Thursday, October 30, 2008

Big night out of a 1950's Champagne Flute in 2008

This weeks Mama Kat's Writing Prompts are...
1. Write from the point of view of a glass at the edge of the table.
2.) Describe a typical day during your Jr. High years.
3.) Why do you write?
4.) When I'm around too much negativity I...
5.) You've been hired as a writer for "Late Show with David Letterman." Your first assignment is to come up with a witty, nonpolitical Top Ten list for him to read on air.
So, I have chosen number 1 and 3. The others look like fun, but I have a dinner party tomorrow night with our City Manager and my neighbors to "discuss" the horrible neighbors on the corner... so I will write what I know I can fit in.
Here goes...
Glass perched on edge of table in a Las Vegas Hotel Bar...
Wow... I got to come out tonight! I'm so excited!
No one ever asks for Champagne glasses anymore.
It's always FLUTES! Those stupid flutes!
Don't they know I have been around for years and the stupid champagne tastes exactly the same?? I would know! The stuff has been poured into me!
I laugh when I see people trying to drink from a flute. They have to tilt their heads back, or the rim hits their humongous noses!! HA! That'll show ya!!
At least with me, you can sip daintily if you're are a woman, and gulp it down if you're a man.
Oh Look at THAT! What an outfit she has on!
They must be here for a wedding. My, My, My. That is quite a get up. I must have been up on that shelf a long time.
Since when did NOT wearing panties become the 'in' thing? Oh... wait a minute... what is that "T" thing on her butt!
That CAN'T BE underwear! Yikes... it is! I think! That can't be comfy.
Wow... times sure have changed.
*** Yeah!
Someone hit a jackpot!
I wonder where the woman that ordered me went. I'm still half full.
My bubbles are almost gone.
Ewwww gross! Hey buddy! Do I LOOK like an ASHTRAY?
Now she'll order another, and I'll be washed and put away, and who knows when the next time I can come out will be!
Oh great! Just what I needed! A cigarette butt AND someone's chewing tobacco spit.
Nice! Just what I've always dreamed of!
What a night!
Maybe it'd be better if....
What is that! Oh no! No! Hey dude! Don't do it! No matter how much money they offer you!
Oh no, don't chant! Not the chant!
(in the bar, loud boisterous chants of DRINK, DRINK, DRINK)
He is so drunk! That poor stupid soul!
These people are your FRIENDS???
Oh! Put me back in the shelf! Please! Someone come and resc....
(YOU THE MAN! YOU THE &*(0#$#@ MAN!)
Oh, yes he did.
Please... won't someone put me away now?
I've had enough.
It's loud, people are rude, and women and men look the same now!
I can't tell the difference!
Is that a dog in a PURSE?
Ugh, I'm gonna be sick.
2. Why do I write?
For my sanity.
Because people tell me I'm good at it.
Because it helps me work out my problems and anger issues.
Because it is my perfect form of expression.
Words excite me.
Words are forever.
Written, spoken, sung, painted, etched, drawn in sand. All forms are wonderful.
It is a great way to show love.
You can go back and read it over and over and over again.
It is the purest form of giving of onesself.
It's entertaining.
There is a responsibility to be very careful with the words you choose when writing.
It just plain makes me happy.
A day without writing... is a day I don't want to experience.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Random pictures around my backyard.

Yeah! Tomatoes in October!
My tangerines are almost ready. Just another month or so.
Our new Fence!
That's my old bed in the gazebo.
Next, I hope it's a new pool.
This one is shot.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Where have I been? Nowhere!

I haven't posted in two days?
Where the heck have I been?
Oh yeah... doing shows.
One Friday and one Sunday.
Both were fun and lucrative.
I was supposed to work the Homecoming Dance on Saturday night, but they called at the last minute and said I wasn't needed. I didn't want or need to be reminded all evening that I am A.) No longer young, and B) No longer have boobs that point due west. So I was glad they cancelled me.
I have noticed, these days, girls don't dress up for dances anymore. They all kinda look like hookers now. And not good ones! Trashy ones!
Remember shopping with Mom for the lovely long or tea length gowns at the all the stores?
I mean, I'm not THAT old, but even in the mid 80's when I was in High School, we pulled out all the stops for the two major dances, Homecoming and Prom!
Nowadays, girls want lingerie as dresses, and 5 inch stiletto heels and wwaaayyy too much makeup. The kicker? Their Mama's let 'em!
I saw a girl on Saturday night, at a restaurant, wearing a dress so short, that when she sat down at her table, it looked like she was only wearing a slinky silk negligee, and no undies.
Her date, was decked out in a tux.
She was lovely, but it was sad that she was maybe 16 and looked more like 30.
She'll learn.
Bill and the boys put up a brand new fence between our left neighbor and us. It fell over and was demolished in our last wind storm.
So it's all shiny and new now. Tijuana, what we called our side yard before the clean up, is now looking a little bit more White Trash Chic now. Not as messy as before. We're movin' on up!
Did I tell you my Mama sold 6 scarves in 5 minutes at her beauty shop? So excited!
I have prepaid orders for 4 more!
I have got to take that picture. I keep forgetting, and my house is so dark, I never seem to get the right light.
Okay, I'm off to get ready for Alex's soccer game tonight.
Hope we win!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Another week... another workshop... I'm going to write on number 1 and 2
If you would like to know about 3 and 4 let me know!
The Prompts
1.) Complete the sentence "I'd walk a mile for a ________." and continue writing about it. 2.) Describe in detail a person who leaves no stone unturned.
3.) When out to lunch with co-workers, you bump into a close friend who refers to you by a nickname. Because of its unusualness, the nickname catches the interest of one of your co-workers who asks for the story behind it. Start your story with, "This may come as a surprise, but ... " and end it with, "And that's how I got the nickname (fill in the blank)."
4.) Write about an intense game of Scrabble that takes an ugly turn for the worse.
I would walk a mile for a new, sunk in, completely tricked out, jets coming from everywhere, ...
bathtub. Heck, I'd walk a marathon for one of those.
I'd walk a mile or more for my family.
I wouldn't walk a mile for a Klondike bar.
I'd walk a mile for peace and quiet. Of course, by the time I got there it wouldn't be peaceful or quiet from all the panting and complaining I'd be doing... but you can dream.
And now for a person who leaves no stone unturned.
I know so many people like this.
I'm going to generalize this I think.
I believe there is a group of people all over the planet that are just natural stone turner overs.
These people are Mamas!
What wouldn't we do for our kids! If our kids were gravely ill, we'd research and ask questions, and read, and poll, and find out, no matter what, to help our kids, no matter what their age!
If our kids needed help with bullying, abuse, or any kind of thing like that... we'd find shelter, offer shelter, call authorities, confront perpetrator etc...
If our kids find themselves going down the wrong path, we Mama's will fight, work, talk to, implore, intervene to help our babies.
When our friends or families children need help, we Mama's fight just as hard to help other Mama's out. To hand hold, provide shoulders for, cook meals for, shuttle children to and fro for, clean houses for, and just be there for our other Mama sisters.
Women are such fascinating, complex, warm, nurturing beings.
I feel so privileged to be a woman.
So, there you have it. My assignment for the week. If you love to write, won't you join me on my journey and go over to
and join in on the fun!
I promise you won't be disappointed!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Me and Oprah are like this!

Okay... Oprah must be channeling me. She had the SAME topic I have been harping for years!
Parents that are always "yes" parents... and how they ruin their kids!
Let me just start out by saying...
I am not an Oprah follower like I know so many others are.
I tape her show every day... but only watch about 10% of the ones I tape.
It freaks me out when so many people deify a celebrity.
She's cool, but not my be all end all.
I DO, however, LOVE, ADORE AND ALMOST WORSHIP (not really, but you know)
Suze Orman.
I own every book she has ever written.
She is THE money guru.
She makes the MOST sense.
Her ideas and ways of investing and doing things are the reason I WILL be financially
healthy and happy when retirement rolls around. I just know it.
She is a Money goddess.
I want her to be my cool, quirky, gay Aunt!
Money is a HUGE issue right now.
For the past 8-10 years or so... it's been spend, spend, spend.
Parents have been throwing thousand dollar party for babies.
Credit cards have been used like they are cash.
No one thought about how long it would take to pay them off, as long as their kids got the coolest this or that on the block.
It is all such a mess!
Now!!! All of a sudden, parents have decided to become real parents and not their kids
shopping buddy and 'best friends'.
That whole..."I want to be my kids friends, the cool mom, the one that is hip and with it!"
Those same kids talk back to said"parent friend" like they are trash!
Here's my philosophy on raising my kids.
If you were to ever ask them... they would be able to quote this verbatum...
Will, Alex, John... I am never going to be your friend.
I will always be your Mama.
It will never be okay for you to curse around me, yell at me, or be disrespectful to me.
I know people tell you that respect is earned... but not when it comes to me or your Daddy.
We gave birth to you, feed you, send you to lovely private schools, clothe you, buy you what you need and occasionally what you want, and provide a pretty nice shelter over your head.
I think that's worthy of respect for respect's sake.
Never mind the fact that we love you more than our own lives, and would do, move, kill, maim, stab, deliver, give a terrible limp to, or just slap ANYTHING OR ANYONE that tried to remotely hurt you in any way, shape or form.
I, however, am not here for a popularity contest.
I don't care, and will never care if you like me or might be mad at me at any time in your lives or mine.
I will never buy you things so you'll forgive me for something.
I will only say I am sorry and ask for forgiveness.
I am not perfect. I will never be perfect.
I am trying to make you the best men this world has ever seen or heard, and sometimes I am tough on you and expect more from you than you think you can give. I will always ask you to do something that us just outside your reach... then you will grow and know more for having accomplished it.
You will never get an allowance just for being alive.
Money, in our home, will always, always, always be earned.
How else will you learn to work for what you want.
In the real world, no one just hands money to you.
Well, the welfare system does, but you won't be going down that route.
You have never been raised to get something for nothing.
Marry orphans... so I will be the only Nana.
So that is how I have always been.
That's how I was raised.
I get so much flack for expecting so much from my men.
My Papa always said while I was growing up... (in an Italian Accent)
"Nevera trusta or marrya a mana that don'ta havea callousesa ona hisa handsa... he hasa nevera seen a harda daysa worka."
He didn't like "softa" men.
He meant to make sure I married a man that could take care of things.
Fix things, build things, make things, create things.
Nowadays, women need to take care of things too, and be strong and take charge kind of women.
I think my Papa just didn't want me to get stuck with a guy who was wishy washy.
Jumping from job to job, not really making money to do anything financially responsible with.
I don't want my men to be like that either.
I just really hope they don't marry a girl who had "yes" parents all her life.
These times right now are ripe for lesson learning.
So many teens are gonna be in a world of hurt for a while now that they can't have whatever they want.
They'll get over it. They'll be better, stronger people for it too.
Is it any wonder that the generation that lived through the Great Depression has always been known as the Last Great Generation? They had the most moral fiber, worked hard, made do,
invented what they didn't have, and expanded our world beyond measure?
Yeah... life wasn't handed to them on a silver platter.
They were better for it.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Long time no hear Jody!

Holy Cow!!!
What I thought was gonna be just another day... with my back hurting, and no idea what to make for dinner even though I have tons of stuff prepped... I get a message from a
long ago friend on Classmates.
Her name is Jody, and she was in my wedding... well actually, we were in each other's weddings, and we lamented and consoled and cried, and ranted and laughed and did everything together for our weddings! We worked together at So Cal Auto Auction back in the day.
We haven't seen eachother in 15 years.
By the way Jody... I look nothing like I did. Just so you know.
I'm ... a ... lot... more.... well... a lot... more now.
Fluffy! That's it! Fluffy in all the wrong places!
Our lives are sort of parallel...
I'm still older, unfortunately, that will never change, but now she will have sort of "caught up" to be old like me!!!
Oh Jody! I am soooo thrilled to have heard from you!!!
William is experiencing his first Homecoming Week this week.
No, he will not be attending he dance.
Thank GOD!
But, they have a ton of activities planned for the week, and I, bonehead, and Will, bonehead Jr. forgot to get all the stuff ready yesterday. He had the day off and everything.
Today they were supposed to dress up as someone everyone would know.
Totally forgot about it.
This morning, we saw boys dressed as Britney Spears, girls dressed as guys, students dressed as teacher and the principal... it was hilarious.
SOOOOO... tomorrow... each grade has to wear a t shirt in one of the colors of the Twister Game.
9th grade is Yellow.
No, my son does not own a Twister yellow colored T-shirt... so we have to go buy one.
I sure hope I don't have to build anything or make anything for Thursday, because it's just not gonna happen. Besides, he has a game on Thursday.
I hope they take a picture with all the colored Tshirts on.
I have to admit... when Will said Twister.. I was thinking the Movie Twister. I thought we had to make him up to look like he had gone through a tornado. You know... like glue on a bunch of papers, part of a fence, a small cow all over him and mess up his hair and have him walk like he is going headstrong into the wind.
I know... duh!!!
The game Twister is so my era too!
I was wrong. What else is new!
pretty please?
With sugar and chocolate and xanax on top?

Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday... again!

I have been a crocheting machine lately.
I've made about 2o scarves, and my Mama is so excited to sell them at her beauty shop!
If she doesn't keep all of them for herself, she thinks they will sell well.
We'll see.
I'll post a picture of them really soon.
Will was out of school today because their sister school, RCS had a Golf Tournament.
Yeah... no school for golf. Go figure.
But... it's an awesome fund raiser, and private schools need lots and lots of money since we don't get any money from the state or city government, so here's hoping it went really well.
So Will and I had a nice day together. I'm not used to having someone home with me during the day anymore, so it was weird when I was talking to myself, or just burst into song at any given moment because I got the urge too, that someone heard me and said stuff like...
"Uh Mom... do you always have full on conversations with yourself?"
To which I replied... "Of course! You didn't know that the second you turn 21 it is REQUIRED by law and the higher power of genetics that adults talk to themselves? Sheesh! Get with the program! Dude... I even ANSWER myself! How 'bout that!"
For about 3 seconds he stood there, mouth open, pondering that thought, then said...
"Ha! Good one Ma!"
What eva!
We went to the bank to get William an account, and they wouldn't open one for us.
It seems kids need California ID's now, not just student ID's.
I've had a bank account since I was 6 months old!
I bet if we had gone just three short weeks ago, it would have been no problemo.
It's 14 year old needs checks or a debit card anyway.
But he will need one soon.
We are already teaching him to he'll be needing to pay for gas somehow!
Well, hubby is keeping a place warm for me next to him for our weekly date in front of the boob tube... we watch Heroes together.
Gotta go...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Get outta debt!

I made the HUGE mistake of watching the news last night.
I get my news from the newspaper and from news services I subscribe to, so I don't have to hear the tone in a speakers voice about all the doom and gloom about our economy.
I don't need some talking head telling me my money isn't going to stretch as far as it used to,
I feel it every day... when I shop, or drive by a gas station (I'm sorry, $3.25 a gallon IS NOT a "good" price for gas!, when our economy is so in the toilet!)
I still choose to look at this situation we've gotten ourselves into as a blessing in disguise.
Yes, I said it... I said "we".
I am NOT, for one second, going to lay all the blame on Wall Street, or even our sad excuse for an administration, or the banks.
Everyone was at fault.
While I know the banks, and the White House were idiots, so were all those ADULTS that walked into an establishment, asked for a loan, AND BOUGHT THE LINE OF CRAP SOME LOAN OFFICER WAS FEEDING THEM!
I have been preaching for 16 years... IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE... IT IS... IT REALLY AND TRULY IS!
Why would someone walk in to borrow $300,000.00 and walk out borrowing $600.000.00
I know why...
We live in a country that believes
"He who dies with the most toys, biggest house, most credit cards in your wallet, the desire to keep up with the Jones, the most designer clothes, and children that walk around with $1000 purses, WINS!"
Come on!
Our Commander in Chief... after 9/11 told us to "GO SHOPPING" to show those terrorists!
Shopping was the cure and our revenge?
Look where it got us!
I saw a snippet on Oprah at my dentist's office on Friday, and she was making a huge deal about how all the parents that have been giving carte blanche to their kids for the past few years, are now suddenly having to say 'NO' to their children!
Oh no! Perish the thought!
They have to say "NO"? What to do! What to do!
I freakin' told ya so!
Instead of teaching their kids the value of money, and how it can work for them, and to put it to good solid use... they now have 5 Ipods, 25 Louis Vuittons, closets full of designer clothes,
tv's the size of movie screens, cars they can't afford, and vacation memories that they are still paying on...
I feel for people... I really do... but some people are just dumb!
They are ADULTS, and are blaming someone, or something else, for their dilemma some of the time! They are mad at others because they put all their purchases on credit cards, didn't pay them, and are now in major financial debt with horrendous credit, and it's somehow someone else's fault!!!
Don't get me wrong... I know some people are losing their jobs, and I'm not complaining about that... we need to help them... but I'm talking about the
"I'm gonna live like Paris Hilton" wannabe's that don't have a clue!
A few years back, I was walking into 5,000 sq. foot homes "owned" by 22 yr old newlyweds.
Each had a BMW in the driveway, the entire house was furnished, even the six bedrooms.
She was hosting a PC show, and wanted to show off their beautiful home with a housewarming party. I was awestruck how two 22 yr. olds could have purchased... let alone furnish... a home like that. I had been married with three kids for 12 years then, and my modest home, with the microscopic bathrooms, 10 yr. old carpet, closet sized kitchen (before the remodel) looked like a cave to me upon walking into their home. Just for one second... I felt a pang of...
"Holy crap! My husband makes 3 times what these kids make, and we don't live like this!"
Then I came back to reality.
I was only gone for a second.
I remembered I only buy with cash, never credit,
and that was something to be proud of.
(But holy moly... did that house want to be mine... yes it did!)
3 months ago... I did a show in their neighborhood, and half of the homes we're empty, with "For sale" signs on them that touted they were repo's.
My heart sank for them.
They bought the line of crap, hook, line and sinker.
The sad thing... both of them were Loan Officers. They should have known better.
It is never safe to live beyond your means.
Oy Vay, what a mess!
What a mess our kids are going to have to clean up!
Unfortunately, many of those kids were brought up with parents that couldn't say "no".
I implore you... let's help each other out. When our friends tell us they are going to buy
a brand new boat, and their kids don't have medical insurance, be kind, and tell them what a bad idea that is! You may lose a friend for a while, but it may get them thinking.
If a friend "needs a vacation" and is about to put an entire Hawaiian vacation on a credit card and "live it up" to escape their problems... remind them the vacation lasts only a week but the bill may last forever! Give them ideas for inexpensive, but satisfying, cash only alternatives.
We need to help each other!
We need to be honest with ourselves and realize the Jones' aren't all that their cracked up to be!
The Jones' are up to their eyeballs in debt and sadness! How do I know?
Because everyone trying to be just like them are too!
Christmas is coming. Take up a hobby and start 'making' your gifts to people.
Remember the old saying?
It's the thought that counts?
Think hard people... think really hard.
I love you my sisters and friends!
Be smart. Be better. Be debt free for Christmas.
Spend only the money you have on hand, after the bills are paid.
I promise... you will so much happier for the Holidays.
I have a bunch of items in my PC catalog under $20 bucks that make awesome gifts!
Eat, THINK, and be Merry!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Today is my 16th Wedding Anniversary!

my husband, my friend, my confidant, my lover, my babies Daddy, my boo,
my shoulder to cry on, my venting post, my target of frustration, my biggest cheerleader,
my man.
He is a really decent human being.
He is exceedingly kind to servers, especially ones of the female persuasion.
He is the guy you can always count on to buy something from a kid selling anything at the door.
He is THE man of our home, taking the absolute BEST care of us.
He is a man's man.
Rough on the outside, strong, fixes everything, builds anything, blue jean wearing, hard hat owning, never let 'em see him sweat manly man.
But when he sees his kids do anything, when he is watching them play, ride a bike, diligently do homework, get tackled, make someone smile, or sleep, he breathes in a sigh of love that isn't just audible, it's tactile.
He is a man that loves deeply, loves honestly, and loves for lifetimes.
He is man who repeatedly says Divorce is never an option.
He is a man who says he will work 10 jobs if he has too to provide for his family.
He is a man that is slow to anger, and quick to forgive.
He is a man that goes without his beloved speed boats and river trips so his children can have a private school education and vacations to destinations his wife loves.
He is a man that truly puts his family and their needs ahead of his own, at all costs.
He is a man that loves to buy his wife jewlery.
God, you gotta love a man that does that. ;)
He is a man that kisses and thanks me for dinner every night.
He is a man that patiently teaches each of his boys how to do all the magnificent things he knows how to do with is tools and his hands.
He is a man that is teaching his boys how to love their wives by loving their Mama.
The man drives me INSANE with is procrastination, and terminal tardiness.
He snores like a herd of dying buffalo.
He falls asleep on the sofa every. single. night. and it takes me 25 times to get him to go to bed and be comfortable.
He buys himself the UGLIEST shoes I have ever seen.
and he is all mine.
They say that the 16th Anniversary is the gift of Silver Holloware, or Peridot jewelry.
I say... nevermind the gifts.
Just more of Bill will be just fine by me.
Besides...I don't like peridot.
Happy Anniversary, Honey.
I love you more today than yesterday.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I wish someone had told me...

I absolutely REFUSE to let the circumstances going on in my life to dictate my mood, mental health or outlook on life... therefore... I am going to do MamaKats writing prompt, and spend a little time "away" from problems.
So there, Ray... Living well is THE BEST REVENGE!
Neener freakin' Neener!
So here goes... I wish someone told me...
That being a Mother was such fantastic, horrifying, jubilant, exhausting, mind numbing at times job. It is such a Roller Coaster of a ride, this Motherhood thing.
I also wish someone told me...
That sometimes in marriage, that feeling of "new love" goes away, and is replaced with a deep
all encompassing love that goes beyond the "new love" phase. I wasted so much time worrying about not having that same pang of anticipation before seeing my husband after a long day or business trip. I have come to realize that it is okay, the love it still there, it's just taken on a different feeling... like respect, comfort, and that feeling of being each other's protector and cheerleaders in life.
I wish someone told me...
How debilitating and hurtful parent's divorce would be even after 18 years.
Bill and I were discussing the other night at dinner how different our lives and our children's lives would be if both set of parents had stayed married.
It is AWFUL every year around the holidays. So awful, we often take off and do our own thing
so no one gets their feelings hurt, including us.
And when the parents don't marry good people, it is even worse. No one can love your kids quite the same as a grandparent. The new spouses can try... but let's face it. They aren't their grandkids.
If our parents were still married to each other... our Holidays, and our lives would be so, so, so, very different. People with intact families have no idea how difficult it is to be pulled and used, and made to feel guilty, and all that other crap that comes along with divorce.
I know it sound selfish, and each parents thinks they are better off now than if they had stayed together... but I was 22 when my parents divorced. I felt like a 6 yr old.
I guess they did what they felt they needed too, but 22 years is a long time to figure something out.
I wish someone told me...
That as I aged, I would like myself more and more. That with age, truly comes wisdom.
I feel more deeply now, with less superficiality. I "get it" now. When I was 20 ish, women in their 40's were "old". No one told me to make sure and listen to the 40 and up crowd and gleen from their experience and knowledge. It would have saved me a lot of heartache.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Will's accident... the saga continues

It has not been a good couple of days.
Remember the guy that turned in front of William and hit him? Guess what!
He is trying to get US to pay for his damaged car!
Yeah! I could NOT BELIEVE IT!
He is in a vehicle, he makes a left turn in front of William, William smashes into HIS VAN, and we are somehow liable for it?
In vehicle vs. pedestrian, the pedestrian is at fault????
What kind of world is this!
I called him and told him it feels like this scenario...Like a burglar came into my home, stole from me, tripped on my vacuum, and is now sueing us for his injury, and expects to be compensated!
My husband was the FIRST person to William after the accident, and William was a little dazed and wobbly right afterward. Ray told his insurance girl that William kept repeating
"I'm sorry, it's all my fault...I'm sorry, it's all my fault!"
Alex, Will, and our witness who will be making a statement soon, all said William said no such thing.
AND EVEN IF Will did apologize... would it be an admission of guilt? NO!
William says he remembers saying he was sorry to Ray a few minutes after, for denting his car.
So Ray... being the ever clever twister of words, twists that into a complete
admission of fault from a 14 yr old kid. Nice!
I hope Karma comes in the form of the fleas of 1000 camels infesting his genitals!
What a crock!
William was on a BIKE! They want to go after my homeowners insurance!
Can you believe it?
Hopefully our witness and Bill's testimony will prove that Ray turned in front of a bike and hurt him, and needs to pay for his own car.
Ray told me today he just doesn't think he is at fault... that he didn't see William at all.
I don't usually hit things I SEE!
First rule in driving... keep your stupid eyes open!
Rule two...yield to pedestrians!
I implored Ray today. I told him to do the right thing... call off the insurance company, realize he is being stupid, and just pay for his own damages. HE HIT A KID WITH HIS CAR!
Does he not get it?
How is it the kids fault?
His patent answer was... I don't know what you want me to do, Saundra, let the insurance company do their job and let the chips fall where they may.
Totally unreal.
He is not an ethical man.
If I had hit a kid with my car... I would be SOOOO THANKFUL I wasn't getting sued for
medical bills or bodily injuries, and just realize I would be getting off easy by paying for the small dent.
But not Ray.
He has a point to prove.
What? I have no idea... but I don't know how he can sleep at night.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fire Season... again.

This is one spooky picture.
My Father in Law experienced this exact type of scenario in 2003.
The fire skimmed his property line in Hesperia.
It was horrifying.
While picking William up from Football tonight, the San Bernardino Freeway fire completely engulfed our little city in smoke.
We could barely breathe in when we got home.
We have HEPA filters on our Air conditioning screens, (Bill is an HVAC contractor)
so we don't smell it at all in our house, but it sure is strong our there.
The wind decided to stop just in time for the smoke to get here... of course.
I love October, because my Anniversary is this month... but I really hate the Fire season.
Stupid firebugs get all itchy when the wind blows.
A ten year old started one last year that burned half of the mountains in the Orange county hills.
I don't think they ever did anything to him or the parents.
I would be mortified if my kids EVER did ANYTHING remotely that irresponsible!
Pray the wind stops, and pray for our mountains and dry land.
We need rain!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Catch up.

Well, today was blissfully uneventful.
William had a hard time walking around this morning... but otherwise just a day filled with laundry, food and cleaning.
We had some neighbors over to discuss the clueless wonders and what we are going to do about them. Came up with some great ideas... I'll spill if anything comes to fruition.
I have been a scarf making machine everynight. My Mama fell in LOVE with 3 this morning, and wants to sell them at her beauty shop. I was very flattered.
My car is all fixed, and we are very happy with our new mechanic. We will definitely be bringing our other cars and our Motorhome to him in the future.
We got phone calls from all kinds of people today wondering how Will was. It was nice.
The guy who hit him called too. I actually feel bad for him. It's gotta suck to be the driver in that instance. I also got a bunch of phone calls from people telling me they saw the whole thing and if I needed a statement, they would be happy to oblige. I don't think I'll need them.
My brain hurts. I'm going to bed.
My baby is fine, and I am sooo thankful.
So grateful.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Will had an accident

Holy Crap!
My son Will and a CAR collided today.
I am totally freaking out!
He's fine, scraped up and sore, but okay... THANK GOD!
He was riding down the street and a car turned left in front of him and he hit the van on the side.
Alex, his brother, saw the whole thing. Bill was about 50 feet way, and Johnny and I had just pulled out of the park and started for home, when my cell phone rang with Bill rambling on about something.
I didn't have my earbud on, and I missed the part where he told me Will was in a accident.
So all I heard was Will and Bill talking in the background.
So I hung up, called Bill back and he got a little miffed with me because he thought I had heard him, and he just wanted me to come back... so he kept saying... Saundra... come back to the park, turn around and come back, just come back.
So... I went back.
Then I saw my baby on the side of the road, sitting on the curb, with a bloody elbow, and bloody knee and people all around him.
My stomach lurched.
I got out of the car, knelt down next to him, and tried with all my might not to break down in tears in front of all those people. I just kept touching his skin, feeling for anything broken, checking his eyes, looking at him, seeing he was really all in one piece and really right in front of me.
After a little talking and bantering, he got up, got into the car... and we drove home.
As soon as I entered the house, I started really crying profusely.
Hugging him too tightly, kissing his face, telling myself he is okay and in one piece, drenching his shirt with my tears.
Then Alex and Bill came home, and Alex saw the whole thing and decided it was a great time to give me a blow by blow of the account.
Not a good idea... it only made me cry more.
So I really, really wanted Will to see a Doctor, and Will swears he is fine.
Tomorrow I'll take him in.
The kicker is the guy that hit him is Alex's soccer coach!
We just won our game 10 minutes prior!
You know... my kids nit pick and banter and squabble all. the. time. ALL THE TIME!
This little episode scared them silly.
Alex said he was sick with fear for Will, and when he saw his brother get hit, he dropped everything and ran to him.
And right now... Alex has asked Will about 100 times if he is okay.
I can sense the fear of loss in Alex. It warmed my heart and made me cry again.
Johnny has been asking him if he needs anything all night.
So sweet.
My kids are close, but they banter all the time.
They are so close in age, and being the same gender helps the banter along.
My husband even gets into the mix everyday.
I am odd man out... and so happy about it!
So he is okay. Bruised and scraped and now bandaged up... but okay.
Thank God!

Friday, October 10, 2008

10 biggest fears

Okay, I'm going to follow LazyCrazyMama's lead and do Mama Kat's writing prompts too.
I need this.
I need to get started on my book, and I think writing with this workshop will help me. goes.
My Ten Biggest Fears
(aside from losing kids, family and other special people)
1. I. HATE. SNAKES. H-A-T-E THEM! When I was about 10 my Papa would take up up to Lytle Creek to pick raspberries and enjoy the ice cold water in the 110 heat of summer.
After one especially hot day, we were going back to his truck, and it was surrounded by at least 10 snakes. I screamed like someone was cutting my legs off with a butter knife.
They were hissing, and coiling, and slithering and ooohhhh they were AWFUL, AWFUL, AWFUL! Papa took a huge shovel he kept in the bed of the truck and proceeded to slice each and every one of them in two. The gross part? They don't die right away! They slither and wiggle even more! I don't know how I stayed conscious!
Remember the movie SSSSSSSSS? Yeah... I know!
2. Change. I am afraid of any sort of change. Like when grocery stores change their set ups.
What is that! Just when I get used to it... they go and rearrange everything.
Why does it make sense to them to put cosmetics across the way from baby food?
Is that better somehow?
3. Heights. I'm okay as long as there is a floor beneath me. We were in Toronto one year, and we went up to the CN Tower, and they have a glass bottom floor 1400 feet up.
I was okay outside, looking over the edge... but then we went inside to see the glass floor and I freaked out.
The boys were walking all over it and I just stood there, like a statue.
I can't go on glass bottom floor boats if I have to stand on the glass.
No thank you.
4. Being caught without a bra on some mornings when we are running late to school and I just rush out the door in my sleepwear.
That would be horrible.
5. being stranded out in my car with no cell reception. So... being the planner that I am... I always have a blanket, flashlight, batteries, granola bars, extra shoes, spare pair of glasses, a change of clothes, lots of water, and money stashed in the car at all times.
6. Needles. I can't watch them go into any part of any body, even on TV. I don't mind getting shots or giving blood, I just can't watch the needle. Yuck!
7. Losing my memory. I think that would be horrible. To not remember all the wonderful memories of my kids and my wedding, and our trips... would be completely awful.
8. Going under General Anesthesia. I have never been under. 3 oral surgeries, 3 c sections, root canals, 3 wisdom teeth pulled, all awake.
9. Not raising good men. I fear the world will turn them against all my hard work.
10. Being irrelevant. I think a lot of women experience that.
We have a lot to say, and there are still people that think because we have vajayjays we aren't
Okay... that's my 10 fears. what are yours?

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Update on Will

It hurts.
He is sick about missing his game.
Today is the very first day since July he has been home before 7 p.m. on a weekday.
When I picked him up, the team was doing warm ups.
I just kept quietly saying
"Well, no more missing assignments, no more missed's that simple."
after every loud sigh he made.
I really think he thought I was going to cave.
No way on earth that was going to happen.
Not even if the coach called would I have changed my mind.
Academic BEFORE athletics is the only mantra I hold.
You can break a bone or pull a tendon and be out of commission, but no one can take your education away from you.
Just thought I'd give an update.
Motherhood is so dang difficult sometimes!

William doesn't take 4 steps.

Ugh! High Schoolers!
I've had a bit of a dilemma these past few weeks.
William is putting in 14-16 hour days as you know. I know he is bogged down with Football and Homework, and so far, he has done a great job keeping both in balance.
I check all his homework every. single. night. to make sure it's done and for content.
I ACTUALLY see the homework.
I know it's done.
I see him doing it every night.
HE has a big problem with TURNING IT IN!
A couple of missed assignments and an A grade is a B- instantly!
I've done everything possible to get him to understand the importance of keeping his work in the fantastic binder I bought him that does everything but do the dishes! I've organized it WITH him, I've taken away all his electronic stuff when he misses work, I've taken away his reffing as punishment to get him to understand I mean business... I've made him stay home when we go do something fun... I've done it all... except one thing.
I gave him the month of September as a grace period to get his act together.
We have this awesome program, like many schools have, called Edline, and I get reports every day about his work, grades, tests, download his homework for him every day and post it on his door for him. It is wonderful!
I've emailed his teachers, and spoken to them.
They love him!
They tell me he is very intelligent... inquisitive...he participates well, he shows enthusiasm for learning... he just never has his work out and ready.
This school does NOT ACCEPT late work. Not even one minute.
It's all prep for college. Professors don't care if you have it in your car or backpack... get it in NOW! At least all my professors were that way.
So... at my wits end... and after threatening to do this... I did it... and am following through all the way.
October 1st I told him if he has one missing assignment, he would miss a Football game.
Not only did he miss one... he chose not to turn in FOUR (4) !
I lost it.
I took it as a direct act of insubordination.
He's feeling it now. The second I got the homework report on Monday, I called Richard, our Athletic Director and my friend and told him Will was on Mama Academic Probation and would NOT be playing on today's game.
Richard was understanding, but I could tell they need Will.
I am a stone.
Right now... I don't care.
He has to learn that there are consequences for your actions.
So, today... William thought I might have softened and sweetly asked me if he was playing.
The answer, like it always is when I dole out a punishment was No.
I don't even know why he even asked.
I never reneg on my decisions.
Once you let them off once, they don't take anything seriously.
I'm trying to raise stellar kids, and I don't play like that.
He gets it.
I hope it lasts. I don't want to take another game away.
But... you know what? I don't feel badly about this one.
I am the Mama, and he has to learn. Sometimes learning is hard.
Life is hard. We don't always get what we want unless we put forth 100% effort, and even then it isn't guaranteed.
He worked at 80% and this is where it landed him.
I told him over and over this morning...
"Dude, if you had just walked the 4 steps to turn the work YOU ALREADY DID in, we wouldn't be having this conversation!"
He has since devised a plan of putting all his done work in a totally separate compartment of his backpack, in the order of his classes.
He is such a great kid... This will only make him better.
I know it.
I also need him to know that I am doing this out of love. So I grabbed his shoulders, way up there, and looked into his gorgeous, foot- long eyelashed eyes, and told him how much I adore him, how special he is, how brilliant and wonderful he is... and a tiny little tear formed
in his eye.
I think he finally gets it.
This MUST be how God feels about us when we don't listen... huh?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My crocheted flowers!

I got a great phone call this morning...
Letti asked if I would sell my scarves at the Holiday Boutique we are doing in November!
I am so flattered... and uh... YEAH!
I was kinda makin' them for it along with my PC stuff.
I am going to put "signature" one of a kind, handmade flowers on one end to make them different and stand out.
I am having a great time making these things.
It get sooo cold around here during Baseball season, and scarves make everything all toasty and warm.
I need to learn how to do gloves. Andi made a great pair, and she just did them... no pattern.
I need to do that.
I may make some hats too.
I need to open up a Bread/Coffee/Tea/CookingSchool/Crochet/Knitting/Yarn/Book Store.
Too much?
Yeah... maybe you're right.
It would incorporate all my passions into one place though.
Now all I need is a totally rich uncle I don't know, that knows about me and has made me the sole heiress to his fantastic fortune!
I have a plan! I just have to put into action!
Maybe I'll call the Locator!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What's up and a new Hobby!

The two on the right are loom knitted... the white one was crocheted.
The flowers are loomed too! On a flower loom!

3 of my now 10 looms.

The next scarf. I got all that done last night while listening to Dancing with the Stars. I don't have to look at what I am doing when I crochet... but this? I need too.


There's a different car in my garage right now, and it doesn't belong to me.

No! I didn't suddenly take up stealing cars, although, this one drives so smoothly and is so comfortable, if I were a car thief... I would choose it.

My car was in desperate need of a tune up. My first clue was the flashing
CHECK ENGINE SOON light blinking on my dashboard. Kinda hard to miss.
It was shaking quite a bit yesterday morning on the way to school too. The boys thought we were having another earthquake.
SO... instead of my driving up the hill to get our Bronco from my FIL, my MIL offered to let us drive her beautiful Buick until mine is all done.
You might get your car back!!! I'm not sure! It drives like a dream!
THE ONLY thing I don't like about it is how low to the ground it is.
I'm just not used to it.
I drive a huge Expedition, and it's quite a hike up into it.
I can see other people doing all sorts of things in their cars when I drive it.
The Buick makes me feel like my butt is forever dragging on the pavement.
{More than Mother Nature already has it understand... along with my twins, they haven't seen due west in years...}
Maxine even gave us a heads up on her mechanic. So we didn't have to take it into the dealership.
Besides, it's paid off, and the warranty is up... so now I feel like I can take it anywhere.
OOOOHHHHH! Now I can stop asking why it happened now!!!
The warranty is up and and it's paid off! Of COURSE it had to need something!
Murphy's law!
Got it!
I'm a little slow on the uptake these days.
Yesterday at carpool was funny and frightening.
Johnny ran, full speed, to a white utility truck he THOUGHT was his Father's, and completely passed me up. While we all got a laugh at is momentary lapse in car identity... it prompted a useful mini lecture on making sure they notice the DRIVER, not the car, in the future.
All we humans are creatures of habit.
Those of you who know me, know I adore crocheting. I haven't done it in about 5 months until recently. I finished up my SIL's afghan, and it got me going again in the evenings.
Well, I made the HUGE mistake of going to the Joann's fabric and crafts in Redlands 2 weeks ago.
O. M. G!
I've acquired a new passion!
Loom Knitting!
Damn those stores for putting things on SALE!
I know.. I know... like I needed another hobby, but you have GOT to see the scarves I can make in 1 hour at night! They are soft... luxurious... comfy... warm... and oh so EASY!
I am totally addicted!
I bought every freakin' loom I could get my hands on!
I only work on it at night, after all the lunches are made, dinner is done, kids are in bed, and kitchen is clean. Then I race to to my loom. My hands itch to do it all day... but if I did, my sinks would be full, my floors would be black, my clothes would never get done, and dinner would never be ready.
So I reward myself from doing my work at home, Pampered Chef and housework, by working my Looms at night.
My Mom came over on Sunday, and she thought I bought the scarves!
On Saturday night, I searched the Net for instructions on how to crochet flowers, and now I can make those too! Not just the loom ones.
Yeah.. I know... I'm a wild and crazy gal, knitting on a Saturday night with my family all around me. Y'all are just jealous! Humph! hee hee :)
That long blue loom is going to be a shawl or a ruana. I can't decide.
Okay... no more loom talk.
I don't want it LOOMING over me, that I made everyone all gLOOMy with my LOOM talk.
Loom, Loom, skip to my Loom, Loom Loom, skip to my Loom...

Sunday, October 5, 2008

William in Action!

My Man child lookin' at the score board. Doesn't he look cute?

The scrimmage... you know... when I lost my camera.

That's gotta be hell on the knees... but he never complains.

He just would not look up in the stands!

Right after this picture... he SACKED the quarterback!!!


He has a gorgeous cheerleader after him. She calls him every day after his practice and asks how it went. He was very up front with her and told her he wasn't allowed to date or have girlfriends for a few years. I met her parents last week, and they said she isn't allowed to date for 2 more years either. She told William differently. I laughed. I told him her truth.

He is getting razzed a little at school about his being so truthful... but he knows how we feel about academics before EVERYTHING else, and girls do not fit into the college plan he has mapped out for himself. Bill and I both tell him he can date MANY girls, when the time comes, but not one exclusively.

They just aren't ready for anything serious until they are out of high school. So many stupid things happen when kids try to grow up or "play house" too early. I don't want any grandbabies for at least 1o years, and preferably AFTER the marriage.

She is a cutie.


Saturday, October 4, 2008

Budget friendly Christmas...

It's October, and I have been hearing Christmas music at the mall already. It actually started the first week of September.
I thought I would post some ideas on how to have a lovely holiday season, without putting one thing dime on a credit card.
I once heard a woman say... "When you give someone a gift you paid for with a credit card, you are not giving that person a gift, but you are essentially giving them debt."
Gifts don't have to be extravagant to be meaningful.
On the day of my wedding, my Maid of Honor didn't have any money to buy me a gift.
She is a fantastic writer, so she wrote me a letter so beautiful, so meaningful, so utterly special, that I tucked it in my bouquet and carried it down the aisle with me.
Do you know what?
The only wedding gifts I still own are my bone china settings, and my penoir, and...
that letter.
I read it every year on my Wedding Anniversary, so I can remember that special moment
when I felt so much sisterly love and happiness that I was a girl, I couldn't speak.
All those other gifts are long gone... either broken, out of date, or just never used and given to those less fortunate. In a fire, my kids, my pictures, and that letter would be all I take with me.
It means that much to me.
Never underestimate the power of words, preferably written or sung, as gifts.
When someone reads a letter of love you've written, it imprints on your heart forever.
Things like that aren't soon forgotten.
Other heart felt and inexpensive items to give are...
1. Your services to babysit, clean, wash their car, or garden for them.
2. A lovely plate of special cookies and the ingredients to make them again.
3.Freshly baked bread, honey butter in a basket.
4. Movie tickets, popcorn, and big bowl.
5. A poem you wrote.
6. A framed of their name and their qualities.
7. Dry erase board and markers
8. Itunes card
9. Magazines
10. Crochet or knit anything!
11. Frame a picture of you and them!
12. Invite them over for a lovely dinner and make a special dessert!
13. Sprite, and Grenadine and a card with Shirley Temple on it.
14. A bottle of Stella Rosa Wine
15. a Dream board waiting for all their dreams
16. A lovely Apron, written on by you, some sentiments of family mealtimes
17. Pantry stock up... vanilla, baking soda, baking powder, jello, salt, pepper etc...
18. Kitchen towels... can't have too many of those.
19. Big bottle of Detergent, some Bounce and laundry basket!
20. Tons of diapers for a new Mama. And a gift Certifcate for a pedicure for her.
I hope this helps! Some may sound dumb to you... but you would be surprised how some of the dumb ones are appreciated!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Look Ma! I got an award for just showin' up!

I love being the age I am.
I'm 40 by the way.
I love the clarity my late thirties and 40 has brought to me.
Years ago, I would have been too timid or afraid to say or do many of the things I am able to do and say now. In my late teens and early twenties, I was so afraid that someone didn't like me,
or if I said the wrong thing, my life would be over. It used to matter that I won all the time, or always had an answer for everything.
Even when my kids were small, I used to have such grandiose goals for them, they would be the star this, the smartest that, the best at whatever, have the best of everything, and you know what?
I am so glad I was a little older when I had my children!
Those things are SOOO not important!
Don't get me wrong... I want my boys to go to college, own homes of their own, be successful at whatever they choose to do, and to choose a level of success that makes them happy, but not at the cost of who they are, or to just try and please me.
It makes me to sad to see parents giving their kids all the toys and trinkets they think will make their kids like them and be happy well adjusted kids.
It makes me upset to see parents jumping up and down on the sidelines of a game belittling their kids for losing. Uber competitive parents leave a very bad taste in my mouth. I want to scream at them and say... "Why don't your get off your butt and do it yourself, since you are so perfect!"
Those kind of parents are the reason we have this mentality of "Everyone gets a trophy for just participating! Look at my baby! He/She got a trophy! Just for showing up!" WHY! Give trophies to only first place, and help the child learn that it is an earned trophy.
I shudder to think of the types of people all these kids will become.
Boss: "Jack Jumper, I need you and Sally Simply to run a status report on all our clients asap. Get it on my desk by 5 p.m. today.
Jack Jumper: "Okay, we'll get right on it"
Jack goes to lunch and Sally stays in for lunch to get the work done.
4:45 p.m.
Boss:"Jack, Sally, have you got those reports ready?"
Jack Jumper: "Uh... yes sir... it's right here.
Boss: "Sally, did I notice you stayed in for lunch today?"
Sally :" Yes sir. To get the reports done."
Boss: "Well, Sally, that shows initiative. Don't be afraid to ask for help next time, and thank you.
Jack Jumper (he got trophies all his life for just being there) "I was there, I was in the office, do I get credit?"
Okay, Okay, maybe that is an over simplified, albeit, really stupid example, but do you catch my drift?
I remember playing baseball as a kid and NOT getting a trophy, because we weren't in first place, and it made me want to strive for first the next year.
I remember when not everyone made it for baseball teams.
I remember when not making it for something and being told "Better luck next time, kid",
and it was OKAY!
So many kids these days aren't taught how to be gracious losers.
Character building, life lessons, and all kinds of good, long lasting things happen when we don't always succeed at any cost.
At William's Football game yesterday, it was such a beautiful, humbling, God inspired experience when we lost our first game of the season.
The OTHER Christian School, gave us a rousing applause, and were truly nice and gracious about their win, which was decisive.
Our boys were fantastically gracious young men that took the loss with their heads held high.
What you DON'T see with our little schools, is name calling, belittling, or cat calls. No rival gang signs or putting the other team down. We all walked through the same gates, the other schools parents and us and we talked, and gave compliments to each others teams, asked what number their baby was, and said we looked forward to seeing each other at the next sporting event.
We were good natured "rivals" not mortal enemies.
It is so important now, more than ever, to teach our children to be happy with what they have, and to delight in things for a longer period of time.
Our current economy isn't stable, because of the greed of some others, and all the people that were buying everything up on their credit cards to keep up with the Jones's, and living beyond their means for the last 8 years are going to be in a world of hurt soon. Their kids, who were never said "no " to, will now start to understand what it means to be on a "budget", and little Suzy might not be able to buy $600 purses much longer,because Mommie can't even pay her credit card bill.
We need to stop considering people with the best cars, biggest houses, and biggest TV's as the successful people, and start revering those who pinch a penny now and then, save for rainy days, and use their money as investments opportunities instead of instant gratifications.
Did you know that Warren Buffett, the richest guy in America, drives himself to work every day in a used Chrysler? and still lives in a smallish house in Omaha with modest furnishings, and won't be giving his own grandchildren but $100,000 when he dies?
Why? So they will know the value of working for what you get.
Have you ever wanted something so much it hurt?
When you got it... was it worth it?
Was it an idea? or something you could touch?
In this day and age... I implore you to hold back on over extending yourselves monetarily.
Especially to our children.
Use this time, when Wall Street has a spur in it's butt, as a teaching method for your kids.
Teach them to budget, not spend on credit cards at all, and to list their wants and needs in two lists. It will help them out immensely in the future.
Try not to give them rewards, just because they are around, but for really worthwhile things.
Praise from our mouths is just a valuable as praise from our wallets.
I care for my brothers and sisters on planet earth. I see so much going on. Lots of complaints about not being able to afford this or that, but they are spending 100 bucks on dinner out that night for the third time that week, or they bought snow ski's when they could have paid a credit card bill. Sometimes we just can't have what we want when we want it... and so many people don't understand that.
The overspending season is coming. Think before you buy.
I'll post more ideas on how to afford the holidays in a few weeks.

Thursday stuff

I have apparently become quite the joiner these days.
I joined the Booster Club at Will's High School a few months ago and am helping raise funds with a Golf Tournament, a banner a program and a Walk a Thon... and tonight, on the baseball board I am on, I decided to take over the dreaded Snack Bar.
I. AM. Stupid!
I just have to keep repeating to myself... It's only for 3 months (the snack bar thing).
It's only for 3 months!
Today was Will's JV football game. They lost, but it was such fun!
Will played offense AND defense.
I made homemade pizza and he woolfed it down in 30 seconds after the game.
Three hours of work diminished in half a minute.
I got a call today from a Sargeant at our police department. I wasn't home to answer the phone, but I got the message tonight, and can't figure out what he could possibly want.
He said he got a message to call me.
I'm clueless.
Maybe they want me to testify against the idiots down the street!
Hey, that would be nothing but fun!
The very first thing I would say is "Throw the book at 'em!" Whatever that means.
My dogs have finally both healed well. Daisy is a little dog that THINKS she is a Doberman Pinscher! She is tough though! My cable man came over last week, and she nearly bit his ankle off!
Well, I lead a very boring life. Not much else to tell. It's late, I can't sleep and this hasn't made me tired either.
Maybe tomorrow I'll do something exciting and post it! What could it be... hmmmm.
Everyone seems to be posting things they are Thankful for on Thursdays.
So I'll bite. I've been tagged 5 times already. So here goes, in no particular order.
1. I am thankful for healthy kids. Every week I see a poor woman pushing her lovely Cerebral Palsy daughter all over the football games, and it gives me pause to say a little thank you to God for my healthy kids.
2. I am thankful for Zicam. That stuff is MIRACLE! A TRUE MIRACLE! I took it at the veery first sign of a cold, 4 times a day, at my cold lasted only 3 days, and I am all well.
3. I am thankful for Bill's job. He has blessed me with being a stay at home Mama for 14 1/2 years now and been able to pay for three private school tuitions for the past 10 years and take us on 3 vacations per year, and even though times are tough everywhere, he still wants me to be home and not work so I can be here for my men. He retires in 7 years, and then we will do something we love, together and make money at it. Not one day goes by where I don't Thank God for the blessings. I will never take it for granted.
4. My whole house fan. Truly one of the best inventions ever created! Why every single house in America doesn't come with one standard, is beyond me. It is AWESOME!
Okay... done. That was exhausting.
I'm tired now.
Going to bed... to bed I said!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Click on Followers... Click on Followers... Click on...

Hey all...
Just a quick note to let you in on a new feature to the right...
It's called Followers.
If you read my blog all the time... and I know who you are, and THANK YOU! by the way,
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My friend Cheri has the BEST picture and I am soooo gonna steal it!
She wrote her Surname in the beach sand and took a picture of it!
Soooo, you know how I am.
I'll cry if I don't see anyone clicking follow.
Then I'll get all sappy,
blithering on and on about this or that...
writing love letters to you,
embarrassing you...
crying some more...
then getting mad,
then getting furious...
then thinking of turning into a Perez Hilton and blogging all kinds
of terrible things about you... and
HUH? Oh, I must have been having a nightmare.
For a second there, I thought you were all thinking of never clicking "Follow".
I know better than that!
So there you have it!
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Go on... get to clicking!
Don't make me beg?
Oh! Too late for that!
Que Sera Sera!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


The Images of Mother
4 YEARS OF AGE - My Mommy can do anything!
8 YEARS OF AGE - My Mom knows a lot! A whole lot!
12 YEARS OF AGE - My Mother doesn't really know quite everything.
14 YEARS OF AGE - Naturally, Mother doesn't know that, either.
16 YEARS OF AGE - Mother? She's hopelessly old-fashioned.
18 YEARS OF AGE - That old woman? She's way out of date
25 YEARS OF AGE - Well, she might know a little bit about it .
35 YEARS OF AGE - Before we decide, let's get Mom's opinion.
45 YEARS OF AGE - Call Mom, she can answer that.
55 YEARS OF AGE - Wonder what Mom would have thought aboutit?
65 YEARS OF AGE - Wish I could talk it over with Mom.
The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place wherelove resides. The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mole, but true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she shows, and the beauty of a woman with passing years only grows!