Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Long time no hear Jody!

Holy Cow!!!
What I thought was gonna be just another day... with my back hurting, and no idea what to make for dinner even though I have tons of stuff prepped... I get a message from a
long ago friend on Classmates.
Her name is Jody, and she was in my wedding... well actually, we were in each other's weddings, and we lamented and consoled and cried, and ranted and laughed and did everything together for our weddings! We worked together at So Cal Auto Auction back in the day.
We haven't seen eachother in 15 years.
By the way Jody... I look nothing like I did. Just so you know.
I'm ... a ... lot... more.... well... a lot... more now.
Fluffy! That's it! Fluffy in all the wrong places!
Our lives are sort of parallel...
I'm still older, unfortunately, that will never change, but now she will have sort of "caught up" to be old like me!!!
Oh Jody! I am soooo thrilled to have heard from you!!!
William is experiencing his first Homecoming Week this week.
No, he will not be attending he dance.
Thank GOD!
But, they have a ton of activities planned for the week, and I, bonehead, and Will, bonehead Jr. forgot to get all the stuff ready yesterday. He had the day off and everything.
Today they were supposed to dress up as someone everyone would know.
Totally forgot about it.
This morning, we saw boys dressed as Britney Spears, girls dressed as guys, students dressed as teacher and the principal... it was hilarious.
SOOOOO... tomorrow... each grade has to wear a t shirt in one of the colors of the Twister Game.
9th grade is Yellow.
No, my son does not own a Twister yellow colored T-shirt... so we have to go buy one.
I sure hope I don't have to build anything or make anything for Thursday, because it's just not gonna happen. Besides, he has a game on Thursday.
I hope they take a picture with all the colored Tshirts on.
I have to admit... when Will said Twister.. I was thinking the Movie Twister. I thought we had to make him up to look like he had gone through a tornado. You know... like glue on a bunch of papers, part of a fence, a small cow all over him and mess up his hair and have him walk like he is going headstrong into the wind.
I know... duh!!!
The game Twister is so my era too!
I was wrong. What else is new!
pretty please?
With sugar and chocolate and xanax on top?


  1. It's always fun to hear from an old friend especially one that you are so close too.

    I love all of those fun homecoming activities. I think that when schools do these sorts of things it makes the students come together. Everyone needs school spirit.

  2. Great news on your friend and sorry about your sore back. I love your dress up as twister(the movie) idea WAY better. LOL! I think he should do it just to be funny. And if I had known you were going to offer xanax to followers I would have waited a day ;-)

  3. Isnt it amazing to find all these old friends. That is a great story and lets hope you catch up again! found your blog through SISTA!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Catching up with old friends is always great.

  5. LOL :)

    Oh I love hearing from old friends! How cool is that???!!

    :( Sorry to hear about your back! Take it easy and get some rest woman! Make some of your men do some stuff around the house! :)


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