Monday, February 22, 2010

Trainwreck TV... The Bachelor ladies tell all!

Ugh... I have SUCH a headache from The Bachelor show...
I came in here to write this while Chris and Rozlyn were going toe to toe... soooo sad...
Really...what did it really matter if Roz was schmoozing it up with some dude on the show...
She at least met someone she is still spending time with a few minutes after the show ends...
Which is more than I can say about these bachelors and "ladies".... ( I use that term loosely)
Michelle... still a bunny boiler... in my book.
Truly delusional.
I will forgive Ali's pouty lower lip 2 shows ago, for the class act she turned out to be tonight...
She is working really hard to land the next Bachelorette gig... I think she has it in the bag...
She apologized to Vienna... she HAD to be vying for a job to say that...
I am so glad I'm not the only one that thinks Tenley lives in perpetual Disneyland zone.
Okay... I have a question for Valishia...
Your job title says... "Homemaker" and you are single... are you independently wealthy? was your ex husband? How do you pay our bills?
I wanna know... so I can get that gig too!
(not the ex husband part... but you know...)
Holy cow!! When is Trainwreck TV over????

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  1. That was a weird show last night! They keep making such a big deal over Roz. Really... who cares? I'm actually surprise that doesn't happen more often. There's got to be at least one cute camera guy out there shooting this thing. The show really seems to be turning into a show of self-promotion. Does ANYONE want to fall in love or does everyone just want to be on television? (Don't answer that!)

    I was wondering that same thing with Valishia when I saw "Homemaker" listed. Very... odd.

    And for the record. I think Ali will be a terrible Bachelorette. But then again, she's got that self-promotion thing down really well!


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