Thursday, February 25, 2010

20 things that nurture me... well... okay... 18 things..

20 Things that nurture me
  • The beach... there is no more peaceful, awe inspiring place in the world.
  • The squeeze of my husband's hand on mine when he knows I need just a little nudge.
  • A hug from any of my boys
  • Hearing my Mama say... "Everything is going to be just fine"
  • Cooking a beautiful meal for the people I love (and not having to clean up after it)
  • Baking bread... there is nothing like it. It heals my soul. In heaven, I am going to be the resident bread baker on my golden street.
  • is the best way to purge and renew
  • girl time with my friends... priceless
  • I love being the only woman in my home... there is something really cool about not being understood by everyone else in the house... and there is nothing they can do about it... LOL
  • Reading a great book... completely losing myself in the story helps me feel refreshed.
  • Driving... I love it, it's very freeing... even in long as there is good music on... it's all good.
  • Music... everywhere, all the time... all kinds... from opera to acid metal... there is something beautiful to be found in all of it.
  • Photography... it is such a great thing to capture life and keep it still forever.
  • Prayer... to feel close to Him... to know He is listening... to know He will never forsake me... is thrilling and peaceful.
  • Getting older and wiser... it is such a rush to be this age, and to have the knowledge and security I feel in who I am, and who I am yet to become...
  • Making my home... I love to tweak and create new ways of living in my small and humble abode.
  • Dancing...I used to do it for fun and exercise and for competition... now I do it to feel young and vibrant and like the women on Mamma Mia when the song Dancing Queen is on... that's my fave part of the movie.
  • Being my son's Mama. There is nothing better than raising these men.
  • Having my breathe taken away from me... on a daily basis... something my boys do, a song, a look from my husband... anything and everything that give me a little uptake in breath is worth it.
  • Okay so that's only 18...

Sue me... :)

Go see Braja for more on this subject!


  1. I love the one that you're the only woman in the house :)) Nice list, Saundra xoxoxo

  2. I agree with the entire list...except the bread baking, and the cooking!
    (In heaven, I hope to be on your street if you are making bread!)

    Thank you for letting me spotlight you on my blog-I was honored to have you and your wisdom!
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    {Here is a snowy hug from Michigan!}

  3. What a fabulous list, I love Mama Mia too and I dance everytime Dancing Queen comes on! I like the wisdom that is coming with age but I don't like the gray hair & wrinkles, LOL!!

  4. Your posts always make me feel happy to "know you"..and wish you lived on my block..or I lived on yours..we are being attacked by giant globs of white stuff today.

  5. Oooh! I love driving, too! Especially if I have a bacon sandwich with me...

    Awesome list, Saundra. Truly.

  6. Delicious! All of it!
    backatcha amore

    Peace ~ Rene


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