Monday, March 8, 2010

The Oscars...

I admit...
I watched the Oscars last night instead of waiting until sometime this week to watch what I taped. Big Love was on... and I really, really wanted to see the season finale... but I have to wait to watch that later this week...
I love Sandra Bullock, and I just really wanted to see her win and hear her speech. AND... I ADORE Steve Martin and loved his pairing with Alec Baldwin... they actually made me laugh out loud!!!
But Kristin Stewart and Miley Cyrus... HOLY CRAP!!!
I practically had to turn the volume all the way up on the boob tube to hear Stewarts whispering and monotone depressed speech!
Would it hurt you to smile?
HELLO!!! GEORGE CLOONEY WAS IN THE ROOM... reason enough to smile... in my book!
They were both TRAINWRECKS!!!
Sandra did me proud... so did Monique.
I love the Bridges boys and was thrilled to see Jeff win, even though I will probably never see the movie he was in... I just like him.
Who was that crazy hag that pulled a Kanye West like thing on stage?
Apparently she was one of the producers of the winning short... and the other dude and she hate each other in real life, so they decided to air their spat for the world to see...
Oy vay..
All the work I do trying to teach my kids about manners and interrupting, and basic common decency... and it all gets blown to hell when idiots on TV or elsewhere in the media can't either keep it in their pants, or just play nice...
I was able to watch a 3 hour program in about an hour... thanks to fast forwarding through commercials and the awards that I just didn't have any clue about... but when I saw that chick bum rush on stage, I rewound and took at peek...
I should have watched Big Love instead...


  1. I felt pretty much the same way about last night's Oscars. Didn't really care too much who won EXCEPT for Sandra Bullock. Even though I did love Meryl in Julia, I thought it was Sandra's time. She seems so down to earth and real. Love her...

    I also LOOOOVED Steve Martin. And although I'm not a big Alex Baldwin fan, I thought they were a great team and rather entertaining together.

    Felt the same way about Twilight girl. Ugh... go home if you can't be happy about being there...

    I sat there and watched the whole thing and I somehow missed the Kanye West thing. I must have been twittering when it happened.

  2. I hate how the Oscars come on at 8:30, and by eleven, I am trying to stay awake-so I missed quite a bit-like Saundra (who I was thrilled to see this morning-) and the best picture-I was glad it was Hurt Locker rather than Avatar (Yuck! Not my kind of film-)
    I also loved Steve Martin, and Alec Baldwin...Did you see It's Complicated?? They all-Martin, Baldwin and Streep were so wonderful...
    Meryl Streep is amazing-but I LOVED the values and morals behind the Blind Side....Glad Sandra Bullock won for it...and I missed the K. West double...That would have woke me up, and I would have not missed the last parts-
    Man, I really want to DVR...

  3. I watched a little but not too much. The fast forwarding sounds like the way to go!

  4. I'm addicted to Big Love, let me know what your thoughts are after you watch the finale.


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