Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I love this time of year... sort of.
While I don't particularly love all the hussle and bustle that is the train wreck of Christmas...
I so love how I automatically wax philosophical when the New Year Rolls around.
It just turns me into a bowl of noodles... every time.
I have run the gammot of resolutions in my 40 1/2 years.
I've resolved to lose weight,
get organized,
do more charity work,
visit more people,
spend less money,
give more to others,
Some of them I have accomplished... some... well... not so much.
A few years back... I even resolved never to resolve again.
It was just too much pressure, and, being the type of person I am, I really didn't feel all
that guilty if I didn't follow through with resolutions. I just don't feel the need to beat myself up, when the world is going to do it for me anyway...
(Yes, I am a cynic... you are JUST NOW seeing that? ha!)
BUT, on a positive note... there are some resolutions that I loved and DID follow through with that I still continue today.
In 1994, I resolved to write my then unborn children, a letter every year on their birthday to tell them how much I loved them, and the things they accomplished etc...
I still do that to this day.
In 2000, I resolved to write EVERY person I loved, what I called a Millenium Letter, to tell that person what and how they changed my life. It took me weeks and a lot of happy tears to get those written, and I hear, they all still have the letters. Every once in a while, they tell me so.
In 1992, I vowed not to be a BRIDEZILLA, and let my Mama have the wedding of her dreams with my wedding. I was the most calm, cool and collected bride ever. I didn't worry about one single solitary thing, and she threw us one hell of a spectacular Italian wedding.
In 1994, I resolved to forgive my parents for divorcing when I was 22. That was a tough one, but I was pregnant with their first grandbaby, and I wanted to be on good terms with them in my heart, not just in my mind and mouth.
In 2002, I noticed I had been doting on the kids for so long, that I forgot to dote on the man that gave them to me, and takes such great care of us every day, My hubby, so in 2002, I resolved to put my marriage ahead of my children, and it has made me a better mother, and my kids get to see MORE of why Bill and I are together. My kids will be TREMENDOUS fathers because of their role model in Bill.
This year, I resolve to tell my Mama I love and adore her every single day.
She craves attention from me, and because I know that, sometimes I withhold... isn't that crazy? It's like it's involuntary. Well, no more. I will initiate all the hugs and kisses and "I love you's" from now on. I love her so much it hurts, and I just need to let her know that more often.
My being the type of person that doesn't need confirmation on love and all that mushy stuff, I fail to see the need in others... and she is definitely a mushy type person. We are polar opposites. I will be mushy with my Mama, and shower her with demonstrative love she wants and needs from her only daughter.
yeah, yeah, yeah... I resolve to lose weight...
That's all I'll say on THAT matter...
I will start a new business this year.
What? Who knows!
I just love open ended resolutions...don't you?
Be kind to yourself today, and for 2009. Hug more, love more, spend more time...
Spend less, get outta debt, give more of you and realize your wallet is not YOU.
Tomorrow... is a day of endless possibilities.
Please make sure you are alive to see them, and don't drink and drive.
Thank you to all my friends and family that have read this blog this year.
I still get all weepy and mushy when I think that people actually read what I have to say.
I am so ridiculously flattered and touched.
Here's to a happy, healthy, prosperous, joyous,

Monday, December 29, 2008

Oops! I did it again!

I woke bolt straight up this morning at around 3 a.m. this morning... and realized I had missed a PC meeting.
I hadn't been to one in so long... I FORGOT all about it.
What a dope!
I don't even remember whose house it was supposed to be at!
Funny thing... no one called me after to let me know what a dope I was... which usually happens!
I only have to assume it was canceled, and I DIDN'T miss it.
So weird...
I have been forgetting a LOT of things lately.
Maybe it's my age?
40... can't be old right?
I mean... I do have more grey hair than most... but that's what Hair Color is for!
I hate forgetting things.
I forget dental appointments 5 seconds after I make them... I call my nail guy a million times to see when I set my appt.
Yes... I know I should write these things down!!!
But when I do... I lose the paper.
If I put it down in a calendar... I doodle so much, I can't read the numbers!
I'm a mess...
Maybe I just need more sleep.
I think I'll volunteer for a sleep study for about a year.
Yeah.... that's it...
Dream University!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Drinking.texting, reading, etc... while driving.

This morning... around 7 a.m., while driving home from dropping William off at a baseball tournament his school is hosting... I noticed a freeway sign that said this on it.
"January 1, no texting while driving."
I have one word for that...
Has this country gone so far by the wayside that adults need to be REMINDED not to...
oh..,I don't know... TYPE OR READ while driving?
What part of that did everyone forget from driver's ed!
It annoys me to NO END that people would seriously TEXT while driving.
I also have no patience for people (women) who
apply makeup while driving too.
Or people who... read newspapers, novels, look at the person they are talking to instead of keeping their eyes on the road while driving also.
Drinking and driving or driving while sleepy are still the biggest dangers... but I have to think that there are a LOT idiots out there that are typing and driving and killing a lot of people.
There is a reason cars don't come equipped with laptops in the dashboards... people!
Although, while driving home from the beach the other day... I did see an Escalade with a TV
playing Spongebob IN THE FRONT DASHBOARD!
Really??? People can't get away from TV even to drive? Buy a DVR... Save a life!
My Expedition came equipped with an entertainment video system FOR THE BACK SEAT PASSENGERS. We never use it... but when the kids were smaller, they would occasionally watch a video on long car trips. My kids aren't big TV watchers, so it was a feature that was useless to us, but it came with the car...
But I digress... I'll say it again.... IT IS FOR THE BACKSEAT PASSENGERS!
Why do people feel the need to take their eyes off the road to communicate...
I want to believe that we Americans are smart enough not to have to have laws put into place that forbid us from doing things that are OBVIOUS!!!
How many driver's training courses have you seen when the teacher does a lecture on which section of the newspaper to read while driving on the freeway? Hey! Maybe the obituaries would be good... bet there are a bunch of them with "natural causes" diagnosis written in so as not to embarrass the family whose idiot family member was TEXTING WHILE DRIVING AND DIED!!!
I have a huge extended family... and we've had our fair share of tragedy with drunk drivers. They were lost to the stupidity of drunk people getting into their cars and they were all 27 years old. They did not die at the same time. The drunk drivers... are all alive.  I have too many friends and acquaintences that visit a grave site instead of a house because of Alcohol related deaths.
Needless to say... I never get behind the wheel of a car when I've had even a sip of anything alcoholic.
This reading and texting thing scares the crap out of me. My oldest is going to be driving next year. If people are stupid enough to text and drive, and not see the danger... what next!!!
Are car companies going to embed wii's into the dashboards so people can play Guitar Hero while traveling 75 miles per hour on a freeway?
The New Year is upon us.
If you are going to party... give your keys to someone completely sober.
Two drinks is still too many to drive.
Call a cab.
Stay home.
Watch everyone else get stupid, and save your self respect...
Please... be safe...
Don't take your own life, or worse... someone elses... because you needed to get your groove on.
If you are going to drink... please do not operate anything with wheels unless it has a remote control.
Pass it on...
This has been a message from an overbearing Italian Mama that has been to too many funerals because of alcohol related deaths...
Be safe my friends...
I want to hear from you on January 2, safe... happy... and in one piece...

Friday, December 26, 2008

More Beach Pictures

Ahhh. sunset... One of God's precious gifts...
I have no idea what was so funny... i'm just glad they were happy...
Catalina in the distance...just before a torrential rain that lasted an hour...
The rain ended, and this was what replaced it.
manchild legs...
hello! Flash photography works on the new camera!
Catalina at sunset.
The boy found a huge stick... What can i say!

Christmas beach pictures.

Our home away from home for the week! Since there are no park benches at the beach... Johnny made his own!
I stole this idea from Michelle the Crafty Mama! It looks better close up.
No, my manly men are not prancing!!! I caught them mid-land.
Oh... how I wish this picture was the norm!
While it was cold, rainy and awful at home only 40 minutes away... the beach was sunny, warmish, and lovely for the most part. We did have a few cloudy days and some rain... but it subsided quickly and gave way to some spectacular sun and cloud displays.
We kept a mini ocean terarium of sea life during our stay, which Johnny thought we were keeping... sadly... no... and we had a star fish, loads of clams, and a hermit crab. When we let them go back to the ocean... all the little clams dug themselves in... the star fish washed away and the hermit crab burrowed deep into the sand.
The kids biked, played catch and frisbee, we had huge bonfires, and ate smores.
It was great... because they forgot about the gifts they got, and focused on us being together as a family, in the simplest of ways...
I suppose I am a selfish woman. I know many people have large get togethers with loads of people for the holidays, and while I do wish sometimes we had that... I really enjoy our holidays just being 'us'. Bill and I were their main focus, and they were our main focus. With both of our parents being divorced and remarried, the holidays are a quite difficult time for Bill and me.
We've come to the thinking that 'just us' is what we will do from now on until our kids get married, and now we are brainwashing them ... er... I mean... suggesting that when they are all married with kids, we all get together as one family every other Sunday.
No... they WON'T move away.... LA LA LAL ALALAL LAL LA LA LA ... I can't hear that!!!
More pictures to come...
I have to take this a little slowly... I'm not completely "back" yet... my head is still hearing the roar of the ocean... and I don't want to lose it yet.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

I'mmm bbaaackkkk... again!

We had a completely wonderful Christmas at the beach for the past week!
Most of you know that the beach is my all time favorite place to be... ever...!
So, every other year, we spend Christmas either in New York city or the beach...
I have so much to tell you, and so many pictures to bore you to tears with!
Just wanted to pop in and say hello...
I pre-posted for a few days this week so there wouldn't be an entire week of nothing on my blog... The "boys in the house' post was a repost.
I intend to relax and clean out my motorhome, and get ready for the new year this next week.
The men are home for another week, and we have a bunch of clothes to get into bags for the Salvation Army.
Be back soon!
I hope all had a wonderful Christmas!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Foto Friday

Football's over... William's Football banquet William's Lineman Coach. He had some wonderful things to say about my boy. William has his "Aw Shucks" look on.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Do BOYS live in this house?

I had three shows here this past week.
It was nice getting back into the swing of things as far as my work goes.
I really love working from home and entertaining for a living. While it can be a tiny bit overwhelming to have the shows here, it does make me "keep house" better than usual.
Which brings me to this topic for Manic Monday.
I was asked, by a lovely girl, this weekend, a question I have been asked before, and I wanted to tell you my real answer, not the answer I gave her.
She asked me..."If you are the only girl living here, why doesn't it look more like a boy's house?"
Now... when I am asked a question, especially during a show, where they are my customers, and I need to be Politically Correct, unassuming, even keeled, and in "sales mode", I have to choose my words carefully. Don't get me wrong... I was NOT the least bit put off by this question at all! As a matter of fact... I took the context of the question as a compliment. Her question meant my house does NOT look like a gym locker, nor does it smell like one!
So I just glanced around my house, said Thank you to the girl and that was that! I loved her question. It made me sure I had decorated the right way, with a woman's touch.
Now, here is what I have been saying all along to anyone that asked that same question, while I was not in "work mode".
"I am the only girl in this house. While I love my position as only girl, it can sometimes be a little bit overwhelming being the sole estrogen laden being in "Testosterone Toon Town".
I am the only perplexed person in the house when arm farts are unleashed, "pretend" fights are fought, "packages" are shifted, burps are vocalized into words or sentences, and every single room in the house is a place to leave socks, NOT their bedrooms. I am the only one yelling for socks to be picked up, beds to be made, teeth to be brushed, and bedtime to be adhered to.
I am the only one that KNOWS that 10 p.m. is not the best time to practice Tae Kwon Do or pitching strategies. I am the one standing in the hallway, explaining why they can't wear the same jeans 2 days in a row, and "No, a shower once a week is not a good way to save water".
At the dinner table, simply moving a glass in the direction of the water pitcher is not a good enough indication that your glass needs to be filled... words need to be spoken. We don't speak "unga bunga" in this house, at least not when I'm home, much to my men's chagrin.
Soooo!!! My house reflects that a girl, in fact, does live in this house, and she is a force to be reckoned with. They may outnumber me, but they will never outwit me. I love them with all their disgusting habits, warts and all, but my home is my domain, and purple rules here. Yes, even my bedroom is girlified. My hubby could care less. He says he knows how important a home is to a woman, and I can do what I want with it. That poor man has had not one bit of say in the decorating and he truly does not care one bit. That's a man's man if you ask me.
The "boys" bathroom is a little bathroom attached to my bedroom. It, too, is purple, just like the hallway bathroom. The only two rooms in the entire house that look like men live with me are the boys' bedrooms. One is red, and one is blue.
Don't get me wrong. The men use this house. They are just learning to have a healthy respect for wanting to live in a semi-clean environment. I am not, nor will I ever be, the consummate Mama that just tsk tsks when her men leave stuff for her to pick up. No sirreee bob. They know to pick up after themselves, how to clean a toilet, how to dust, do dishes, empty dishwashers, and they all know how to separate laundry and what temperatures to wash them in. They even know how to cook. I didn't say they were happy about it, but it sure is funny to hear them get disgusted when we watch a program like "Clean House" and they see how disgusting those peoples houses are.
I know they enjoy living in a home that, though it may not be huge, it may not be in the absolute best repair, is tidy, cozy, livable, comfortable, and sitting anywhere will not require anyone to get an antibiotic shot.
Yes, boys live here. Four handsome, lovable, manly men live in this purple paradise we call Casa De Shaver.
They know not to eat in the front room, no gum in the house, and no cleats in the house.
Maybe one day I will get great big hugs and kisses from my daughters in law for sending my men out there armed with basic household knowledge, so my daughters in law will have partners in life, and not someone to just clean up after.
My husband is a partner. He doesn't have to clean up, he works super hard to provide for our little brigade here at home... but if push came to shove, he is one heck of a house husband. I've seen it first hand.
I even got him a gardner a few years ago, so he can continue making our little home more modern with his awesome building skills, and not worry about the weeds or lawn.
Okay, so my answer would totally NOT be that long in real life... but you get the picture.
Like the song says, in "Flower Drum Song"
Ciao, bellisima!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I got an award from Kristin!

Kristin at The Way It is awarded me with this wonderful thing!
I am so excited!
So... I need to write a couple of lists now...
5 things I think are fabulous...
1. Ipods. I freakin love mine.
2. Hair Color... need I say more?
3. All my new buddies in the blogosphere... it is sooo cool how I can talk to ladies in India and Australia via the blogs. Remember chat rooms??? ha ha ha aha!
4. Parchment paper. Hey.. I'm a chef...
5. Digi new addiction.
This blog requires me to pick 5 fabulous blogs... I can't... I love so many!
So... I'm gonna cheat and say EVERYONE !
Thank you again kristin!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Wont be able to post much for the next week!
I am recycling a couple of posts for ya!
Lots of goings on happening!
Here's to all of you!
Thank you for making 2008 a lot brighter by being the best blog friends an
Italian Girl could have!
I'll check in from time to time!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas 2008!

I am sitting in front of my computer... with color in my hair... wanna see? Okay, I'll snap a picture and humiliate myself...
My Mama's a hair dresser of 35 years, and alas... my million white hairs could not wait for her to do it for me... so...

Anyway... since I can't sit on any chairs, it's too cold outside to read, I can't cook with this crap in my hair... I decided to... what else!!! Blog!!! ***

Last night we had our Christmas gift giving with the kids.


You know... like every mother... I think my kids are pretty bright... except mine really and truly are bright... Well...they ARE!!! So there! Oh! Shut up!

Anyway... last night, you would THINK they would get the gist of it by now, and know that they wouldn't really get a bunch of used stuff in their boxes.

I do change the prank every year, and I explained what I was doing a few posts ago... but maybe I am just a totally fantastic actress and liar (I believe those two terms are one and the same? N'cest Pa?) or they have turned into dim bulbs overnight... but they got totally punked last night!

I had their gifts stacked up in a corner, with the names Mama, Papa and Joey all over them.

They were just sitting there, in full view, with SOMEONE ELSES names on them. NONE OF WHICH WERE William, Alex or John John. That fact really got to Johnny. I caught him trying to pry open the wrapping... but I know my littlest sneak... I wrapped those suckers about 15 times each, so I just allowed him to get his sneak on, and he gave up when he saw even MORE wrapping paper. Mwah ha ha ha ha ha!!! My evil plan worked!!!

So yesterday, all the stuff from Amazon finally came in, minus one item, and knowing how much cooking and packing I would need to do in the next few days, last night was the best time to give the men their hard earned spoils.

And can I just say how completely disconcerting it is to be able to hold hundreds of bucks worth of gifts in ONE HAND. Remember when the floor was packed with stuff, BIG stuff, that required lots of wrapping paper, and our parents had to hide it at other peoples houses? Not these days... everything they got, except the clothes, fit into my purse. I had to HIDE that fact by using 3 million boxes and food boxes to wrap them in! Holy cow!

So anyway... I put out the gag boxes first... filled with used clothes, my old Ipod, extensions cords to my old Ipod dock.. the whole shebang..

My old ipod is in there, and some random extension cords...
This is one of the prank boxes...
I had each one of them open a gift at a time... really stretching the time so they would squirm...
(Hey Mama gets to have a little fun too!)
William went first...

See the lightening speed?

Oh yeah... he's soooo thrilled!!!
Johnny's turn... by this time, I am giggling like mad!

Yeah.. he's overwhelmed with joy...Those are last years slippers out of his closet...

We told them this Christmas was tight...

Will is hold my old 1st generation Ipod, an Uno game, and Alex is holding an old DS game, and doing a pretty good try at looking grateful...

Except Johnny... of course... I am the worst Mama ever... and I am proud!!!

He thinks it's funny to get old clothes...
At first he thinks it's really an Ipod... but then I have him open it... and its empty!!!

I know soooo cruel!!! yet... soooo satisfying!!!

These three make me crazy 364 days a year... give me one day of getting even!

His new talking bank... but first... he got...

the Prank Bank... an old pickle jar, which I personalized all myself!!!

What a good sport! I at least had the decency to wash it first!!!

I'm not all bad!

He kept unwrapping, and unwrapping
and unwrapping
and unwrapping

and finally giggling!!!

Happiness ended up happening in the end.

After all the unwrapping... A little bit of revenge let down...
Of course, they got what they wanted in the end. Since Jesus only got three items, so did my kids... He died and rose again and only got three... my kids should never get more than our Saviour.
It was a wonderful evening... a little unorthodox for some... but we are not a faint of heart bunch...
Good day to you...
I have to go wash my color out now... I'm going to be young again in about 10 minutes!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

MamaKat's Writers Workshop

The Prompts:
1.) Write or share a letter to Santa.
2.) Describe a favorite Winter memory.
3.) Last night it snowed buckets and you are forced to spend the entire
day at home with your family...what's the plan!?!
4.) What's the best gift you've ever gotten/given.
5.) Describe a Christmas tradition that you have started with your own family?
I just wrote about my Christmas Prank tradition... go down a couple of posts for that one, so I'll skip that one.
I'll write a little about 1 through 4 this time...
1. Dear Santa...
Take me with you!!!
Favorite Winter Memory ~ I was 17, my family and I went to Toronto Canada to visit family for Christmas... and it was the very first time I had ever seen snow fall. We had been to Canada lots of times before that... but never in the winter. I was AMAZED that there really are intricately cut snowflakes... each one!!! Then a blizzard came and snowed about 8 feet of snow up against my cousins front door.
I wanted out so badly... I just wanted to get home to my 85 degree weather and raise enough money to get my relatives to come to California. It scared the living daylights out of me.
Everything was just ... white!!! and cold.. and ooohhh! confining!
But all was well, someone dug us out, and it was a lovely time for the next two weeks.
But every day it snowed... I was a teensy bit worried I wouldn't be able to get out.
If it ever snowed here... I would cry my eyes out... all my citrus trees would die.
If it snowed here... we would be outside taking pictures and playing in it.
If it does snow here, it last all of 1/2 hour... and all the while, I'm in my orchard blanketing my trees and roses. I have a gorgeous hedge of roses out back as I type this... I would hate to lose that.
Best gift I've ever gotten??? Probably every gift that totally came out of left field... that I was NEVER expecting. Those are my favorites.
Favorite gift I've given??? Once again... one the recipient was never expecting... those are great.
Thanks for playing!!!

7 clown circus Wordful Wednesday

Wordful Wednesday!

Okay.. I think I got it now...
The post above this one is my Wordful Wednesday.
Just click on "view full screen", to see my
Labor of Love. It will take you to my scrapblogs...
Sorry for the inconvenience...
Thanks for being patient...
It's working for me... so it should open for you!
If you don't have Adobe... it may not open for ya.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Our Christmas 2008 is fast approaching!

I am having sooooo much fun today...
I am formulating our Annual Christmas Prank on the boys, and wrapping the
fake gifts.
Such fun!
Since my boys don't read my blog... I can tell you...
Will is getting an Ipod... finally. I held out as long as I could... then realized it can be used for
homework purposes, so I relented and got him one. He's also getting a bunch of new clothes...
which by the way... he asked for and SHOCKED THE HECK OUTTA ME!
It's all about girls these days. Ugh!
BUT!!! The prank box has a fake Ipod case and bunch of extension cords with signs on them leading him to my old Ipod.
He should be sufficiently deflated before I spring the hot new Ipod Nano 8gig on him.
The other box, has a bunch of Bill's clothes in it, undies, socks and a toothbrush....
I love Christmas!!!
Alex wanted a bank and a DS game. What he is getting is a PSP that replaces the one someone damaged and handed back to him that way last year... little jerk (the vandal).
Alex was very good about all of it, and hasn't complained at all, so he is getting a new one.
The prank box has....
An big empty pickle jar with a big slit in the lid, and his name written in marker on the front that says... "Alex's Bank", and his old PSP, in the new PSP box, a new toothbrush, undies and socks.
I love Christmas!!!
Johnny wanted 2 DS games. That's it.
(I am so proud of my boys... they don't ask for outrageous things or
have huge lists of items they THINK they deserve)
What he is getting is another Eyeclops, that's portable, (they are sooo cool!)
2 DS games,
and a really awesome 200 piece art set that travels beautifully.
The prank box has...
Used markers
and 7 DS games they already have, and a magnifying glass.
Oh! And a toothbrush, and underwear and socks...
I love Christmas!!!
I wrapped all the new gifts and wrote "Mama", "Papa" and
"Joey" on them so they won't think they are theirs.
Since we are going on vacation next week,
our Christmas will be this week on Thursday night.
I can't wait!!!
I already have the giggles.
It's been so many years since we have been home for Christmas,
I don't know any other way
than this now.
Oh... I forgot... each of the real gifts...
are wrapped over 15 times in many ways.
I used a cereal box for the Ipod, wrapped it, placed it in another box, wrapped it, put it in another box, tied it... wrapped it.. you get the picture.
It's gonna take them years to get to each gift!!!
Mwhaah aha hahahah!
Evil Mama...
I know... I know...
It doesn't compare to all the "perfect" holiday mornings everyone else has...
but it is perfect to me.
I love to laugh... and so do my kids... this is how we roll...
and since none of them believes in Santa any longer... it works and they love it.
I hope someday soon, they start playing innocent jokes on us too.
Now THAT will be fun!
I am really looking forward to the competition!

Monday, December 15, 2008

I dreamed of a Wii...

This is too much... I had to tell you about it.
My kids are NEVER allowed to watch TV during the week when school is in session. Ever.
On weekends, they can watch a little, sporadically, if the weather is inclement.
I kick them outside or we are at games of some sort anyway...
Well, since getting the dreaded Wii...
The boys bounded in the car today, all happy and motivated to do anything and everything
so I would soften up and let them at the gaming console.
All for the Wii.
Yes, I gave in.
How could I not!
You should have seen them...
all shiny and smiling and standing in front of me running down
the list of all the things they did.
It was too funny.
So it's 7:15 p.m. my kitchen sparkles, my laundry is done, and I can have an
orange as a snack later.
Life is good...
I soooo love the Wii right now.
So, so much.
We'll see how long it lasts...

Weekend stuff

I have to eat my words here just a little...
Remember my last wordy post... about spoiled kids, and Wii's and all the electronic stuff...
Well, last night, we had my MIL, her hubby, and Bill's sis, and his two nieces over for
an early Christmas feast...
Gifts were traded, and wrapping was thrown and strewn here and there... and LO AND BEHOLD...
but a..
Wait for it...
Here it comes...
I'm almost ready to say it...
Oh, and not just the standard gaming system... no...
she purchased 4 extra steering wheels, 4 extra wiimotes (that cracks me up)
and I believe, every. single. game. Wii ever made in its brief lifetime.
I now have completely spoiled boys.
The kicker??? My HUSBAND was GIDDY!!!
I swear... I think he called like... 5 of his buddies to tell them he is now officially in the gaming zone with the rest of the world.
Of course... I second I see it... I am thinking... holy crap... they are all so already on restriction from it. HA hahahaha!
Bad Mama..I know.. sue me!
She also got them some beautiful clothes and some for Bill and me too.
She gave too much... but the boys are absolutely over the moon about it.
We had a lovely dinner, some yummy desserts and a nice visit.
Before the dinner, I had a Pampered Chef show to do, and of course, it was in my kitchen.
So yesterday was a very busy but productive day.
Saturday evening... we had the honor of attending Williams Football Banquet at the High School.
It was wonderful.
Each coach called up a player and said some memorable, heart felt words about each boy.
It was was so great to hear someone else say things I feel everyday about my manchild.
Next year, he will letter, and then we get to buy him a Lettermans Jacket.
So exciting!
Tonight was supposed to be my ribbon cutting ceremony for my biz, and Market Night, but they cancelled it due to the RAIN!
Yes... it's raining again! 3rd time in 9 months! woo hoo!
We may get over 3 inches!!!
Only 25 to go to get out of drought status!
So... I think I am rescheduled for the festivities tomorrow evening...
Such fun!
Okay... I've talked your ears off enough...
I need to go wrap gifts!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Photo Story Friday!

PhotoStory Friday Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

I don't have any new pictures of the kids... but I did get this shot, and I was really surprised about how pretty it was. The camera automatically blurred the background, and I just love the droplets of water on the petals.

The kids and I were in a lovely rose garden... Johnny wanted to pick me roses, but that isn't allowed... so I told him I would do one better, and take pictures of the ones he wanted for me, so they would last forever... My tangerines are almost ready... yum!

Shopping trip blues

Oh my gosh... I am so sorry I went Christmas shopping this morning...
Pushing, pulling, being all impatient, banging on the glass doors to get at the electronics!
This morning reminded me of WHY I shop online at or EVERYWHERE else!
I saw one couple walk out with a HUGE flat screen TV, and they were TYING it to THEIR
I was flummoxed.
We have three kids. I don't want spoiled children who think they are "entitled" just because we can afford to send them to private schools and get them what they want.
Just because they want something... doesn't mean they will get it.
It's just how I choose to parent.
I'm not a Jones keeper-upperer... (what a word, huh?)
I was flabbergasted at some of the things I heard this morning in Best Buy!
A couple was arguing about how many Wii's they were going to get.
(We don't have a Wii, and I'm not altogether sure what it is, but my men sure do).
Mom was saying that the 4 yr. old "needs" one in his room,
and the 13 year old "needs" on in his room.
People buy things like that in multiples?
I know I pride myself in behind the times in electronic stuff.
Bill and the boys know all there is to know about that junk, and I... well, I blissfully pay no attention to it.
but... here goes...
Before we got married, I sat Bill down and told him, that when I have children... my kids will
{{clearing my throat...}
{{wait for it...}
{{Wait for it.........}}
There... I said it.
NOW... AT THE RISK OF BEING BOMBARDED BY NASTY, HATEFUL, "My kids have them in their rooms and..." comments... I will just say it is a rule of mine, and it is just the way I feel.
No disrespect or judgement from me to any other parent who has TV's in their kids rooms...
More power to ya!
Yay for that, and Brava, and all that stuff.
I am neither her nor there on the subject of what OTHER parents do with their kids...
Mine just won't have them... and that's all there is to it.
But a Wii per child???
Again I say... Really?
Can't anyone share anymore?
I mean... my kids have their own PSP's or Ds's or whatever they are called
(Bill shops for all that stuff... I'm clueless) but I refuse to purchase 3 of the same games!
It's ridiculous! They can learn to share the games and barter and figure it out!
Holy Cow! We are a family!!! We share a house... our lives... everything!
Are some parents really teaching their kids not to value sharing?
I think that's what's happening...
I'm pretty old school.
Kids need love, food, clothing, shelter, more love, and a good education.
Everything else is just GRAVY!
Yes, my kids have their own bikes, shoes, toothbrushes...
I'm not THAT share friendly...LOL!
When people are walking out of a store with a TV bigger and worth more than their vehicle, and 5 kids cramming in the car, and they are tying the behemoth to the top of the crappy car...
our priorities are out of whack! It was a 4 passenger car with 7 people in it!
Am I just way too old fashioned?
I can't wait to shop online again next Christmas... and miss all that "joyous" stuff
at the stores.
So tonight... we are heading over the my favorite place at Christmas.. the Mission Inn.
I'll have pictures tomorrow...
Thanks for reading this far again... and for leaving me love in the form of comments...
Have a happy and safe weekend shopping.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Soccer Tournament Weekend.

Well... it was a fun, eventful weekend at Commissioners Cup in Temecula.
We stayed down there for the weekend instead of driving back and forth.
We had two 8 a.m. games, and it was just easier this way.
It was nice. Johnny's team lost, won, then lost, but still amassed enough points to be in 2nd place in their division.
Alex's team lost, lost, then lost again.
It sure was fun!
The weather was cool, the sky was clear, and we just had fun hangin' out with all the other
players. Loads of us stayed in hotels.
The complex we played at was stellar. Truly top notch. 43 acres of sports complex and artificial turf. Really awesome.
I forgot my camera in the car during Johnny's games,
So now we are home. I don't tell when I'm going to be gone... for security purposes, so now... if you were trying to get hold of me via blog, here I am... just went away.
I wanted so badly to hit up some wineries and go wine tasting... but I damaged my baby toe last night, and couldn't walk on it... I lost the toenail too...
EWWWWWW... I know!! TMI! TMI!
I'm going to make dinner now...
I missed ya all...