Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas 2008!

I am sitting in front of my computer... with color in my hair... wanna see? Okay, I'll snap a picture and humiliate myself...
My Mama's a hair dresser of 35 years, and alas... my million white hairs could not wait for her to do it for me... so...

Anyway... since I can't sit on any chairs, it's too cold outside to read, I can't cook with this crap in my hair... I decided to... what else!!! Blog!!! ***

Last night we had our Christmas gift giving with the kids.


You know... like every mother... I think my kids are pretty bright... except mine really and truly are bright... Well...they ARE!!! So there! Oh! Shut up!

Anyway... last night, you would THINK they would get the gist of it by now, and know that they wouldn't really get a bunch of used stuff in their boxes.

I do change the prank every year, and I explained what I was doing a few posts ago... but maybe I am just a totally fantastic actress and liar (I believe those two terms are one and the same? N'cest Pa?) or they have turned into dim bulbs overnight... but they got totally punked last night!

I had their gifts stacked up in a corner, with the names Mama, Papa and Joey all over them.

They were just sitting there, in full view, with SOMEONE ELSES names on them. NONE OF WHICH WERE William, Alex or John John. That fact really got to Johnny. I caught him trying to pry open the wrapping... but I know my littlest sneak... I wrapped those suckers about 15 times each, so I just allowed him to get his sneak on, and he gave up when he saw even MORE wrapping paper. Mwah ha ha ha ha ha!!! My evil plan worked!!!

So yesterday, all the stuff from Amazon finally came in, minus one item, and knowing how much cooking and packing I would need to do in the next few days, last night was the best time to give the men their hard earned spoils.

And can I just say how completely disconcerting it is to be able to hold hundreds of bucks worth of gifts in ONE HAND. Remember when the floor was packed with stuff, BIG stuff, that required lots of wrapping paper, and our parents had to hide it at other peoples houses? Not these days... everything they got, except the clothes, fit into my purse. I had to HIDE that fact by using 3 million boxes and food boxes to wrap them in! Holy cow!

So anyway... I put out the gag boxes first... filled with used clothes, my old Ipod, extensions cords to my old Ipod dock.. the whole shebang..

My old ipod is in there, and some random extension cords...
This is one of the prank boxes...
I had each one of them open a gift at a time... really stretching the time so they would squirm...
(Hey Mama gets to have a little fun too!)
William went first...

See the lightening speed?

Oh yeah... he's soooo thrilled!!!
Johnny's turn... by this time, I am giggling like mad!

Yeah.. he's overwhelmed with joy...Those are last years slippers out of his closet...

We told them this Christmas was tight...

Will is hold my old 1st generation Ipod, an Uno game, and Alex is holding an old DS game, and doing a pretty good try at looking grateful...

Except Johnny... of course... I am the worst Mama ever... and I am proud!!!

He thinks it's funny to get old clothes...
At first he thinks it's really an Ipod... but then I have him open it... and its empty!!!

I know soooo cruel!!! yet... soooo satisfying!!!

These three make me crazy 364 days a year... give me one day of getting even!

His new talking bank... but first... he got...

the Prank Bank... an old pickle jar, which I personalized all myself!!!

What a good sport! I at least had the decency to wash it first!!!

I'm not all bad!

He kept unwrapping, and unwrapping
and unwrapping
and unwrapping

and finally giggling!!!

Happiness ended up happening in the end.

After all the unwrapping... A little bit of revenge let down...
Of course, they got what they wanted in the end. Since Jesus only got three items, so did my kids... He died and rose again and only got three... my kids should never get more than our Saviour.
It was a wonderful evening... a little unorthodox for some... but we are not a faint of heart bunch...
Good day to you...
I have to go wash my color out now... I'm going to be young again in about 10 minutes!!!


  1. Love it, love kids would come out of their skin...might try it...

  2. Fantastic post! The boys (and YOU) had a great time and its written all over their faces. I had a great time reading it too and I hope your hair colour worked. Yes, those white hairs - I have more than my Dad! Hope your packing and cooking goes well!!

  3. What fun...and such great memories for your boys. I wish I had your energy!!! I cant stand to wrap a present once, let alone a bazillion times. Your boys look like they LOVE being home, and you, and your crazy antics!

  4. I love the three gift idea, won't happen this year... too many good buys at the thrift store. My kids aren't old enough to pull the pranks on yet. I think they would all start crying. But I do have an older nephew... hehhehheh...

    You are a great mom to go through all that trouble and make these days memorable for those handsome boys.

  5. How cute!!! What a fun idea! :) Looks like you guys had a blast!

  6. omg, I love that. And I like your reasoning of how much to get your kids for the holidays.

  7. I hope you have a very merry Christmas, that Santa brings you everything you deserve and that it doesn’t take too long to work off the effects of Christmas dinner.

    Thank you for being part of what has been a fascinating year for me.

  8. gotta start following you..I am Italian among other things, living in a place with no italians trying to make sure my son learns our heritage!

  9. You are so fun!
    I have an award for you on my blog!

  10. I knew I liked you for some reason! YOu are insane, just like me! LOL! Have a save and very Merry Christmas. See you when you get back.

  11. Very lovely post! Thank you for sharing your family and your humor with us!!!

    So....whatcha baking and when do I get MINE????

  12. This was great. I found your blogs off of another. I will add them to my followed blogs.

    You sure know how to make Christmas fun again!
    Your kids are such good sports!


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