Sunday, February 28, 2010

Things I learned this week... that I wish I hadn't...

Things I learned this week...
1. I learned that if I REEEEAAAALLLY procrastinate... William won't drive until he's at least 30!!!
2. Johnny wants to play baseball again. It took him 3 years to get over his idiot coach's from when he was 8 years old constantly telling him "baseball just isn't your game Johnny... don't play it anymore..." HE WAS 8 YEARS OLD! JUST NOW... he and his brothers told me what that "coach" said to him... nice huh?
We pick the BEST coaches... I'm so proud! :(
*** Ahem...
#3. Hail hurts
4. I just got a new Ipod... and it does so much... I may never listen to music on it!!!
5. Did I mention Hail hurts?
6. I HATE WHEN MY HUSBAND PLAYS "CALL OF DUTY" ON THE XBOX... I don't know why... I think it is SUCH a waste of time... it really sends me over the edge... I won't let him play it if any of the kids are awake... I basically hate all video games... but that one especially!
7. I have a deep seething need to plunge the Xbox into the pool... then take it out, and run it over with my car... the watch it melt...
8. That there may be a precident for "Divorce due to Xbox use" that I am going to look up...
Knowledge is power.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

20 things that nurture me... well... okay... 18 things..

20 Things that nurture me
  • The beach... there is no more peaceful, awe inspiring place in the world.
  • The squeeze of my husband's hand on mine when he knows I need just a little nudge.
  • A hug from any of my boys
  • Hearing my Mama say... "Everything is going to be just fine"
  • Cooking a beautiful meal for the people I love (and not having to clean up after it)
  • Baking bread... there is nothing like it. It heals my soul. In heaven, I am going to be the resident bread baker on my golden street.
  • is the best way to purge and renew
  • girl time with my friends... priceless
  • I love being the only woman in my home... there is something really cool about not being understood by everyone else in the house... and there is nothing they can do about it... LOL
  • Reading a great book... completely losing myself in the story helps me feel refreshed.
  • Driving... I love it, it's very freeing... even in long as there is good music on... it's all good.
  • Music... everywhere, all the time... all kinds... from opera to acid metal... there is something beautiful to be found in all of it.
  • Photography... it is such a great thing to capture life and keep it still forever.
  • Prayer... to feel close to Him... to know He is listening... to know He will never forsake me... is thrilling and peaceful.
  • Getting older and wiser... it is such a rush to be this age, and to have the knowledge and security I feel in who I am, and who I am yet to become...
  • Making my home... I love to tweak and create new ways of living in my small and humble abode.
  • Dancing...I used to do it for fun and exercise and for competition... now I do it to feel young and vibrant and like the women on Mamma Mia when the song Dancing Queen is on... that's my fave part of the movie.
  • Being my son's Mama. There is nothing better than raising these men.
  • Having my breathe taken away from me... on a daily basis... something my boys do, a song, a look from my husband... anything and everything that give me a little uptake in breath is worth it.
  • Okay so that's only 18...

Sue me... :)

Go see Braja for more on this subject!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm being featured again tomorrow!!!

Woooooooooo Hooooooooooo!

I'm being featured again today at
Thursday, February 25!!!
Do me a favor and click over there to read up!!!
I just think she is awesome!!!
Thanks again Lori!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Drivers License...really? that soon?

This beautful... six foot tall... manchild... is getting his DRIVER'S LICENSE soon.
He is still my little boy... asking me to marry him every single day.
He still needs me.
He still wants to go places with me.
Autonomy isn't NECESSARY... is it?
I am having a VERY, VERY hard time with this.
I can't send him out in that junk!
I just can't!
There isn't a day that goes by... that someone in their 40's on FB isn't bragging about 'having some drinks'! I read that and think... "are you gonna get behind the wheel of a car now? or tonight?"
Then my mind flashes to when William will be driving on his own in a few months... and I think...
"will my SON be on the road when YOU have a 'few drinks' and drive... because you are so cool?"
I actually read one of them that said... "anyone know where the drunk driving check points are... so I can avoid them?? for New Year's Eve... can you spell STUPID?
I hated people that text, talk or drink and drive BEFORE my kid started driving...
NOW... I'm on a mission to banish ALL OF THEM! ***
I know he needs to drive.
I know I got my license THE DAY I turned 16... first appt in the morning waiting for the DMV to open...jumping up and excited to get a piece of paper saying I was FREE!
I know how exciting it is... BUT THIS IS MY BABY!
How did my parents do it?
How did they just let me drive around?
They are so much stronger than me.
Mama tells me she STILL worries about me.
I can't take much more worry in my life.
We have decided to NOT give him our 65 Galaxy... because I was mad that we couldn't put airbags in it for under $8,000... unreal!
So we are getting him a truck instead...
(Every boy needs a truck... ya know?)
Plus... no back seat...AND NO SHELL EITHER!
I wanna be a Grandma... but not for another 15 years AT LEAST!!!
Oy vay. I can just see his mind... thinking what I was thinking when my Mama told me how much she was gonna worry about me driving too...
"Oh Mom... I'm gonna be fine! Nothing is gonna happen to me!"
Remember feeling that invincible?
Remember feeling like NOTHING could ever go wrong?
I find myself... while I am driving him... now... explaining every little situation on the road, and asking him what he would do. Constant quizzing.
He is taking it well...not rolling his eyes or getting upset...
I think he realizes he is getting lessons.
I won't allow him to drive the car with his brothers in the car with us... so he has to wait until its just either me or his Dad in the car.
Thank God my Expedition is 7 years old.
Just a second ago got the call from the Driving School that he is ready to take his online course...
Holy crap...
My life is over...
On we go...
My name is Sandra.. and I have a teen driver...

Monday, February 22, 2010

Trainwreck TV... The Bachelor ladies tell all!

Ugh... I have SUCH a headache from The Bachelor show...
I came in here to write this while Chris and Rozlyn were going toe to toe... soooo sad...
Really...what did it really matter if Roz was schmoozing it up with some dude on the show...
She at least met someone she is still spending time with a few minutes after the show ends...
Which is more than I can say about these bachelors and "ladies".... ( I use that term loosely)
Michelle... still a bunny boiler... in my book.
Truly delusional.
I will forgive Ali's pouty lower lip 2 shows ago, for the class act she turned out to be tonight...
She is working really hard to land the next Bachelorette gig... I think she has it in the bag...
She apologized to Vienna... she HAD to be vying for a job to say that...
I am so glad I'm not the only one that thinks Tenley lives in perpetual Disneyland zone.
Okay... I have a question for Valishia...
Your job title says... "Homemaker" and you are single... are you independently wealthy? was your ex husband? How do you pay our bills?
I wanna know... so I can get that gig too!
(not the ex husband part... but you know...)
Holy cow!! When is Trainwreck TV over????

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Things I've learned III

Things I learned this week...
1. That overly competitive parents who live vicariously through their children are losers!!!
2. That it is entirely possible to make TOO sourdough...
3. That it's okay to not live in a 5,000 square foot house... and that my little 1700 sq feet is juussst fine... it's ours... and its easy to clean.
4. That my kids watch waaaay less TV than any of their friends... and I'm proud of that!
5. That every single year I complain about Science Fair Projects...and every year, I learn something new and had fun anyway!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Writer's Workshop 2-17-10

Writer's Workshop Feb. 18, 2010
Go see MamaKat for more...
Today's prompt was... Talk about something I used to do as a child.
Was it REALLY 30+ years ago?
Am I really 41 now?
It still feels just like yesterday... when I would run around barefoot, in the field next door to my house, and catch ladybugs and put them into a jar.
It feels like yesterday... when I would sit on my Grandpa's lap in the front yard, under the huge umbrella tree, and let him brush my long brown hair with is unparalyzed right hand... he loved it.... and in Italian, he would tell me how beautiful I was...
It feels like yesterday...when I was 10, and we moved to a new house, I discovered I lived across the street from a very cute boy name Warren ... I went to private school, and he didn't, and I would wait and watch from my parents bedroom window to catch him walking home from his school I soooo badly wanted to go to... so I could swoon.
He was my very first crush... it was awful and completely unrequited. I never had the nerve to tell him... even now.. and we are Facebook friends. LOL
If you are reading this Warren... surprise!!!
Please... I was 10!
It feels like yesterday when my little brother and I would make a huge pot of mud Goulash, complete with weeds, dog doo doo, bugs, water, and occasionally, my Dad's homemade wine from his huge oak barrels in our garage... and dare each other to taste it...
We never did..
Thank God for small favors...
Notice one thing missing from all those memories?
No video games... no TV... no cell phones... no sedentary lifestyle...
All fun kid stuff (except the crush).
That's why we go to the beach so much... to get away from all the technology, and TV, and "stuff", and just "be".
Oh how I would LOVE for my kids to have experienced a portion of my childhood...
Time to start...

Remember... Thursday Feb 18, 2010

Come by and say hi!!!

I was asked to be a Guest Blogger!!!!
I have the honor and privilege of being asked to be a GUEST BLOGGER tomorrow on my
friend Lori's blog...
Lions and Tigers and boys...Oh my!
She is a wonderful, caring, hands-on, beautiful Mama of three of the most handsome boys around!
What she saw in me to be a guest blogger is anyone's guess... but I am
completely flattered nonetheless...
So... tomorrow... click on her name up there, with the underline under it, and read what she interviewed me about~!
I am so excited... I want to go to sleep right now so tomorrow will come faster!!!... but it's only noon!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Bachelor... there is no "I" in Tenley

First things first...
The word "amazing" should be officially taken out of the dictionary and never spoken again.
Holy Schmoly!!!
That's ALL Jake said last night!
All three women are "absolutely amazing", the island is 'amazing', Ali's "amazing"...
Now back to our regularly scheduled jibe fest...
First date with Gia...
She is lovely... dressed super cute... out on the "town' in Lucia... street dancing... necklace buying...
dinner, back to the "Fantasy Suite", obligatory hot tub scene, rose petals, and again...
"everything was AMAZING".
She's cute, has a hot bod, poses practically nude for Maxim in swimsuits...
I don't see him bringing her back to meet the folks...
He doesn't... bye, bye Gia.
Oh Tenley, Tenley, Tenley...
Sooo lovely... probably as perfect for Jake as Ali was...
Sometimes... it's normal... but most of the time!!!
Oy vay!!!
It's perpetual baby talk!
He's gotta be thinking...
"This voice for the rest of my life" (or in Bachelor years, for a month or so)
She is adorable though.
I believe she has the perfect temperament, poise, non posing nude past, that Jake requires...
BUT... I don't think he'll choose wisely...
I believe he is gonna let "little Jake" do his bidding...
What I like about Tenley... there is not "I" in Tenley...
I'll explain further...
Really and truly, I don't see what he sees in her... but he doesn't know what we know.. does he?
Call me old fashioned... call me what you will...
"I" want this for "my" life... "I" want "my" husband" to treat "me" like this...
I, I, I, I, I...there is not an "I" in Tenley... she kept saying "we", 'us', "our" throughout the program...
I was also sick of being forced to look as her Dark Roots all night during their dinner...
Don't they have hair stylists on staff?
Obviously, I'm not a Vienna fan.
She's condescending, unattractive, ditzy, spoiled, airheaded (see ditzy) and "just wants to smile, and travel, and laugh, and travel, and smile, and this is the life "I" want..."
Oh... and how sweet was it that she "happened" to have packed in her little arsenal... and silky white teddy for the date? She really comes prepared!
With Tenley... Jake is assured that he can go to parties, social gatherings at work, family affairs, and his wife will be sweet, loving, nurturing and won't sleep with someone "hotter" and more "smiley".
Even though her voice is uber annoying, there are times when it's normal...and maybe that would come out more after the show...
With Vienna... he is assured of his "wife" not being able to get along with the women in his life...
giggly, eyerolling conversation at social gatherings, and constant talk about "me", "I" and "mine'.
She just doesn't have social graces required to be the sort of wife Jake needs...
But... as true to form... even though likes to think of himself as "too perfect" Little Jake is making all the decisions... just like all the rest...
Ali called and did the pouting, lower lip thing again...
I threw up just a little in my mouth...
Just because it worked once... doesn't mean it'll work again...
Because she left... Vienna stayed... I believe...
THAT has made all the difference...
Ali... you ruined it!!! (sticking my tongue out)
I know who he picks...
I wonder if it lasts?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Fireplace part 2

Fireplace building update!!!
Our old firepit... great while we had it... but it's time for an upgrade...
My boys poured the entire concrete base all by themselves...
Time to stack some brick!!! Alex is stand on our old fire pit...
I wanted the seat all around the fireplace to have my personal style... so I bought a huge concrete stamp, and grapes are my thing... so that's what we stamped! We will be stamping the floor of the area with this stamp also... Then... when it's dry, I'll go back with some concrete stain, and water color in the leaves and grapes a bit... then seal it...
First layer done! See the stamp? The fireplace is going to be "see through" to the other side... so adults can sit and chat on one side, and the teens can sit and chat on the other... while sharing the same space!!!
The two side flanks will house a refrigerator on one side, and a wood hole on the other...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Things I learned this week... 2-12-10

What I learned this week...
I learned that homemade breadsticks DON'T LAST when you have 4 men in your family...
  1. I learned that if you wake your kids up 10 minutes before you have to leave to drive to school... they get ready REALLY FAST... *** I learned that's super saver FREE shipping means that your stuff will take 12 DAYS TO DELIVER!!! *** I learned that people are REALLY, REALLY,REALLY touchy about their Facebook games they play online, and they REALLY don't like it when you complain about the games. I learned they may even... {{quiver, sniffle, quiver}} UN FRIEND YOU!!!! {SNIFF} *** I also learned I just don't care whether someone is mad that I don't enjoy the FB games that post nonstop in my status reports... *** I learned that one of my favorite cousins, Elena, reads my blog!!!! *** I learned that I have 2 SCIENCE FAIR PROJECTS to help this THIS WEEKEND! I HAAAAATE SCIENCE FAIR PROJECTS!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Writer's Workshop 2-11-10

The prompt I chose is...
Describe my worst winter weather story...
Let's face it... when you live in Southern California, there aren't many "winter weather" stories to tell. Every winter weather story I could remember took place either in another state... or another country.
Sooo... I chose the one when I was 17, and in Canada visiting family for Christmas.
The cousin I was staying with had to go to work, and she warned me not to go outside into the snow alone. (There were no cell phones back then). Her son, my age, was at work also, so I had the place to myself. Well, it started to snow... actually coming down from the sky... and I got SOOOO EXCITED!
When we arrived in Toronto, there was a thick blanket of snow... but the sky was blue, and it was FREEZING!
I was sooo bummed that it might stay clear, and I'd never be able to see snow falling during my stay.
Well, Mother Nature obliged me.
I spent forever getting all bundled up, (it was a nightmare, in CA you throw on a jacket and you are good to go), and against my cousins advice, I went out to play in the snow.
I slipped, I slid, I was happy, and giddy, and looked like a total dork jumping around like a 5 year old in the falling snow. One couple stopped their car and said "You aren't from around here... are you?"
I told them SoCal and they got it.. and drove off laughing...hopefully with me, and not at me... but I'll never know.
I decided to take a short walk.
There was a little park nearby. In the summer, when I've visited, the park was gorgeous and green and had lots of little hills and beautiful trees, and I really wanted to see untouched snow on trees and experience my own little "winter wonderland"... just like the Courier and Ives pictures I've seen.
So I headed to the park.
Remember... I don't do snow. It never snows where I live... heck... it hardly rains... ever...
so I am completely clueless as to the ins and outs of snow safety.
So... I walk to the park... and see the edge of what I think I can remember as a little cliff, maybe 5 feet high. I am such a dufus... I just take my first step to go down the hill, and I fall, straight down the side of the hill.
Guess what color coat and hat I'm wearing... yeah... go ahead...
When shopping for "winter wear" before our trip, coats and hats and scarves and gloves were foreign to us, and my Mama and I thought it was be fabulous to buy chic white coats and matching hats.
So yeah... I'm wearing WHITE! Duh!!!! It matches the snow!
THANK GOD I am 5'7" and my hair is brunette.
I wasn't worried until I could. not. get. out. of. the. snow. I had no idea how to manuever in new snow.
I start screaming at the top of my lungs.
Then I remembered... my Mama had enrolled me in self defense classes when I was 11-13 and they told me to never just scream for screaming sake... most people won't care or bother...
but if you yell FIRE!!!! FIRE!!!! people take notice.
Sooo..I yelled FIRE!!! FIRE!!! HELP!!! FIRE!!!!
A park worker happened to be emptying trash cans that day, and heard me, ran over, helped me get my balance and made the observation that I 'wasn't from around here'.
I hugged him, crying, and told him I thought I was gonna die there(being a dramatic 17 yr old).. and no... I wasn't from anywhere remotely around there.
I was a dumb California girl, who prefered to be chic instead of sensible, and didn't heed good advice not to leave the house alone.
He walked me the one block to my cousins house, where he shook my hand, and went about his work at the park.. people in Canada are so nice!
I hurried up and changed my clothes, washed and dried them, grabbed the remote control and vegged out in front of the TV until my cousins came home, a few hours later.
When they asked me what I did that day, I told them I caught up on my homework from school, called my friends in Cali, and just vegged out.
They felt bad for me, they had to work only one more day then they were off the next two weeks, and they picked my parent's and brother up and we all went out to dinner, passing the park where I slipped... a small smile crept on my face... only I knew what an idiot I was that... until now...
Wanna read more Writer's Workshop writers?
Go here...

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Bachelor...Trainwreck TV at it's finest!

Oh Drama!
How do you spell it?
J-a-k-e / A-l-i!
25 minutes of waiting, a lower lip pouting, and bad ponytails, and eye rubbing, and Jakie Poo
practically telling her to "STAY... OR I'LL HAVE TO PICK HORSE FACED VIENNA to stay"
all to end up with...
"I have to go".
Her job called and gave her the ole' ultimatum.
I swear, I think it's a ploy.
The stupid job people KNOW ahead of time, their employee is going on this God forsaken show...
Why ask her to leave it?
So dumb!
Maybe they assumed she wouldn't get this far, and had to rethink their permission slip.
Maybe they saw how well that worked out for Ed last season, and they thought they'd try it again!
Oy vay... did you hear the voice over's as the ladies were ushered into the rose ceremony?
There was some creative dubbing going on there... especially when Vienna came into view...
Whew... ABC dodged that proverbial bullet... huh?
I have a suspicion that Vienna was on her way out before Ali dropped the bomb...
Or Gia...
Ali was definitely a major contender, even with all the dub work for Vienna, I think it really bugged Jake that Vienna can't/won't get along with other women.
Helloooo... Jake's Mama is a woman!
Ya gotta kinda learn to get along!
I loved Ali for snore bore Jake.
She was right up his alley (haha or Ali! I made a joke!)
So next week they are off to St. Lucia, and it's more bikini's, shaved pecks and boobs.
Oh joy.
Ali makes a suspicious call while Jake is in his room... but it's just a teaser... she probably calls to dis on Vienna again...
I would LOVE it if that happened...
I'm in a mood.
I didn't even watch Tenley's hometown visit, and couldn't handle much of Gia's.
I love my fast forward button.
I'll never get those last two hours back...
Good thing I was folding laundry and making coffee and helping William with his homework while it was on... or it would have been a complete waste of time!!!


Ya think I made enough pizza for the big game?

Friday, February 5, 2010

What I learned this week II

Thing I learned this week...
1. It's really not a good idea to sit on the same side of a basketball court as the opposing team, even if a long time friend is there. It's really, really, really hard not to punch the other parents in the face for talking smack about your son's team.
2. If you take off after waiting for your 13 year old to decide to come to car pool after 20 minutes, and leave him at school for a few hours while you shop... he won't make you wait again.
3. I'm not as "cool" as I think I am. When I talk to my son's friends at school... and we laugh and banter... my middle son tell's me they are only being polite to me.
Nice huh? He, unlike the other two... will be moving out of my home the day he turns 18... (j/k) (maybe)
4. Cutting "bangs" on my hair DOES NOT hide the gray streak hiding underneath it. What was I thinking?
5. Making sourdough starter is a long, babysitting process... but soooo worth it!
So that's what I learned this week.
Okay.. so it's not earth moving stuff...but I learned them anyway...
Maybe next week I'll have learned how to cure a disease or something...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Writer's Workshop 2-3-10

Writer's Workshop Prompt for today, that I chose, IS...
10 things I never knew until I became a Mom...
10 THINGS ...
1. I never knew how completely overwhelming the love I feel for those kids would be...
Never in my life, have I loved someone so much I would die for him... even my hubby... until I gave birth... and instantly... if it was a choice of death between me and the kids... I would choose my own death... (I think all Mom's feel this way) People always told me they felt this way... I just never knew it was REAL until William was born.
2. Then they become teens... and all that drivel I said in number 1...'s all out the window now... LOL.. no... just kidding... sorta.
I didn't know, actually, how much I would LIKE my sons when they became teens... they are funny, witty, smart, a little too sassy at at times, and really developing into people I would want as friends... if they weren't my sons.
3. How much laundry there would be. Seriously... I would totally rethink the "play every sport imaginable" if I had it to do all over again... and have them play instruments instead... less dirty clothes...
4. I didn't know that not getting sleep at night DOESN'T END after the baby starts sleeping through the night. When they get older, the sleeplessness comes back... only the child isn't in the house with you... he's at a dance, and you worry, and can't go to bed until he's safe at home.. doors locked...Ugh!
5. I didn't know how much I would start to sound like my Mother.
6. I didn't know how much I would want to put my kids into a bubble, and never have anything harm them... ever.
7. I didn't know how much it would hurt me, when someone else is hurtful to them.
8. I didn't know how much I would want to HURT the person that hurt my kids...
9. I didn't know how my Mom felt. Now I do.
10. I didn't know I could be so proud, scared, elated, horrified, frantic, joyous,
disgusted, freaked out, loved, happy, giggly and worried..

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Bachelor...Ali didn't wear yellow!!!

Edited to Add:
Jake cried.
Ali wore purple, instead of yellow.
Vienna did something REALLY unfortunate with her fake hair on Rose night...
Gia was adorable.
Tenley's voice wasn't AS annoying as it has been.
Cori admitted she's a virgin...
Jake was still like... "Oh gosh, gee willickers... yuck, yuck, yuck..."
I wish now.. that I didn't know who Jake picks...
Because what he's doing still doesn't make any sense... and I know who he ends up with...
I wish Ali would stay...
but I believe her hatred for Vienna proved to be too much for her... and I just don't blame her.
I am so glad he kicked Vienna out of his room... it was kinda slutty of her... especially with Gia
on the same date... sheesh!
Her Mama didn't teach her an finesse or class...
She can't use youth as an excuse... I know a lot of really classy, respectful 23 yr olds...
ETA!!! Just saw on Reality Steve's blog, a picture of Vienna...WEARING NOTHING BUT A BURBERRY SCARF OVER HER TATA'S! Hellooooo... Ward and June aren't gonna like that in a prospective future daughter in law... !!!
Tacky... sooooo tacky!
Jake is really, really "Leave it to Beaver".
It was a yawn fest tonight...
I'm gonna go read "Redeeming Love" in bed now...

You want him to shave WHAT?

Is it just me?
Am I the only one that is bothered by it?
Is it really necessary?
Wanna know what the heck I'm talking about?
For the past year and a half, my almost 16 year old has been coming home and telling me the guys in the locker room keep telling him he needs to
Are we ALL gonna be women now?
There is no water polo at his school... so that's not an excuse...
William has no intention of shaving... he doesn't care what they say... he just tells me because he hears it every day... and he thinks it's funny.
I guess I'm old school... but if a man has chest hair... well then... he has chest hair!
I would be very weirded out if my husband shaved his entire body...
I know some women really like that sort of thing... but... I like my men to look, feel and act like men. I even love my Hubby's "work" smell...
I call it "Money"... he doesn't laugh... I DO!!!
Since when did even our young men become Metrosexuals?
Do the young ladies of the world REALLY want their men to spend as much time in front of a mirror as they do? Do the women want to WAIT ON THE MAN to get ready for a date?
Another question...
that's all I'm saying!
I can see if the man has an extremely hairy back or something.. then yeah... take care of it...
but hair on the chest being shaved, or waxed... or whatever?
I. do. not. get. it.
AND LEGS! Who wants to see silky smooth man legs?
I happen to love the masculine"ness" of hair on a man.
I also don't want my men getting clear nail polish on their hands, or facials...
I'm sorry... it's just wrong...
Take care of it at home... fine... but to see a professional about it on a weekly basis would make me feel like I am married to another woman.. and if I wanted to play for that team... I would!!!
It's so WEIRD that the peer pressure my son is good fun... I've heard them rib him about about hair removal...
I suppose it could be drugs or alcohol... and I am SOOO thankful it isn't...
Any of you fans of hairless men?