Friday, February 12, 2010

Things I learned this week... 2-12-10

What I learned this week...
I learned that homemade breadsticks DON'T LAST when you have 4 men in your family...
  1. I learned that if you wake your kids up 10 minutes before you have to leave to drive to school... they get ready REALLY FAST... *** I learned that's super saver FREE shipping means that your stuff will take 12 DAYS TO DELIVER!!! *** I learned that people are REALLY, REALLY,REALLY touchy about their Facebook games they play online, and they REALLY don't like it when you complain about the games. I learned they may even... {{quiver, sniffle, quiver}} UN FRIEND YOU!!!! {SNIFF} *** I also learned I just don't care whether someone is mad that I don't enjoy the FB games that post nonstop in my status reports... *** I learned that one of my favorite cousins, Elena, reads my blog!!!! *** I learned that I have 2 SCIENCE FAIR PROJECTS to help this THIS WEEKEND! I HAAAAATE SCIENCE FAIR PROJECTS!!!


  1. I don't participate in the FB games either--if I ever take time from blogging and TV to play video games, it is on

    Cool when you learn someone you know reads your blog--most people I know just aren't into blogging.

    Those science fair projects are the worst--good luck!

  2. The facebook apps are too funny! I play them but I HATE when people have constant posts about them clogging up my info stream (They don't have to, the game even asks before it posts something and I've never posted anything in all the time I waste playing them) Just because I play doesn't mean I like reading the constant updates about everybody's farms!! Sorry... I'm so sick of that one too...

    Those breadsticks look fantastic, I doubt they'd lost long where ever you made them :)

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