Monday, October 13, 2008

Fire Season... again.

This is one spooky picture.
My Father in Law experienced this exact type of scenario in 2003.
The fire skimmed his property line in Hesperia.
It was horrifying.
While picking William up from Football tonight, the San Bernardino Freeway fire completely engulfed our little city in smoke.
We could barely breathe in when we got home.
We have HEPA filters on our Air conditioning screens, (Bill is an HVAC contractor)
so we don't smell it at all in our house, but it sure is strong our there.
The wind decided to stop just in time for the smoke to get here... of course.
I love October, because my Anniversary is this month... but I really hate the Fire season.
Stupid firebugs get all itchy when the wind blows.
A ten year old started one last year that burned half of the mountains in the Orange county hills.
I don't think they ever did anything to him or the parents.
I would be mortified if my kids EVER did ANYTHING remotely that irresponsible!
Pray the wind stops, and pray for our mountains and dry land.
We need rain!


  1. Wow! That picture is AMAZING! I hate fire season too! DH has been down in LA for the past few days putting out the fire. HOPING he comes home today although the fire is still only 20% contained!

    I pray for all of you down there! I pray for rain too! We need it too!!

  2. Isn't that a scary one?

    Your DH is a hero! Firefighters rock!

  3. I am so sorry... Fires are scary here in Cali, I am in the Northern area. Enjoy your anniversary! Mine is also in October!


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