Monday, December 15, 2008

Weekend stuff

I have to eat my words here just a little...
Remember my last wordy post... about spoiled kids, and Wii's and all the electronic stuff...
Well, last night, we had my MIL, her hubby, and Bill's sis, and his two nieces over for
an early Christmas feast...
Gifts were traded, and wrapping was thrown and strewn here and there... and LO AND BEHOLD...
but a..
Wait for it...
Here it comes...
I'm almost ready to say it...
Oh, and not just the standard gaming system... no...
she purchased 4 extra steering wheels, 4 extra wiimotes (that cracks me up)
and I believe, every. single. game. Wii ever made in its brief lifetime.
I now have completely spoiled boys.
The kicker??? My HUSBAND was GIDDY!!!
I swear... I think he called like... 5 of his buddies to tell them he is now officially in the gaming zone with the rest of the world.
Of course... I second I see it... I am thinking... holy crap... they are all so already on restriction from it. HA hahahaha!
Bad Mama..I know.. sue me!
She also got them some beautiful clothes and some for Bill and me too.
She gave too much... but the boys are absolutely over the moon about it.
We had a lovely dinner, some yummy desserts and a nice visit.
Before the dinner, I had a Pampered Chef show to do, and of course, it was in my kitchen.
So yesterday was a very busy but productive day.
Saturday evening... we had the honor of attending Williams Football Banquet at the High School.
It was wonderful.
Each coach called up a player and said some memorable, heart felt words about each boy.
It was was so great to hear someone else say things I feel everyday about my manchild.
Next year, he will letter, and then we get to buy him a Lettermans Jacket.
So exciting!
Tonight was supposed to be my ribbon cutting ceremony for my biz, and Market Night, but they cancelled it due to the RAIN!
Yes... it's raining again! 3rd time in 9 months! woo hoo!
We may get over 3 inches!!!
Only 25 to go to get out of drought status!
So... I think I am rescheduled for the festivities tomorrow evening...
Such fun!
Okay... I've talked your ears off enough...
I need to go wrap gifts!


  1. Wii's are a lot of fun! I hope you enjoy yours! :) Also, congrats on your son doing so well in Football...i'm sure you are very proud...of all of them! :) Great job Mama, you have a wonderful family!

  2. ok i agree it might be over the top but then again grandparents are allowed to spoil their grandkids!!!

  3. Saundra, glad you found the sari :) Now, what's a Pampered Chef show? Are you a TV star in America and you're not telling me?!!

  4. LOL..
    you make me smile..
    I got a Wii for my younger sons.
    Didn't get all the acceseries though.
    We'll start out slow.
    Glad you had a nice weekend


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