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Writer's Workshop 2-17-10

Writer's Workshop Feb. 18, 2010
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Today's prompt was... Talk about something I used to do as a child.
Was it REALLY 30+ years ago?
Am I really 41 now?
It still feels just like yesterday... when I would run around barefoot, in the field next door to my house, and catch ladybugs and put them into a jar.
It feels like yesterday... when I would sit on my Grandpa's lap in the front yard, under the huge umbrella tree, and let him brush my long brown hair with is unparalyzed right hand... he loved it.... and in Italian, he would tell me how beautiful I was...
It feels like yesterday...when I was 10, and we moved to a new house, I discovered I lived across the street from a very cute boy name Warren ... I went to private school, and he didn't, and I would wait and watch from my parents bedroom window to catch him walking home from his school I soooo badly wanted to go to... so I could swoon.
He was my very first crush... it was awful and completely unrequited. I never had the nerve to tell him... even now.. and we are Facebook friends. LOL
If you are reading this Warren... surprise!!!
Please... I was 10!
It feels like yesterday when my little brother and I would make a huge pot of mud Goulash, complete with weeds, dog doo doo, bugs, water, and occasionally, my Dad's homemade wine from his huge oak barrels in our garage... and dare each other to taste it...
We never did..
Thank God for small favors...
Notice one thing missing from all those memories?
No video games... no TV... no cell phones... no sedentary lifestyle...
All fun kid stuff (except the crush).
That's why we go to the beach so much... to get away from all the technology, and TV, and "stuff", and just "be".
Oh how I would LOVE for my kids to have experienced a portion of my childhood...
Time to start...

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  1. Those are great memories. I just used to make plain old mud pies which I didn't eat either. I used to pretend a lot, playing all sorts of things like wagon train, army, YMCA, alley, school, house, restaurant, charm school, secretary and made up lots of fun things to do. Here's a link to my post about this:

  2. I came over from Lori's blog after reading your guest post there. I enjoyed reading it even though I have no boys! You shared great advice there, thank you.
    I enjoyed my visit to your blog today and loved hearing about your childhood memories. We had so much more freedom back in those days. Sadly my daughter has not had half the freedom I had. I was always outside having fun and she prefers to be inside reading, writing or making films. Glad you are able to escape to the beach. That's my favorite place.
    Best Wishes from England.

  3. Saundra, your page is looking fantastic....I love it!! And the childhood memories are always so nice to think of....good writing workshop, my girl :))

  4. That was a sweet story... my chiildhood was spent in our pool and I loved it!


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