Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Floor goin in!

Well... last week was the pool... this week is the tile in our Master Bedroom.
We have been "Floorless" for about 6 months now... and I've had it...
We tore out the old, disgusting emerald green carpet that was in our room, 6 months ago, and I told Bill I wanted to just have cement in there for a while, so I can get a feel for the look and atmosphere I want in our room... and I have decided on 18 inch Italian Tile. I just picked it out this morning, and our friend and Tile Guy, Rob Dorn is installing it as I type.
No, we didn't hit Lotto, nor do we ever get money back on our taxes... it's just time to get this crud done, so we can get on with some fun living...
I read, every single day... about everyone going to Disneyland, and day trips here and there... and here we are... chained to our house because of all the sports and commitments to different organizations.. and since I have to be here all the time...dang it... I want it to be beautiful... NOW!
My hubby, Bill, has done the other 1200 square feet of tile installation all over the house... and he finally decided to say... "Hey, you do tile... why don't I hire you to do it for me." MUCH TO MY PLEASURE!!! Bill does beautiful work, don't get me wrong... he completely remodeled our kitchen all by himself, 5 years ago... all of it... From this... To this... no help... this picture was taken before all the decorating was done... I can't find that picture, and the kitchen is too messy today to photograph... LOL he built our backyard Cape Cod Style Patio, he is building our new outdoor fireplace, he remodeled our guest bathroom everything... but finally... he cracked that wallet open and decided to let someone else do a little for us... Yay Bill! *** So... I am chained to the house for a little while again... but I don't mind... we are making our house even more of a home... and I can't wait... Pictures forthcoming!


  1. Amazing kitchen redo-wow!!!
    Can't wait to see more-

  2. Love the re-do! Can't wait to see the new floor. I love home improvement projects. I just can't seem to get mine going!

  3. You're gonna love it!!!! Pictures asap please!!

  4. Wow, Bill does beautiful work. Your kitchen is gorgeous! We redid a lot of our house about four years ago, (before I was blogging). I wish I would have been blogging at the time. It would be fun to be able to look back on that VERY chaotic time in our lives!

    Looking forward to seeing more pics!

  5. I enjoy getting my home just the way I want it too. Still have a little ways to go yet, but most of the big more important projects are done.


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