Monday, February 8, 2010

The Bachelor...Trainwreck TV at it's finest!

Oh Drama!
How do you spell it?
J-a-k-e / A-l-i!
25 minutes of waiting, a lower lip pouting, and bad ponytails, and eye rubbing, and Jakie Poo
practically telling her to "STAY... OR I'LL HAVE TO PICK HORSE FACED VIENNA to stay"
all to end up with...
"I have to go".
Her job called and gave her the ole' ultimatum.
I swear, I think it's a ploy.
The stupid job people KNOW ahead of time, their employee is going on this God forsaken show...
Why ask her to leave it?
So dumb!
Maybe they assumed she wouldn't get this far, and had to rethink their permission slip.
Maybe they saw how well that worked out for Ed last season, and they thought they'd try it again!
Oy vay... did you hear the voice over's as the ladies were ushered into the rose ceremony?
There was some creative dubbing going on there... especially when Vienna came into view...
Whew... ABC dodged that proverbial bullet... huh?
I have a suspicion that Vienna was on her way out before Ali dropped the bomb...
Or Gia...
Ali was definitely a major contender, even with all the dub work for Vienna, I think it really bugged Jake that Vienna can't/won't get along with other women.
Helloooo... Jake's Mama is a woman!
Ya gotta kinda learn to get along!
I loved Ali for snore bore Jake.
She was right up his alley (haha or Ali! I made a joke!)
So next week they are off to St. Lucia, and it's more bikini's, shaved pecks and boobs.
Oh joy.
Ali makes a suspicious call while Jake is in his room... but it's just a teaser... she probably calls to dis on Vienna again...
I would LOVE it if that happened...
I'm in a mood.
I didn't even watch Tenley's hometown visit, and couldn't handle much of Gia's.
I love my fast forward button.
I'll never get those last two hours back...
Good thing I was folding laundry and making coffee and helping William with his homework while it was on... or it would have been a complete waste of time!!!


  1. All the hometown visits went well I thought, except didn't care for Vienna's. Gerard agrees with you that the job thing is just a ploy and there's more to it. Ali seemed kooky to me last night. I liked her but then she acts like she doesn't have a brain and pouts like a little girl. It's just not becoming. I think she should have just told Jake she had to go because of her job but that if things didn't work out for him after picking one of the others, he should definitely call her and give him your number. What's so hard? Life goes on after the show if over.

  2. Car wreck you can't look away from.

    Seriously -- Vienna's dad knocking and then saying I'm right outside the door? Can you say creepy????

    I didn't watch Tenley's home visit either. My eyes glazed over after she did that interpretive dance. Jake's eyes kinda looked like they glazed over too.

    Can't wait to see what that mystery phone call was all about!

    ~ Jennifer

  3. I knew I could count on you for a bachelor recap!! I miss you terribly and I am finally back!! Can't wait to catch up on your blog!


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