Friday, December 12, 2008

Shopping trip blues

Oh my gosh... I am so sorry I went Christmas shopping this morning...
Pushing, pulling, being all impatient, banging on the glass doors to get at the electronics!
This morning reminded me of WHY I shop online at or EVERYWHERE else!
I saw one couple walk out with a HUGE flat screen TV, and they were TYING it to THEIR
I was flummoxed.
We have three kids. I don't want spoiled children who think they are "entitled" just because we can afford to send them to private schools and get them what they want.
Just because they want something... doesn't mean they will get it.
It's just how I choose to parent.
I'm not a Jones keeper-upperer... (what a word, huh?)
I was flabbergasted at some of the things I heard this morning in Best Buy!
A couple was arguing about how many Wii's they were going to get.
(We don't have a Wii, and I'm not altogether sure what it is, but my men sure do).
Mom was saying that the 4 yr. old "needs" one in his room,
and the 13 year old "needs" on in his room.
People buy things like that in multiples?
I know I pride myself in behind the times in electronic stuff.
Bill and the boys know all there is to know about that junk, and I... well, I blissfully pay no attention to it.
but... here goes...
Before we got married, I sat Bill down and told him, that when I have children... my kids will
{{clearing my throat...}
{{wait for it...}
{{Wait for it.........}}
There... I said it.
NOW... AT THE RISK OF BEING BOMBARDED BY NASTY, HATEFUL, "My kids have them in their rooms and..." comments... I will just say it is a rule of mine, and it is just the way I feel.
No disrespect or judgement from me to any other parent who has TV's in their kids rooms...
More power to ya!
Yay for that, and Brava, and all that stuff.
I am neither her nor there on the subject of what OTHER parents do with their kids...
Mine just won't have them... and that's all there is to it.
But a Wii per child???
Again I say... Really?
Can't anyone share anymore?
I mean... my kids have their own PSP's or Ds's or whatever they are called
(Bill shops for all that stuff... I'm clueless) but I refuse to purchase 3 of the same games!
It's ridiculous! They can learn to share the games and barter and figure it out!
Holy Cow! We are a family!!! We share a house... our lives... everything!
Are some parents really teaching their kids not to value sharing?
I think that's what's happening...
I'm pretty old school.
Kids need love, food, clothing, shelter, more love, and a good education.
Everything else is just GRAVY!
Yes, my kids have their own bikes, shoes, toothbrushes...
I'm not THAT share friendly...LOL!
When people are walking out of a store with a TV bigger and worth more than their vehicle, and 5 kids cramming in the car, and they are tying the behemoth to the top of the crappy car...
our priorities are out of whack! It was a 4 passenger car with 7 people in it!
Am I just way too old fashioned?
I can't wait to shop online again next Christmas... and miss all that "joyous" stuff
at the stores.
So tonight... we are heading over the my favorite place at Christmas.. the Mission Inn.
I'll have pictures tomorrow...
Thanks for reading this far again... and for leaving me love in the form of comments...
Have a happy and safe weekend shopping.


  1. No TV's in my kids rooms either, Never Ever! I had one growing up and now I cant fall alseep without it on. We have the Wii, My daughter wanted it for Xmas last year and FIL gave her the $$ to get it. I told her she could purchase it but that is a family toy. Did she really want to share her Xmas gift with everyone? She did!

  2. REally Carole? I thought I was alone in that way of thinking! Awww. your daughter is being raised right... she shared happily!

  3. I went to the mall yesterday and it was rather tame.

  4. This is why I like to shop online! Holy Cow don't even get me started on the Wii issue. No 4 year old needs their own Wii. More parents need to buy a box of markers and a pack of construction paper and spend a little quality time with their kids. Sad:(

  5. I am with you on the tv in the bedroom thing, although I did have one in my room as a kid. I worked, I was sixteen (or so) and I bought a 13 inch tv/vcr combo for my room. My mom never said anything about it... I really didn't like her shows.

    There is a tv in the girls room (the same one I bought) that is only good for playing vhs videos...It is the only place in the house we can watch all our vhs tapes. The only time its on is when we want to enjoy one of our oldies. About once every other month. :-p And the whole family is in there together for the most part.

    I am going out shopping with some friends tomorrow. We don't have a lot of spending money but we like to see the stores all dressed up. I always try to be extra nice to others and store clerks while I'm out at Christmas. I also eavesdrop (lets just call it what it is;-) ) It amazes me what some people discuss in public.

    I hope you don't mind the length of my comment. I guess I should have just sent you an email :-0 :-)

  6. Becky... I love the length of your comment.

    Michelle... There was a huge sale at Best Buy this morning... and i should have known better.

    I'm done shopping anyway.

  7. Ahhhhh! I feel you on the shopping....I HATE going into the mall all clustered. I hate it when you can't even walk around and the Wal Mart you couldn't even push your cart or walk down the aisles in peace. What a nightmare!

  8. I don't have kids Saundra, but I'm with you: I rarely meet a kid these days who doesn't have such a sense of entitlement that I feel like spending a day with them and teaching them some real freakin' values. Your kids will have them because of you: all power to YOU, my lovely Italian friend :) AND I LOVE YOUR XMAS BLOG STYLE!!

  9. Oh Braja... you always make me feel like a million bucks.

    One day... I'll come visit you with my family and you and you can show us YOUR India.

    That would be a trip of a lifetime. I love taking the kids abroad. It opens up their minds and hearts to see that there is so much more to our world than just America and our consumerism...

  10. Hello...
    I also was one of those moms who said I'd never had a t.v. in my kids rooms. Both teenagers do now. And a video game console as well..not a Wii, and not one each. However my oldest son bought his own X box 360. Alec his younger brother got his old one.
    I too, feel kids are way spoiled. Not mine
    I totally agree with you.
    have a great day

  11. Hi, came here from MamaKat's and I have 3 boys, too, ages 13 to 21. We never put TV's in their rooms either but we do have a second one in the basement. I don't want to worry about what they're watching "in their own space". I don't want to give them an excuse to be "alone." I don't want them to think TV is so important that they each "need" one.

    We also never bought a game console UNTIL I bought myself a Wii. I loved playing Wii tennis when I tried it at my SIL's house. Now we have guitar hero world tour with drums and a microphone and we all have fun with it.


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