Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Our Christmas 2008 is fast approaching!

I am having sooooo much fun today...
I am formulating our Annual Christmas Prank on the boys, and wrapping the
fake gifts.
Such fun!
Since my boys don't read my blog... I can tell you...
Will is getting an Ipod... finally. I held out as long as I could... then realized it can be used for
homework purposes, so I relented and got him one. He's also getting a bunch of new clothes...
which by the way... he asked for and SHOCKED THE HECK OUTTA ME!
It's all about girls these days. Ugh!
BUT!!! The prank box has a fake Ipod case and bunch of extension cords with signs on them leading him to my old Ipod.
He should be sufficiently deflated before I spring the hot new Ipod Nano 8gig on him.
The other box, has a bunch of Bill's clothes in it, undies, socks and a toothbrush....
I love Christmas!!!
Alex wanted a bank and a DS game. What he is getting is a PSP that replaces the one someone damaged and handed back to him that way last year... little jerk (the vandal).
Alex was very good about all of it, and hasn't complained at all, so he is getting a new one.
The prank box has....
An big empty pickle jar with a big slit in the lid, and his name written in marker on the front that says... "Alex's Bank", and his old PSP, in the new PSP box, a new toothbrush, undies and socks.
I love Christmas!!!
Johnny wanted 2 DS games. That's it.
(I am so proud of my boys... they don't ask for outrageous things or
have huge lists of items they THINK they deserve)
What he is getting is another Eyeclops, that's portable, (they are sooo cool!)
2 DS games,
and a really awesome 200 piece art set that travels beautifully.
The prank box has...
Used markers
and 7 DS games they already have, and a magnifying glass.
Oh! And a toothbrush, and underwear and socks...
I love Christmas!!!
I wrapped all the new gifts and wrote "Mama", "Papa" and
"Joey" on them so they won't think they are theirs.
Since we are going on vacation next week,
our Christmas will be this week on Thursday night.
I can't wait!!!
I already have the giggles.
It's been so many years since we have been home for Christmas,
I don't know any other way
than this now.
Oh... I forgot... each of the real gifts...
are wrapped over 15 times in many ways.
I used a cereal box for the Ipod, wrapped it, placed it in another box, wrapped it, put it in another box, tied it... wrapped it.. you get the picture.
It's gonna take them years to get to each gift!!!
Mwhaah aha hahahah!
Evil Mama...
I know... I know...
It doesn't compare to all the "perfect" holiday mornings everyone else has...
but it is perfect to me.
I love to laugh... and so do my kids... this is how we roll...
and since none of them believes in Santa any longer... it works and they love it.
I hope someday soon, they start playing innocent jokes on us too.
Now THAT will be fun!
I am really looking forward to the competition!


  1. Thx Michelle...That means a lot coming from you. Most people think I'm not creating good memories for my kidlets.

  2. I love reading the genuine warmth you show for your family. So much love and happiness..they are lucky boys..but so are their folks.
    Merry Christmas wherever you spend it!

    You have to be the most fun mom in the USA!!!

  4. Oh goodness-I thought I had the cutest boys-but then I saw YOURS!!! What heartbreakers!!!This is what my life with three boys will be like??? I better follow your blog, so I know what to expect!!!

  5. I think its fantastic. You sound like a happy, lively and enrgetic Mom. Good on you. I do the same kind of thing. I wish we could see their reactions. Let us know how it goes. And I agree with Ruby Red Slippers your boys are incredibly handsome and going to cause a few broken hearts in years to come (or they are already).

  6. Too funny Saundra. These are their fun memories. They'll always cherish them and tell there wives and children about their crazy Nonna!

  7. Kate... thx for that... I hope it sounds warm.

    Mimi... I don't know if my kids know how cool I am... lol!

    Ruby REd... THANKS FOR FOLLOWING... i'm going to your blog in a second!

    Lilly, happy.. yes... lively... yes... energetic??? not so much... but I love doing things a little bit of kilter...

    Kathy... I hope so... I hope they don't put me on a talk show some day and tell me how I screwed them up!

  8. I love surprise presents except I am so hard to surprise.

  9. You and I are on the same wavelength... My son is only 6, but he really wants a DS, so we wrapped up my old Game Boy as a gag gift, and we're going to save the DS until the very last minute! I can't wait!!

  10. Wow! You're good-I never thought to do all that, but this gives me ideas for the future with teen boys...

  11. I wanna be one of your kids. I'd prefer to remain a girl but since your boys are so incredibly gorgeous...okay I'll be a boy, too. I just want to partipate in the pranks and eat your cooking. You are the coolest mom EVER. And a cool webfriend, too. Thanks for stopping by and saying nice things to me.


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