Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm horrifed.

I don't normally post things like I am going to write...
I can't believe it is 2010... and I felt compelled to write about this subject...
Know this before you read this...
I voted for Obama... and I would do it again.
I am happy about this HealthCare Bill. Something had to be done for all the families I know that have children that can't get healthcare because their father's lost their jobs, and the kids have pre existing conditions and can't get insured to get their medicine.
I don't pretend to know all the in's and out's of what this Bill will do for/to our country... but I feel like GIVING something to someone isn't a bad thing... TAKING from them is...
I state again... I don't pretend to know EVERYTHING it entails...
For all I know... it could be the worst thing to happen since the Holocaust... at least that's what everyone is making it seem like.
That being said... before you pass judgment on me... for being a baby killing leftist...
1. I am against abortion... and I am a Democrat...
2. I come from a UNION household my whole childhood, and I now live in UNION household now... and I've been a Stay at Home Mom for 16 years, thanks to Union wages, compensation packages, healthcare packages, and forthcoming retirement packages.
3. I believe that no one should assume what kind of a person I am, just because of my political affiliation.
4. Just because I vote Dem... doesn't mean I agree with everything Dem... I actually agree with some Republican views also... I am able to see both sides of a coin... and I don't have to shout hatred and one sided views and epithets at people, or post my views daily.
5. You may not agree with me completely... but it doesn't change WHO I am. My political affiliation is only a very, very, very small aspect of who I am... what I believe, and has NOTHING to do with my FAITH IN GOD.
6. oH YEAH... I am a Democrat... and I am a Christian... bet that just pisses you off... huh?
I believe how I vote HAS NOTHING to do with my faith... sorry... it's just how I feel. I know you may feel differently.. and that's okay too.
Why am I posting all of this?
Because I just watched the news... and was disgusted that BLOGGERS are sending out addresses and directions to Congressman's homes that voted for the Healthcare Bill. Death threats are being made... IT IS RIDICULOUS!!! What has all of this come to?
I am embarrassed for the bloggers... and DO NOT EVER condone threatening people, any people, even people who believe the POLAR OPPOSITE of my views.
I, am not my voting party. I am a person... who loves God, and tries to live a good, upstanding life. I want the best for my kids, just like everyone else.
I don't judge other people for spewing their beliefs all over the place, and don't ever comment against other peoples beliefs. I take my views to the polls, and put my opinion in writing, in my cubicle.
To each his own. Live and let live. I have a choice on how I act and react to things.
Threatening people and posting their personal information and saying they need to die, is just wrong... in all forms... it is wrong...
I know... that my "followers" will drop... because I am a horrible, left wing, baby killing Democrat (I've actually been called that at a polling place before)
But know this... you liked me when you didn't know my stance on politics... what's changed?
Can't we agree to disagree?
I have LOTS of Republican friends... and we are able to talk, and debate, and laugh, and still love each other... and it sickens me that some bloggers can't be that way... that they are so blinded by their politics that they can't see EVERYONE has validity in their beliefs... and NO ONE is right... about everything. ***
Rant over.
I think it's a sad state of affairs when people blog and post families addresses and ask their readers to go to those houses and send a 'message'.
It's abhorrant.
It's unChristian.
It's bad form.
It's evil.
It needs to stop... before kids get the same ideas in their heads, and start doing it more often to someone that 'makes them mad".


  1. Saundra I loved you before this post and I love you even more now. I am registered Independent and I agree with just about everything you said. I too have friends from all parties and we can agree to disagree. It is simply appauling to see the reaction of some people to this bill. If they truly believe that God has a plan than why are they reacting like he doesn't. My nephew has Juvenile Diabetes and my sister should not have to choose between paying the mortgage or getting insulin for her 9 year old. Something needs to be done. If that means that I have to help pay for his insulin and the insulin of all kids with Type 1 diabetes, than I have no problem with this bill.

    I think if we asked WWJD, he would definately say he would help.

    He would definately not tell people to harm other matter their beliefs.


  2. OMG! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I love, love, love, reading your blog. I am so glad that you posted this. I have been sickened by the way people have reacted to this bill, most of them without knowing the ins and outs of it. I personally know what it is like to have to choose between health insurance and paying the rent. I can't thank you enough for this post. I often feel like I am alone in my beliefs especially being a Christian Democrat. I love your blog even more!

  3. I don't pretend to know all the in's and out's of what this Bill will do for/to our country...

    Do think that might be a problem?

  4. Adrienne, do you know about everything passed in our government??? Did u read up on every single law passed last week? All I meant was that I don't /havent read every word of the Bill...any Bill for that matter. Find me someone who has...and I will vote for that personnext time. U obviously read only what u wanted to...and disregarded the true meaning of the post. Death threats r a form of terrorism...and to threaten someone over a vote at their job is evil...I would feel the same way if a DEm was doing it. But u r totally entitled to your opinion...and am glad u commented.I hope u learned little more about me.

  5. I hate the whole political party thing and wish we didn't even have them. It's just another thing that divides people instead of unites us as one nation. I didn't hear about these threats until now but I'm with you, it's horrible! No matter what the President and Congress do, some people will object and oppose it. It's just how things are--you can't please everyone.

  6. I'm with you, baby! Thanks for posting this!

  7. I'm anti this healthcare bill ... for MANY reasons ... but I 1000% agree with you that death threats and giving out addresses of congressmen - is absolutely abhorent. They're all up in arms about baby killing (as well they should be) but to promote killing?! At all.... is just WRONG and well... dumb. Seriously?! Well said though - and you won't be losing this follower, even if you are a democrat ;-) just kidding.

  8. You know, I agree to disagree, or agree. At this moment I don't know enough to make a well-informed opinion. But I liked you enough to read a second post of yours, and I still like you enough that I am going to follow you!

  9. Funny-I am not dropping even though I am a Republican! ;)
    We have to respect each other's political views-even if we differ.
    I don't think it is right to give out personal addresses of any of the Congressmen or Senators.
    I don't like the health care bill (although my family might benefit from it, given we are self-employed-) because I believe taking from the Rich and giving to the Poor doesn't lead most people to want to work hard-
    It is a sacrifice each month to shell out for our health care, but I WANT to pay it-not expect someone else to foot the bill.
    Also, I don't think going more, and more in debt as a country is the right thing to do--I live debt free-because of hard work and saving. This bill puts us more, and more in debt.
    The Fed. government doesn't have a good track record running anything-Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, Taxes...Now they are in charge of my health care?
    Not so cool.

    I don't just talk, though - I went to DC to protest with the TEA group, and my hubby ran in the last election for a State Represenative-

    You know I have the UTMOST respect for you, and your family -Rep. or Dem- I don't think God is all about the polical party to get into heaven... ;)

  10. Lori... I never thought of it that way... (healthcare)... thanks for that... see... I'm open and willing to see other views... and maybe rethink my stance... someday...

    I have always known you are a Rep. In no way, shape or form, did I form an opinion of you because of that...

    You are... who you are... because God made you that awesome way he did...

    Thanks for saying what was on your mind... respectfully... you ROCK!!! MY FRIEND!!!



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