Saturday, March 27, 2010

Johnny's Play

I did it! Finally! My first video upload!!! I sure hope it works!

If I did it right... this is Johnny, singing one of the leads in his class play...

"American Ideal" a take on American Idol, with a biblical twist.

Johnny plays "Will Win" a guy who ADORES himself, and feels he is a total blessing to everyone he meets...

In the end, which you won't see, a young girl sings a song that teaches the other three contestants a lesson in humility, and love for God over themselves...

It's kinda long... but indulge me... I'm so proud of him...


  1. Ahhh....I can see why you are a proud Mama!

  2. Congrats on uploading your first video! It was fun to see one of your boys!

  3. So darling!!!
    He didn't seem nervous at all, and that is a blessing!
    Yahoo for singing, acting!!! Please tell him he has a fan in me! :)


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