Sunday, October 5, 2008

William in Action!

My Man child lookin' at the score board. Doesn't he look cute?

The scrimmage... you know... when I lost my camera.

That's gotta be hell on the knees... but he never complains.

He just would not look up in the stands!

Right after this picture... he SACKED the quarterback!!!


He has a gorgeous cheerleader after him. She calls him every day after his practice and asks how it went. He was very up front with her and told her he wasn't allowed to date or have girlfriends for a few years. I met her parents last week, and they said she isn't allowed to date for 2 more years either. She told William differently. I laughed. I told him her truth.

He is getting razzed a little at school about his being so truthful... but he knows how we feel about academics before EVERYTHING else, and girls do not fit into the college plan he has mapped out for himself. Bill and I both tell him he can date MANY girls, when the time comes, but not one exclusively.

They just aren't ready for anything serious until they are out of high school. So many stupid things happen when kids try to grow up or "play house" too early. I don't want any grandbabies for at least 1o years, and preferably AFTER the marriage.

She is a cutie.



  1. Ugh is right!!!! Be careful when "that" one comes along. You remember, right?

  2. NO! Refresh my memory in a private email! yikes!


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