Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Trainwreck TV... The Bachelor... Oy vay!!!

I knew it since the first time I read Reality Steve's website...
and I watched anyway...
Actually, fast forwarded most of the season...
One more "Amazing" or "journey" or "so in love with him/her" would have sent me over the edge...
If Jake were a Superhero... he would be Cliche'Man. That boy didn't have an original thought in that head of his... He sounded like a bad Hallmark card...all. the. time!
And that LAUGH of his...
I really liked him last season...
Has the pool of available celebrities become that shallow?
And Vienna... though not my fave...she did clean up nicely. At least her roots were done this time around... and her hair extensions weren't as severe, and actually had a decent color on on them... but as far as her on air personality, and her moral fiber (nudie pics online... everywhere), well, this June and Ward Cleaver parents (whom I liked) are not gonna be too happy to explain that to the future grandkids...
If he wants a girl that no one else will get along with... then so be it... it shows signs of a guy that is greedy and doesn't want a woman to have friends and outside interests.
I wonder if she'll be in the audiene at Dancing With The Stars!!!
"Oh golly gee willickers!!! There's the love of my life... I. Love. You.!" I can just picture him mouthing that on the show over to Vienna... EWWWWWW!!!!
So now Ali is the Bachelorette... and I know everyone else wanted Tenley to be the one... BUT... really... 3 months of that VOICE???
I don't think they have that much helium on the PLANET!!!
And... Ali's bottom lip is gonna be working overtime...and apparently that makes for good Tv...
Oh... the trials and tribulations of REAL LOVE on ABC...
And that whole Jason and Molly thing?
Uh...I'll watch... to have something to write...
but I will have a huge bowl to throw up in right next to me..
Just sayin.


  1. They are a perfect match fo sure Dumb and dumber

  2. I'm just glad it's over. In the beginning I liked Jake. By the end, not so much.

    But it's not going to keep me from watching DWTS.

    Obviously... I need to get a life.

  3. All I kept saying while watching that show was "Jake is an idiot."

  4. You know I had to start watching since I didn't have anything intelligent to add when bloggers posted about this : ) My husband said I was funny. I thought he was hot : ) I didn't hate vienna but I didn't see the first 6 episodes. I might have disliked her had I watched the whole thing :)


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