Sunday, October 19, 2008

Get outta debt!

I made the HUGE mistake of watching the news last night.
I get my news from the newspaper and from news services I subscribe to, so I don't have to hear the tone in a speakers voice about all the doom and gloom about our economy.
I don't need some talking head telling me my money isn't going to stretch as far as it used to,
I feel it every day... when I shop, or drive by a gas station (I'm sorry, $3.25 a gallon IS NOT a "good" price for gas!, when our economy is so in the toilet!)
I still choose to look at this situation we've gotten ourselves into as a blessing in disguise.
Yes, I said it... I said "we".
I am NOT, for one second, going to lay all the blame on Wall Street, or even our sad excuse for an administration, or the banks.
Everyone was at fault.
While I know the banks, and the White House were idiots, so were all those ADULTS that walked into an establishment, asked for a loan, AND BOUGHT THE LINE OF CRAP SOME LOAN OFFICER WAS FEEDING THEM!
I have been preaching for 16 years... IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE... IT IS... IT REALLY AND TRULY IS!
Why would someone walk in to borrow $300,000.00 and walk out borrowing $600.000.00
I know why...
We live in a country that believes
"He who dies with the most toys, biggest house, most credit cards in your wallet, the desire to keep up with the Jones, the most designer clothes, and children that walk around with $1000 purses, WINS!"
Come on!
Our Commander in Chief... after 9/11 told us to "GO SHOPPING" to show those terrorists!
Shopping was the cure and our revenge?
Look where it got us!
I saw a snippet on Oprah at my dentist's office on Friday, and she was making a huge deal about how all the parents that have been giving carte blanche to their kids for the past few years, are now suddenly having to say 'NO' to their children!
Oh no! Perish the thought!
They have to say "NO"? What to do! What to do!
I freakin' told ya so!
Instead of teaching their kids the value of money, and how it can work for them, and to put it to good solid use... they now have 5 Ipods, 25 Louis Vuittons, closets full of designer clothes,
tv's the size of movie screens, cars they can't afford, and vacation memories that they are still paying on...
I feel for people... I really do... but some people are just dumb!
They are ADULTS, and are blaming someone, or something else, for their dilemma some of the time! They are mad at others because they put all their purchases on credit cards, didn't pay them, and are now in major financial debt with horrendous credit, and it's somehow someone else's fault!!!
Don't get me wrong... I know some people are losing their jobs, and I'm not complaining about that... we need to help them... but I'm talking about the
"I'm gonna live like Paris Hilton" wannabe's that don't have a clue!
A few years back, I was walking into 5,000 sq. foot homes "owned" by 22 yr old newlyweds.
Each had a BMW in the driveway, the entire house was furnished, even the six bedrooms.
She was hosting a PC show, and wanted to show off their beautiful home with a housewarming party. I was awestruck how two 22 yr. olds could have purchased... let alone furnish... a home like that. I had been married with three kids for 12 years then, and my modest home, with the microscopic bathrooms, 10 yr. old carpet, closet sized kitchen (before the remodel) looked like a cave to me upon walking into their home. Just for one second... I felt a pang of...
"Holy crap! My husband makes 3 times what these kids make, and we don't live like this!"
Then I came back to reality.
I was only gone for a second.
I remembered I only buy with cash, never credit,
and that was something to be proud of.
(But holy moly... did that house want to be mine... yes it did!)
3 months ago... I did a show in their neighborhood, and half of the homes we're empty, with "For sale" signs on them that touted they were repo's.
My heart sank for them.
They bought the line of crap, hook, line and sinker.
The sad thing... both of them were Loan Officers. They should have known better.
It is never safe to live beyond your means.
Oy Vay, what a mess!
What a mess our kids are going to have to clean up!
Unfortunately, many of those kids were brought up with parents that couldn't say "no".
I implore you... let's help each other out. When our friends tell us they are going to buy
a brand new boat, and their kids don't have medical insurance, be kind, and tell them what a bad idea that is! You may lose a friend for a while, but it may get them thinking.
If a friend "needs a vacation" and is about to put an entire Hawaiian vacation on a credit card and "live it up" to escape their problems... remind them the vacation lasts only a week but the bill may last forever! Give them ideas for inexpensive, but satisfying, cash only alternatives.
We need to help each other!
We need to be honest with ourselves and realize the Jones' aren't all that their cracked up to be!
The Jones' are up to their eyeballs in debt and sadness! How do I know?
Because everyone trying to be just like them are too!
Christmas is coming. Take up a hobby and start 'making' your gifts to people.
Remember the old saying?
It's the thought that counts?
Think hard people... think really hard.
I love you my sisters and friends!
Be smart. Be better. Be debt free for Christmas.
Spend only the money you have on hand, after the bills are paid.
I promise... you will so much happier for the Holidays.
I have a bunch of items in my PC catalog under $20 bucks that make awesome gifts!
Eat, THINK, and be Merry!


  1. I have been in serious debt and I now realize the importance of getting out of it! That is a horrible horrible feeling owing so much. I was the one that charged the vacation and did all that. Didn't get pulled into the housing crunch THANK GOODNESS but did have that debt. is how I roll! : )

  2. Denise... at least now you know, and hopefully won't do it again!
    Life is about learning!

    How do you think I learned? yep... debt.

    You are going to feel soooo great when it's all paid off!

  3. Your website is already helping! Keep it Saundra!

  4. Amen! That's why we are still in our little house after 18 years and it will be totally paid off in less than 2 years, yeah!!

  5. I have no idea how I found you, but I am glad I did! ;-)

  6. Kate, kathy and Anonymous, Thank you so much...I'm glad you found me and congratulations!


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