Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Drivers License...really? that soon?

This beautful... six foot tall... manchild... is getting his DRIVER'S LICENSE soon.
He is still my little boy... asking me to marry him every single day.
He still needs me.
He still wants to go places with me.
Autonomy isn't NECESSARY... is it?
I am having a VERY, VERY hard time with this.
I can't send him out in that junk!
I just can't!
There isn't a day that goes by... that someone in their 40's on FB isn't bragging about 'having some drinks'! I read that and think... "are you gonna get behind the wheel of a car now? or tonight?"
Then my mind flashes to when William will be driving on his own in a few months... and I think...
"will my SON be on the road when YOU have a 'few drinks' and drive... because you are so cool?"
I actually read one of them that said... "anyone know where the drunk driving check points are... so I can avoid them?? for New Year's Eve... can you spell STUPID?
I hated people that text, talk or drink and drive BEFORE my kid started driving...
NOW... I'm on a mission to banish ALL OF THEM! ***
I know he needs to drive.
I know I got my license THE DAY I turned 16... first appt in the morning waiting for the DMV to open...jumping up and down...so excited to get a piece of paper saying I was FREE!
I know how exciting it is... BUT THIS IS MY BABY!
How did my parents do it?
How did they just let me drive around?
They are so much stronger than me.
Mama tells me she STILL worries about me.
I can't take much more worry in my life.
We have decided to NOT give him our 65 Galaxy... because I was mad that we couldn't put airbags in it for under $8,000... unreal!
So we are getting him a truck instead...
(Every boy needs a truck... ya know?)
Plus... no back seat...AND NO SHELL EITHER!
I wanna be a Grandma... but not for another 15 years AT LEAST!!!
Oy vay. I can just see his mind... thinking what I was thinking when my Mama told me how much she was gonna worry about me driving too...
"Oh Mom... I'm gonna be fine! Nothing is gonna happen to me!"
Remember feeling that invincible?
Remember feeling like NOTHING could ever go wrong?
I find myself... while I am driving him... now... explaining every little situation on the road, and asking him what he would do. Constant quizzing.
He is taking it well...not rolling his eyes or getting upset...
I think he realizes he is getting lessons.
I won't allow him to drive the car with his brothers in the car with us... so he has to wait until its just either me or his Dad in the car.
Thank God my Expedition is 7 years old.
Just a second ago got the call from the Driving School that he is ready to take his online course...
Holy crap...
My life is over...
On we go...
My name is Sandra.. and I have a teen driver...


  1. I'm right there with ya, sista! Mine got his permit this past summer, turned 16 in November, and has yet to get his license. Technically, he can't yet, because here in Illinois, teens must have 50 hours of behind-the-wheel practice before they can get their license. And, unlike your son, my son wants absolutely NOTHING to do with driving! After reading all the things you're worried about, I'm starting to think it's a blessing. Thank you for that!

  2. Oh man...my thoughts and prayers are with ya sister! Not looking forward to any of this stuff!

  3. I hope my boys take after my husband in the driving arena-I almost crashed exiting the DMV with my dad in the car!
    Seriously, how did our parents do it?
    I will start saving (and encourage my boys too) for a truck now-I love all your reasons. :)
    I wonder if there is a valuim perscription for moms of new drivers...I hope there is when I have drivers, or I will be a wreck!!!:)

  4. I am biting my nails because I am going to be in your shoes in a very short period of time.

    Breath mama breath!

  5. Being a parent is one scary thing after another, isn't it? I feel for you.

  6. Here from Lions, Tigers, and Boys... Oh, my! and you just raised my blood pressure! YIKES! I am feeling anxious for you and I don't even know you! How in the world will I survive this in 6 years when my first born is so thrilled about this milestone and I will want to throw up?!

    Cover that boy in prayer! HUGS to you!

    Mrs.Nurse Boy


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