Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My crocheted flowers!

I got a great phone call this morning...
Letti asked if I would sell my scarves at the Holiday Boutique we are doing in November!
I am so flattered... and uh... YEAH!
I was kinda makin' them for it along with my PC stuff.
I am going to put "signature" one of a kind, handmade flowers on one end to make them different and stand out.
I am having a great time making these things.
It get sooo cold around here during Baseball season, and scarves make everything all toasty and warm.
I need to learn how to do gloves. Andi made a great pair, and she just did them... no pattern.
I need to do that.
I may make some hats too.
I need to open up a Bread/Coffee/Tea/CookingSchool/Crochet/Knitting/Yarn/Book Store.
Too much?
Yeah... maybe you're right.
It would incorporate all my passions into one place though.
Now all I need is a totally rich uncle I don't know, that knows about me and has made me the sole heiress to his fantastic fortune!
I have a plan! I just have to put into action!
Maybe I'll call the Locator!


  1. I am so glad that you are going to be making some scarves for the boutique. I can't wait to see them.

  2. Add beading to that shop and we can go into business together.

  3. Thanks Letti. I am making one scarf a day... What I don't sell will be Christmas Gifts.

    Angela... don't forget furniture too! I need about a million bucks.

    I wonder if Congress will give it to me. They are giving everyone else money but the ones that need it!

  4. I Love these!!! you'll have to show me how to make them.

  5. Andi! Thanks! I'm pretty proud of them too! I went to utube and took a couple of tutorials. I also went to google and typed in

    Crochet Flowers and found a huge list of them with patterns.

    I would love to teach you though. I modified almost all of them.

  6. How cool!!! Yay! And those flowers are beautiful!


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