Friday, December 12, 2008

Photo Story Friday!

PhotoStory Friday Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

I don't have any new pictures of the kids... but I did get this shot, and I was really surprised about how pretty it was. The camera automatically blurred the background, and I just love the droplets of water on the petals.

The kids and I were in a lovely rose garden... Johnny wanted to pick me roses, but that isn't allowed... so I told him I would do one better, and take pictures of the ones he wanted for me, so they would last forever... My tangerines are almost ready... yum!


  1. You are a snap happy little Italian Mama :) Hey Saundra, Sunday's photo gallery has one dedicated just to you...check it out when you wake up to Sunday!

    Caio, bella!

  2. Visiting via SITs...

    Loved the roses.

  3. wow nice pictures! You did a great job taking them up close. Visiting to say hi via SITS :)

  4. Very nice.
    My son loves taking pics. He took a few of flowers when we went to Italy.
    Now he's more interested in making videos.

  5. Hey Saundra, yeah I left you a shoutout but on the gallery of photos; the link is in today's post and they all have captions :)

  6. I wish the birds would stop knocking off my orange blossoms. I have 2 oranges left on the entire tree this year!

    Beautiful rose pictures!

    And I love the word verification announcement in your sidebar. I feel like such a loser when I don't get the verification right.

  7. OK so here's the link:

    There's your photo :)

  8. Very pretty. I'll have to check if my camera does that.

  9. I was just going to ask when you took those really great pictures of those roses, when I saw the tangerines and I knew you were geographically speaking, a much luckier person than I. My grandma had a tangerine tree by her kitchen in Arizona. Viva los italianos.


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