate girl that was quite lovely to look at, but her Mama seemed to dwell on that too much while she was growing up. She didn't seem to be taught how to care about other peoples feelings, or the fact that she wasn't the only person on the planet. She's the one that dragged the kid by the arm.
I like the premise of the show, and saw the humor, but because I am so touchy about teenaged pregnancy and the lack of scrupples and morals being taught these days... my heart ached for these kids that felt the need to want to be parents so young. To me... it screamed of lack of self esteem and the need to be loved on a level they just aren't ready for.
I think the kids were acting WAY too much like adult couples at such an early age.
I certainly do hope it scares the bejeezers out of teens across the country to keep their
values and virginity intact, regardless of or if a "guy likes me, I have to do this to keep him"
Who teaches them that anyway?
How about that one girl that yelled at that poor Mama. What a wacko!
If I ever spoke to any adult that way when I was a teen, my parents would have knocked my pearly whites out!
Don't hate... I liked the show.
I just always have to put my 2 cents in.
Don't even get me started about daycare centers in High schools!
One show I taped and loved tonight is "Rock the Reception" on I think it's TLC.
Too cute. I cried.
Ohhh. I must be PMSing.
Yep, I'm sure of it.
Better go now... before I set myself off!
I am NOT responsible to what comes out of my mouth during the next week...
Just so ya know!


  1. I like that show. I only watched it once, when the girl dragged the boy by the arm, and really liked the whole idea.

    Maybe, just maybe, it will save a few teens from entering parenthood either too early, or at all!

  2. I wholeheartedly agree, I just tend to over analyze things...

    I look at those lovely houses, and and hope kids don't think that they will have all of that as a teen parent.

    I would have loved the show if they put them into reality type situations. Living in a cramped 1 room apt, or with their parents, trying to go to school and raise a baby, finding childcare and a job and trying to get a diploma.

    THAT would be pregnancy deterring.

    I just think the network made it look a little too cushy.

    I don't know any teen parents living in a 2500 sp ft house on a cul de sac with only one income.

    BUT, I totally get what you mean...
    I'm just an opinionated pmsing Mama.

  3. Excellent point! I wassucked into the entertainment value of the lovely homes!


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