Monday, February 1, 2010

You want him to shave WHAT?

Is it just me?
Am I the only one that is bothered by it?
Is it really necessary?
Wanna know what the heck I'm talking about?
For the past year and a half, my almost 16 year old has been coming home and telling me the guys in the locker room keep telling him he needs to
Are we ALL gonna be women now?
There is no water polo at his school... so that's not an excuse...
William has no intention of shaving... he doesn't care what they say... he just tells me because he hears it every day... and he thinks it's funny.
I guess I'm old school... but if a man has chest hair... well then... he has chest hair!
I would be very weirded out if my husband shaved his entire body...
I know some women really like that sort of thing... but... I like my men to look, feel and act like men. I even love my Hubby's "work" smell...
I call it "Money"... he doesn't laugh... I DO!!!
Since when did even our young men become Metrosexuals?
Do the young ladies of the world REALLY want their men to spend as much time in front of a mirror as they do? Do the women want to WAIT ON THE MAN to get ready for a date?
Another question...
that's all I'm saying!
I can see if the man has an extremely hairy back or something.. then yeah... take care of it...
but hair on the chest being shaved, or waxed... or whatever?
I. do. not. get. it.
AND LEGS! Who wants to see silky smooth man legs?
I happen to love the masculine"ness" of hair on a man.
I also don't want my men getting clear nail polish on their hands, or facials...
I'm sorry... it's just wrong...
Take care of it at home... fine... but to see a professional about it on a weekly basis would make me feel like I am married to another woman.. and if I wanted to play for that team... I would!!!
It's so WEIRD that the peer pressure my son is good fun... I've heard them rib him about about hair removal...
I suppose it could be drugs or alcohol... and I am SOOO thankful it isn't...
Any of you fans of hairless men?


  1. my boyfriend has chest hair. i hear he used to shave it for the summer, but i'm not a fan. if your body is naturally hairy, what's wrong with that?

    it's not gross to have body hair. God put it there!!

  2. I got two words for ya.....HELL NO!!! Unless your man looks like a gorilla, leave the hair alone.

  3. Sheesh. Did you know that the newest "trends" for men this Spring are to wear skirts and scarves. Yep, you heard me right. Personally, I love the fact that my husband is a manly roofer who still has all his body hair, but doesn't mind changing a diaper or baking cookies. God made two genders for a reason. Good for you to be raising men!

  4. This is quite the newsflash. My hubby isn't very hairy, but I'm certain that I don't want him to shave his legs.

    That's just weird

  5. Kids are too weird. I am so glad I don't have to deal with high school, anymore. :P

  6. oh that poor kid. the pressures of social standards. granted there have been a few men i've seen where it overflows over the hair line, and in a day dream i have politly snipped along the neckline of the shirt to save the hair from falling in the food at the buffet line

    but let me tell you.. when it grows back. it Does itch, horridly, my hubbster shaves during the summer, and i have to stuff a pillow between us or end up with brushburn on my back. ouch.

  7. Wax your back and wax your b*&# but leave the rest alone! Sorry, Saundra. But you asked!

  8. Definitely don't mind the hair...I mean that is what makes a man a man right? My boss shaves his hands and his knuckles...and it just looks...WEIRD... especially when it's growing back in.

  9. Not me, I like my hairy man. Too bad he doesn't have more on top of his head though. Hehe.


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