Thursday, October 9, 2008

William doesn't take 4 steps.

Ugh! High Schoolers!
I've had a bit of a dilemma these past few weeks.
William is putting in 14-16 hour days as you know. I know he is bogged down with Football and Homework, and so far, he has done a great job keeping both in balance.
I check all his homework every. single. night. to make sure it's done and for content.
I ACTUALLY see the homework.
I know it's done.
I see him doing it every night.
HE has a big problem with TURNING IT IN!
A couple of missed assignments and an A grade is a B- instantly!
I've done everything possible to get him to understand the importance of keeping his work in the fantastic binder I bought him that does everything but do the dishes! I've organized it WITH him, I've taken away all his electronic stuff when he misses work, I've taken away his reffing as punishment to get him to understand I mean business... I've made him stay home when we go do something fun... I've done it all... except one thing.
I gave him the month of September as a grace period to get his act together.
We have this awesome program, like many schools have, called Edline, and I get reports every day about his work, grades, tests, download his homework for him every day and post it on his door for him. It is wonderful!
I've emailed his teachers, and spoken to them.
They love him!
They tell me he is very intelligent... inquisitive...he participates well, he shows enthusiasm for learning... he just never has his work out and ready.
This school does NOT ACCEPT late work. Not even one minute.
It's all prep for college. Professors don't care if you have it in your car or backpack... get it in NOW! At least all my professors were that way.
So... at my wits end... and after threatening to do this... I did it... and am following through all the way.
October 1st I told him if he has one missing assignment, he would miss a Football game.
Not only did he miss one... he chose not to turn in FOUR (4) !
I lost it.
I took it as a direct act of insubordination.
He's feeling it now. The second I got the homework report on Monday, I called Richard, our Athletic Director and my friend and told him Will was on Mama Academic Probation and would NOT be playing on today's game.
Richard was understanding, but I could tell they need Will.
I am a stone.
Right now... I don't care.
He has to learn that there are consequences for your actions.
So, today... William thought I might have softened and sweetly asked me if he was playing.
The answer, like it always is when I dole out a punishment was No.
I don't even know why he even asked.
I never reneg on my decisions.
Once you let them off once, they don't take anything seriously.
I'm trying to raise stellar kids, and I don't play like that.
He gets it.
I hope it lasts. I don't want to take another game away.
But... you know what? I don't feel badly about this one.
I am the Mama, and he has to learn. Sometimes learning is hard.
Life is hard. We don't always get what we want unless we put forth 100% effort, and even then it isn't guaranteed.
He worked at 80% and this is where it landed him.
I told him over and over this morning...
"Dude, if you had just walked the 4 steps to turn the work YOU ALREADY DID in, we wouldn't be having this conversation!"
He has since devised a plan of putting all his done work in a totally separate compartment of his backpack, in the order of his classes.
He is such a great kid... This will only make him better.
I know it.
I also need him to know that I am doing this out of love. So I grabbed his shoulders, way up there, and looked into his gorgeous, foot- long eyelashed eyes, and told him how much I adore him, how special he is, how brilliant and wonderful he is... and a tiny little tear formed
in his eye.
I think he finally gets it.
This MUST be how God feels about us when we don't listen... huh?

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  1. Being a mom has its goos times and bad times. This is one of the bad times but it takes a good momther to do what you are doing and I know plenty that would just let it go and threaten. Parents these days make me crazy when they would rather be cool or their friend instead of being the parent.


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