Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday... again!

I have been a crocheting machine lately.
I've made about 2o scarves, and my Mama is so excited to sell them at her beauty shop!
If she doesn't keep all of them for herself, she thinks they will sell well.
We'll see.
I'll post a picture of them really soon.
Will was out of school today because their sister school, RCS had a Golf Tournament.
Yeah... no school for golf. Go figure.
But... it's an awesome fund raiser, and private schools need lots and lots of money since we don't get any money from the state or city government, so here's hoping it went really well.
So Will and I had a nice day together. I'm not used to having someone home with me during the day anymore, so it was weird when I was talking to myself, or just burst into song at any given moment because I got the urge too, that someone heard me and said stuff like...
"Uh Mom... do you always have full on conversations with yourself?"
To which I replied... "Of course! You didn't know that the second you turn 21 it is REQUIRED by law and the higher power of genetics that adults talk to themselves? Sheesh! Get with the program! Dude... I even ANSWER myself! How 'bout that!"
For about 3 seconds he stood there, mouth open, pondering that thought, then said...
"Ha! Good one Ma!"
What eva!
We went to the bank to get William an account, and they wouldn't open one for us.
It seems kids need California ID's now, not just student ID's.
I've had a bank account since I was 6 months old!
I bet if we had gone just three short weeks ago, it would have been no problemo.
It's 14 year old needs checks or a debit card anyway.
But he will need one soon.
We are already teaching him to he'll be needing to pay for gas somehow!
Well, hubby is keeping a place warm for me next to him for our weekly date in front of the boob tube... we watch Heroes together.
Gotta go...


  1. Talking to yourself? Thats just nonsense! You keep talkin' to yourself people will think your crazy!


    I wasn't talking to you!


  2. LOL!!!
    I talk to myself all the time. My boss just laughs at me. I am sure my kids will just roll their eyes and hide from me when they get to the embarrassed stage!

  3. Both of you! thanks for the morning laugh! I'm off to read your blogs now!

    Becky... where did you get a picture of me in the morning? I thought I deleted that one!

  4. Yes, we see you in Roll Call at SITS!

    My boy's name is Will, and we live in CA!


  5. Thanks for checking out Blasts From the Past!
    I looked at your profile and I Love foreign films too! I've seen quite a number of Italian films - Bread and Tulips, Il Postino, Cinema Paradiso...the list goes on. I'm also a fan of the Rat Pack - particularly Sinatra and I love Italian food!

    Check out my poetry blog too, when you get the chance!

    Maybe you can give me some crochet tips - I make something I like to call "slocks".


  6. :) sounds like you had a good day.
    I'm not sure what to tell the little ones when they are old enough to know its a tad on the crazy side to have conversations with yourself ;)
    I can't believe they make kids have an ID!! Crazy! We got one for my daughter with her ss card and me signing a paper... but we live in a very small town...


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