Sunday, December 7, 2008

Soccer Tournament Weekend.

Well... it was a fun, eventful weekend at Commissioners Cup in Temecula.
We stayed down there for the weekend instead of driving back and forth.
We had two 8 a.m. games, and it was just easier this way.
It was nice. Johnny's team lost, won, then lost, but still amassed enough points to be in 2nd place in their division.
Alex's team lost, lost, then lost again.
It sure was fun!
The weather was cool, the sky was clear, and we just had fun hangin' out with all the other
players. Loads of us stayed in hotels.
The complex we played at was stellar. Truly top notch. 43 acres of sports complex and artificial turf. Really awesome.
I forgot my camera in the car during Johnny's games,
So now we are home. I don't tell when I'm going to be gone... for security purposes, so now... if you were trying to get hold of me via blog, here I am... just went away.
I wanted so badly to hit up some wineries and go wine tasting... but I damaged my baby toe last night, and couldn't walk on it... I lost the toenail too...
EWWWWWW... I know!! TMI! TMI!
I'm going to make dinner now...
I missed ya all...


  1. Sorry about your toenail Saundra, but heck you're good with the camera!

  2. Ouch!! Glad you guys had a great time and what incredible beautiful scenary you had to gaze at.

  3. OUCH!!! Hearing that makes MY toe ache!
    Wonderful pictures, looks like you had nice weather!

  4. The views are breathtaking. Wouldn't that be nice to play soccer games their every weekend. Blue Mountain will have to I am sorry for the losses but I am glad that you guys had a nice relaxing weekend.

  5. Mimi... the thing I LOVE about living in So Calif. is the awesome weather about 360 days a year.

    Thanks Braja!

    Mel... yes, it was lovely!

    Letti, I called it the Beverly Hills park... Johnny's park I called the Ghetto.

  6. Looks like a lovely weekend!
    Hope the boys had fun, regardless of the outcomes.

  7. They are great photos Saundra - I love soccer I have to say - its a great game! Shame about your toe I hope it gets better soon - it can be painful!!

  8. Ouchy! Oh, your poor wittel pinky toe!

    I tried to respond to you via email about my confusing post, so I'll respond here:

    I was merely trying to make up a silly story around the picture of the giant man I saw one day and decided to take a picture of, thinking I could blog about it somehow. And instead I wound up confusing everybody.

    Sorry about that. I'll try to do better next time.


    - Margaret

    p.s. Love your Christmassy background!

  9. So sorry to hear about your poor toe! Mine always seems to be in the way of some fantastic maneuver I'm attempting... like, umm... walking! LOL!

    I LOVE the pictures! Looks like the guys weren't the only ones who enjoyed the day.

  10. Sandy, Kate,Lilly, Thanks for the sympathy... its feeling better already!

    Damama... I will try to get in the pics more... thanks for reminding me.

  11. Sounded like a fun weekend. Too bad I was so busy or maybe I would have driven up to cheer with you! :)


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