Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Writer's Workshop 4-1-10

The Prompt.
List 10 things blogging has taught me.
MamaKat 's Writer's Workshop is in full swing...
Away we go...
1. There are a LOT of incredible writers out there... who are funny, concise, heartbreaking, soul lifting, hilarious and beautiful... most of them women... which makes my heart sing.
2. To enjoy my camera more.
3. The courage to send my writing pieces to publications I would never have before.
4. That people ACTUALLY read me... religiously... and notice when I'm not around as much... this baffles me to this day... that someone WANTS to read me... I always feel honored and loved...
5.That just because you can't drop in on the blogging friends everyday... doesn't mean they aren't important to my life... my blogging friends are very special to me... and it's a phenomenon I am still getting used to.
6. A lot of people still don't "get" blogging... and continue to look at me a little strangely.
7. People behave around me a lot more now... and I don't like it. People know if they do something to me or around me noteworthy, it will be blogged about.. LOL! I'll never use names.. (well... I can't say "never"... it depends on the crime...) but I will mention what was done...
8. My kids have to constantly ask... "Mom... are you gonna blog about this?"
9. uploading pictures in backwards order SUCKS!
10. Printing a book from my blog is the best way for my future family to really know me... when I'm gone... it's incredible.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Floor goin in!

Well... last week was the pool... this week is the tile in our Master Bedroom.
We have been "Floorless" for about 6 months now... and I've had it...
We tore out the old, disgusting emerald green carpet that was in our room, 6 months ago, and I told Bill I wanted to just have cement in there for a while, so I can get a feel for the look and atmosphere I want in our room... and I have decided on 18 inch Italian Tile. I just picked it out this morning, and our friend and Tile Guy, Rob Dorn is installing it as I type.
No, we didn't hit Lotto, nor do we ever get money back on our taxes... it's just time to get this crud done, so we can get on with some fun living...
I read, every single day... about everyone going to Disneyland, and day trips here and there... and here we are... chained to our house because of all the sports and commitments to different organizations.. and since I have to be here all the time...dang it... I want it to be beautiful... NOW!
My hubby, Bill, has done the other 1200 square feet of tile installation all over the house... and he finally decided to say... "Hey, you do tile... why don't I hire you to do it for me." MUCH TO MY PLEASURE!!! Bill does beautiful work, don't get me wrong... he completely remodeled our kitchen all by himself, 5 years ago... all of it... From this... To this... no help... this picture was taken before all the decorating was done... I can't find that picture, and the kitchen is too messy today to photograph... LOL he built our backyard Cape Cod Style Patio, he is building our new outdoor fireplace, he remodeled our guest bathroom everything... but finally... he cracked that wallet open and decided to let someone else do a little for us... Yay Bill! *** So... I am chained to the house for a little while again... but I don't mind... we are making our house even more of a home... and I can't wait... Pictures forthcoming!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekly prep...

Breakfast bread for the week...
and a huge loaf of sourdough... for the week...
It is necessary for me to have a head start on my week... every week...
With Baseball practices, and games all over Southern California, volunteering, and running my businesses... the LAST thing I want to do is worry about what to make, for breakfast and dinner.
So I sliced up 8 onions, chopped up a bunch of peppers, shredded a boatload of carrots, washed 10 heads of lettuce, sliced up three cucumbers, and made all the lunch sandwiches for the week...
made four loaves of Hawaiian Sweet Bread and Sourdough Loaf for knoshing... (for my men, I am no longer eating bread of any kind)
in just a couple of hours last night...
I have to keep hitting hands and knives away from this bread when I make it... if I didn't keep a careful watch over it... it would literally be gone in one night...
So, I need to wrap each one up, and hide them in different places in the fridge and freezer, so they can have a nice big slice of homemade Hawaiian Bread Toast in the morning... with their eggs and coffee...
I'm almost to my 2 year Anniversary of not having purchased a loaf of any type of bread... no bagels, brioche, rolls, cinnamon rolls.. nothing... but homemade bread...
Now... when my family eats bread elsewhere... they say they can taste the difference, and don't like it much...
Yeah... I know... I'm setting my future Daughters in law up for failure...
I can't help it...
I don't want my family eating any processed foods with unnecessary sugars and preservatives... and this is my way of contributing to their health...
I'll just have to provide cooking classes for their future wives... or have them over for dinner all the time... and just love her in spite of her not being able to cook.. LOL
Yeah... that'll go over really well HUH???

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Johnny's Play

I did it! Finally! My first video upload!!! I sure hope it works!

If I did it right... this is Johnny, singing one of the leads in his class play...

"American Ideal" a take on American Idol, with a biblical twist.

Johnny plays "Will Win" a guy who ADORES himself, and feels he is a total blessing to everyone he meets...

In the end, which you won't see, a young girl sings a song that teaches the other three contestants a lesson in humility, and love for God over themselves...

It's kinda long... but indulge me... I'm so proud of him...

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Pool... before renovation... after pulling the winter cover off... yuck!!!
The awesome plaster guys company... free advertising never hurt anyone... right??? They were sub contracted out by the AWESOME CRYSTAL POOL GROUP... 1-818-582 -3003... ask for Sean Khan... The pool is filling up now...
After... I chose grey plaster to match the house... and blue tiles to match the boys living with me... otherwise... I would have totally chosen purple tiles... for real...
The pool is actually about 30 years old... and now doesn't look a day old...
Now if I can just get my husband to finish the fireplace and cement around it... I CAN HAVE A PARTY TO CELEBRATE!!! \

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Writer's Workshop 3-22-10

Writer's Workshop
"If repeating something healthy and inspiring to myself several times a day helps... then I'm gonna do it"
I am a HUGE proponent of affirmations said to a mirror. Huge!
Self talk is SOOOO important to people... especially women.
On my other blog here, I mention self talk A LOT... always giving an assignment to go look in the mirror and tell that person staring back at you, that she is special, and worthy of good things, and is loved... etc...
There are plenty of people in the world that want to put down and stomp on our hopes and dreams, and make us feel badly about ourselves...
WE don't need to be one of them...
I like to repeat that... I love myself... where I am at... at this very moment... imperfect, overweight, happy and in it to win it.
I don't make myself wait to be "better" or "thinner" or "younger looking" to have good self esteem and to tell the world that no matter what... I matter and am relevant... no matter what I look like or how I'm dressed or what kind of car I drive... or the size of my house...
I don't love myself more now... 75 lbs lighter... than I did 9 months ago, 75 lbs heavier...
I look at each pound lost, as a pound that was put on to teach me something about myself.
Everything is allowed to happen for a reason.
We learn and grow and become better with each passing day... and loving the creation that "is" is honoring God and ourselves.
These are some favorite affirmations I have taught women to say over the years...
If one is single, and looking for love... "I am worthy of a great man, who fills my heart and soul with love and kindness. I am worth a man who works, and takes care of his business. I do not need to settle for Mr. Right Now... Mr. Right is what I am worthy of".
If one is struggling with Motherhood or Wifedom... "I love my children... and it's okay to doubt myself, and to question how I do things... it's okay to say "I'm sorry" to my kids...
I am and will be a good Mom/Wife... I'm not finished yet..."
If one is struggling with self esteem or her Looks... "I am a strong, confident woman, with great taste, a zest for life, and people who love me. I am worthy of kind words and my looks are more than just my outer shell... I will let others see "me" with my words, and actions... and I will be even more beautiful because of them..."
What do you say to your reflection?

I'm horrifed.

I don't normally post things like I am going to write...
I can't believe it is 2010... and I felt compelled to write about this subject...
Know this before you read this...
I voted for Obama... and I would do it again.
I am happy about this HealthCare Bill. Something had to be done for all the families I know that have children that can't get healthcare because their father's lost their jobs, and the kids have pre existing conditions and can't get insured to get their medicine.
I don't pretend to know all the in's and out's of what this Bill will do for/to our country... but I feel like GIVING something to someone isn't a bad thing... TAKING from them is...
I state again... I don't pretend to know EVERYTHING it entails...
For all I know... it could be the worst thing to happen since the Holocaust... at least that's what everyone is making it seem like.
That being said... before you pass judgment on me... for being a baby killing leftist...
1. I am against abortion... and I am a Democrat...
2. I come from a UNION household my whole childhood, and I now live in UNION household now... and I've been a Stay at Home Mom for 16 years, thanks to Union wages, compensation packages, healthcare packages, and forthcoming retirement packages.
3. I believe that no one should assume what kind of a person I am, just because of my political affiliation.
4. Just because I vote Dem... doesn't mean I agree with everything Dem... I actually agree with some Republican views also... I am able to see both sides of a coin... and I don't have to shout hatred and one sided views and epithets at people, or post my views daily.
5. You may not agree with me completely... but it doesn't change WHO I am. My political affiliation is only a very, very, very small aspect of who I am... what I believe, and has NOTHING to do with my FAITH IN GOD.
6. oH YEAH... I am a Democrat... and I am a Christian... bet that just pisses you off... huh?
I believe how I vote HAS NOTHING to do with my faith... sorry... it's just how I feel. I know you may feel differently.. and that's okay too.
Why am I posting all of this?
Because I just watched the news... and was disgusted that BLOGGERS are sending out addresses and directions to Congressman's homes that voted for the Healthcare Bill. Death threats are being made... IT IS RIDICULOUS!!! What has all of this come to?
I am embarrassed for the bloggers... and DO NOT EVER condone threatening people, any people, even people who believe the POLAR OPPOSITE of my views.
I, am not my voting party. I am a person... who loves God, and tries to live a good, upstanding life. I want the best for my kids, just like everyone else.
I don't judge other people for spewing their beliefs all over the place, and don't ever comment against other peoples beliefs. I take my views to the polls, and put my opinion in writing, in my cubicle.
To each his own. Live and let live. I have a choice on how I act and react to things.
Threatening people and posting their personal information and saying they need to die, is just wrong... in all forms... it is wrong...
I know... that my "followers" will drop... because I am a horrible, left wing, baby killing Democrat (I've actually been called that at a polling place before)
But know this... you liked me when you didn't know my stance on politics... what's changed?
Can't we agree to disagree?
I have LOTS of Republican friends... and we are able to talk, and debate, and laugh, and still love each other... and it sickens me that some bloggers can't be that way... that they are so blinded by their politics that they can't see EVERYONE has validity in their beliefs... and NO ONE is right... about everything. ***
Rant over.
I think it's a sad state of affairs when people blog and post families addresses and ask their readers to go to those houses and send a 'message'.
It's abhorrant.
It's unChristian.
It's bad form.
It's evil.
It needs to stop... before kids get the same ideas in their heads, and start doing it more often to someone that 'makes them mad".

Sunday, March 21, 2010

What goin' on around here...

It's been a strange week.
Lots of construction... fast, consistent construction...from Crystal Pools and Spas, I might add...
they have been awesome so far...
Not even a week yet, and the pool is almost done!!!
So I've been cooking...
Fresh, homemade pizza...
Olive Tapenade Dough, with pesto base, fresh tomatoes, red peppers, shredded zucchini, onions, green onions, and fresh mozzarella...
Attended THE PLAY... the one Johnathon has been practicing and singing around my house for, for the last 4 months... He was a lead role and sang so beautifully... I made a Flip video for here... but it won't load... And the demo guys came and made my pool look like this... soooo cool. The tile is already on now... I just need to get a picture of it... No, this isn't what the end result will be... LOL... I chose a blue Italian (of course) tile. *** More pics to come... I need to go make lunches for the week...

Friday, March 19, 2010

I love Purses!!!

For those of you who don't know me in person... I AM A PURSE FIEND!
I must own... about 200 purses... no joke.
There was a time, before all the private school tuition started to really inflate, when I would literally buy a new purse a week.
Sometimes from Target... sometimes from Coach... it didn't matter... if I could stuff it with all my junk and it was cute... or purple... it was mine...
The boys used to tease me and say... "What kind of new purse did you buy this week Mom?"
when they were little...
Now... they ask... "So... uh... Mom... are we going to eat this week... or did you get a new purse instead?"... LOL
Truth be told, I haven't bought a new purse in almost a year.
That is.. until today.
HEY... shut up... I went a LONG time without a new one!
Ever heard of Vera Bradley? I fell in love with her purses about 5 years ago, when I was in New York and I saw a woman carrying one on 5th Ave. I literally stopped her in her tracks and asked her where she got the bag...
She was very sweet, and directed in the direction of my newfound Nirvana... The store she bought it from...
and that was it.. I was hooked.
Some of you may say they look like granny bags... but I don't care... I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them.
They are quilted... and luscious... and I own 4 of them now...
I pushed my Coach, and Vuitton and Pucci to the side, and have made room for many more Vera Bradleys in my future... and they are so much more affordable than those other brands...
Don't get me wrong... I have tons of $20 purses too, that I wear often... but these Vera's... I tend to stick with.
I'm a big girl... and I don't wear a lot of color in my wardrobe, if at all... so my accessories are where I get some color in... and Vera is right up my alley...
The reason for this post?
Because I bought 2 of them today...
I know.. I know.. I can't wear two at a time... but one was ON SALE!!!
Those are two words that feed my soul!!!
So below are the purses and the patterns I now own...

Saddle up in Purple Punch... LOVE!!!

Messenger in Hue... LOVE!!!
Just bought this one... Libby in Puccini... LOVE!!!
And this Mailbag in Meditteranean Blue... LOVE!!!
My name is Sandra... and I am a purse- a- holic...
Shhhhh! Bill hasn't seen the debit off our account yet!!!
I'm not in trouble yet!!!
(truth be told... he won't even care...)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Getting our Pool redone!!! Finally!

This is our pool after the last rain storm and wind storm... Pretty huh? When we bought our house, it came with the pool. It was built in 1984 and it looks like it...
The Jacuzzi tile is ripping off, the pool sweep broke, and this is what we uncovered
under the cover today...
That's why I am soooooo excited to have a company come out tonight to begin our Pool Renovation!!!! Crystal Pools in Los Angeles will be draining this monstrosity...
Bye Bye ugly pool! And this is the progress of our new outdoor fireplace... almost done! Just need to put the pretty tile on the face,and build the flew... and put down the cement ground... *** Sooo... progress is being made... slowly but surely!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Writer's Workshop 3/11/10

What lights my fire? Five things that I am passionate about...
Go see MamaKat and see more passions
(other than raising my kids and being a Mama, I have a lot of other passions... being a Mama goes without saying)
1. Well... from yesterday's post... it's obvious it's bread baking. Not regular baking in general... I intensely dislike baking cookies and making cakes and desserts in general... but baking bread...
is my passion.
I have often dreamed of opening up a place that specializes in Artisan Breads. A place where customers can come in... grab a cup of tea or coffee, with a great book, and eat my sandwiches and dunk their bread into Olive Oil and just... "be".
I have recently delved into the world of sourdough and catching my own yeast from the air, and not using commercial yeast at all, and now use my own leavening... and it's been such
a pleasurable journey. The patience it takes to make a starter, and feed it, and keep it alive, is much like the patience needed to take care of a newborn, and it's a patience learned and perfected with each "child".
My bread making and baking has matured in the last couple of years, and am now in the process of having a wood burning stove built to be able to stoke up heat to 850 degrees and really create breads that rival good bakeries.
I am praying one day to duplicate the oven in a bakery one day...
2. Writing... probably my first passion I discovered when I was very, very young... about 7 yrs old. Putting pen to paper, and now finger to keyboard, is intensely satisfying...
Finding the time and energy to continue writing my novel and cookbook is the most difficult part. Writing a blog is easy... each page doesn't have to build upon the previous one, a few hundred words, and the work is complete. Because my novel and cookbook are so close to my heritage and my upbringing, it's difficult to write and cry from happy memories all the time.

3. Crocheting... since I was 6 years old... I love it. My Nonna taught me, in my living room of our tiny house all those years ago... and it's the one thing she and I shared that has lived on. I didn't know her well, like my other hundreds of cousins did, we lived far away... but that one thing stuck. My Mama sees me crochet and sees me hold my hook exactly like her Mother did, and it brings tears to her eyes. My Nonna died with her crocheting in her hand, sitting up. I love how peaceful I feel when I am making something. I love how I can think of her when I am working on a piece. It's the only piece of her I am able to hold on to... and it's a precious gift, and I keep it alive so I can feel just a tiny bit closer to a Grandmother I never really got to know very well... When I am stitching, I can remember bringing my little blankets I was making in grade school to her house when we visited, and how proud she would be, and all the face grabbing and face kissing and looking at my tiny, perfect stitches, and her pride... A couple of times, we would sit and crochet together, on her plastic covered couch. She didn't understand one word I said, and I didn't understand her Sicilian dialect, I spoke Calabrese, but we bonded over yarn... even for a short time... it was precious.


4. Photography... especially creating digital books from the photos. It's a new passion of mine, and I would spend HOURS and HOURS doing it, if time permitted...nuff said...


5. Reading... There is never a day that goes by, that I don't have a book on my bedside table ready to devour a few pages at a time just before nodding off to sleep. It's another passion of mine that goes waaaaay back to when I was a very young girl... My Mother was and is an avid reader, and I know I inherited the passion from her... and I thank her for it every day... when I ask God to bless my Mama and keep her well.


So what are your passions?

Do tell...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuesday Tastings... Bread... always bread...

I bake bread.
Lots and lots of bread.
For sale, for home, for my catering company, for life...
I bake bread.
You all know... I haven't purchased bread from a store in almost two years...
and I'm gonna start taking some pictures of the bread I make, and showcasing them on Tuesdays on here...
I'm trying to condense my blogs a little...
So here goes.
Above, is what's called a Fougasse. This one is an Olive Tapenade flavored bread, topped with sea salt, brush with olive oil and sprinkles with sesame seeds and a little basil and tomato blend dried herbs...
These, are my Blueberry bagels... I make 24 at a time, so my boys always have fresh bagels to eat for breakfast. I usually make cinnamon/raisin, but they were getting sick of them... so I switched it up a little. They don't like a big hole in the middle, because their cream cheese falls in it.. so I make them with just a pucker...
This is the Fougasse in the oven...
And this is tonights dinner for them...
Feta, tomato, pesto, buffalo milk mozzarella and olive oil
Fougasse, folded over onto itself. I'll split this 4 ways, and add a nice bright green salad and they can have a light, tasty supper...
If you live closeby.. and would like to order any breads... ever...
just let me know... and I'll bake them fresh that day...

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Oscars...

I admit...
I watched the Oscars last night instead of waiting until sometime this week to watch what I taped. Big Love was on... and I really, really wanted to see the season finale... but I have to wait to watch that later this week...
I love Sandra Bullock, and I just really wanted to see her win and hear her speech. AND... I ADORE Steve Martin and loved his pairing with Alec Baldwin... they actually made me laugh out loud!!!
But Kristin Stewart and Miley Cyrus... HOLY CRAP!!!
I practically had to turn the volume all the way up on the boob tube to hear Stewarts whispering and monotone depressed speech!
Would it hurt you to smile?
HELLO!!! GEORGE CLOONEY WAS IN THE ROOM... reason enough to smile... in my book!
They were both TRAINWRECKS!!!
Sandra did me proud... so did Monique.
I love the Bridges boys and was thrilled to see Jeff win, even though I will probably never see the movie he was in... I just like him.
Who was that crazy hag that pulled a Kanye West like thing on stage?
Apparently she was one of the producers of the winning short... and the other dude and she hate each other in real life, so they decided to air their spat for the world to see...
Oy vay..
All the work I do trying to teach my kids about manners and interrupting, and basic common decency... and it all gets blown to hell when idiots on TV or elsewhere in the media can't either keep it in their pants, or just play nice...
I was able to watch a 3 hour program in about an hour... thanks to fast forwarding through commercials and the awards that I just didn't have any clue about... but when I saw that chick bum rush on stage, I rewound and took at peek...
I should have watched Big Love instead...

Friday, March 5, 2010

Things I learned this week...4

Things I learned this week...4
1. That people ACTUALLY have what's called... "Chicken Pox Parties" where they gather a bunch of kids together at the home of an infected child,
and TRY to get their kids to catch the Pox.
I am sooooooo glad I'm not a new Mama... my mouth would be working OVERTIME!!!
2. Everytime I hear "Crocodile Rock" by Elton John, it takes me back to when I was 5-6 yrs old, and watching him perform on Wonderama... remember that show?
If you don't... I. hate. you. :)
3. I will never, ever, get used to earthquakes... ever...
4. My ABS brakes work really well... don't ask... I'm still here...
5. People who lie... aren't worth my time or thoughts... just prayers.
6. I am totally addicted to my App called Tripping Fest.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Blind-sided...and I'll never trust anyone with my house keys again...

Writer's Workshop
Tell about a time I was blind-sided... this one was an EZ one to pick...
It was summer, 2006, and my family and I had just returned from a month long trip to Italy and London about two weeks ago. We were happy, exhausted, giddy, exhausted and couldn't wait to show everyone our pictures...
The phone rings... and it's my best friends husband... in near tears, asking me if I've seen *Kami.
Me..."Uh... nope... we are all just trying to resettle from our trip, getting over a little bit of Montezuma's Revenge and all, she called a few days ago saying she was going on a trip to Sacramento with another friend... didn't she tell YOU?"
Him... "No... she said she was going away with YOU!"
Me... "Dude... I just did a week in Chicago for business, and month in Italy... I'm not going anywhere for a while! What's going on? You two seemed so great and having a great time while taking care of my house while we were gone... by the way, I'm so glad you found the chlorine for the pool... it looks GREAT!"
Him... "What are you talking about? I was never at your house while you were gone. Just Kami was... {pregnant pause}
Me. "Come on Barry... I heard you call out to her and have her ask me where the chlorine was, and that you found the brush attachment."
Him... "That. wasn't. me."
Another pregnant pause... then... click.. he hung up..
I called him back, and he answered the phone saying... "I KNEW IT... I JUST KNEW IT... i KNEW THESE PHONE NUMBERS WEREN'T YOURS, SANDRA... I KNEW IT!
ME... Uh, Barry... calm down... what phone numbers, what are you talking about...
Him. "For three months now, I've been monitoring her cell phone, and keeping tabs on her internet use, and following her to "work" and "outings with friends".
Me. "You been doing all that? Why? What are you suspicious of?"
Him. "Sandra... Kami's having an affair... I just know it... and that "GUY' you heard at your house WAS. NOT. ME!!!!!
I start shaking violently.
I started cussing.
I started pacing back and forth.
She was my BEST FRIEND... and I KNEW NOTHING!!!
She defiled MY HOME, WHERE MY CHILDREN LIVE... for her petty, gross affair.
He called the numbers on the bill, and sure enough... the other guy answered the phone.
I called her cell phone, and she didn't answer.
She was away in Sacramento, or so she said.
It turned out she did have an affair or 5. It turned out that she was USING ME AND MY HOME AND MY CELL.. as a scapegoat. She would be on the phone with her "lover" for hours, and when Barry would ask her who it was, she would say... "Sandra" and hang up, and quickly dial speed dial and hang up. When Barry would ask for the phone and hit redial, I would answer, and he would hang up. When I called back to ask what the heck was going on... she gave me some song and dance about Barry not trusting her and he was just being a butt, and she was sorry, and to nevermind... she fed me a line of bull a mile long...
Not wanting to meddle in how people chose to run their marriages, I didn't ask too many questions.. and just let it be.
That was my first mistake.
TO THIS DAY... she has NEVER called me to apologize or at least to tell me why she did any of it. Our only correspondence was via e mail, where she told me she didn't owe me anything, and I shouldn't have been surprised, that I knew she wasn't happy in her marriage.
The fact that she had an affair was horrible, and if she had given me the chance to help her or to council her, we could have remained friends and I would have loved to help she and Barry out of the mess... but she never afforded me that... but the MOST horrid part was that she USED MY HOME for her rendevous.
THAT severed our friendship.
I threw my mattress topper in her front yard...
She had better NEVER darken my doorstep anytime soon.
I guess you could say I was blindsided... huh?
Good thing that came out of all this?
A couple really... her daughter was a hellion, and incredibly mean and underhanded, and Kami let that child run her life... every detail... and I never have to see that kid again...
I am very, very, very cautious about how close I allow myself to get to people now... that can also be a bad thing...
*** Kami... not her real name... to protect the not so innocent... but I am not a monster, and would never post her real name... no matter how much I dislike her.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Trainwreck TV... The Bachelor... Oy vay!!!

I knew it since the first time I read Reality Steve's website...
and I watched anyway...
Actually, fast forwarded most of the season...
One more "Amazing" or "journey" or "so in love with him/her" would have sent me over the edge...
If Jake were a Superhero... he would be Cliche'Man. That boy didn't have an original thought in that head of his... He sounded like a bad Hallmark card...all. the. time!
And that LAUGH of his...
I really liked him last season...
Has the pool of available celebrities become that shallow?
And Vienna... though not my fave...she did clean up nicely. At least her roots were done this time around... and her hair extensions weren't as severe, and actually had a decent color on on them... but as far as her on air personality, and her moral fiber (nudie pics online... everywhere), well, this June and Ward Cleaver parents (whom I liked) are not gonna be too happy to explain that to the future grandkids...
If he wants a girl that no one else will get along with... then so be it... it shows signs of a guy that is greedy and doesn't want a woman to have friends and outside interests.
I wonder if she'll be in the audiene at Dancing With The Stars!!!
"Oh golly gee willickers!!! There's the love of my life... I. Love. You.!" I can just picture him mouthing that on the show over to Vienna... EWWWWWW!!!!
So now Ali is the Bachelorette... and I know everyone else wanted Tenley to be the one... BUT... really... 3 months of that VOICE???
I don't think they have that much helium on the PLANET!!!
And... Ali's bottom lip is gonna be working overtime...and apparently that makes for good Tv...
Oh... the trials and tribulations of REAL LOVE on ABC...
And that whole Jason and Molly thing?
Uh...I'll watch... to have something to write...
but I will have a huge bowl to throw up in right next to me..
Just sayin.