Friday, December 5, 2008

Getting Bored yet?

On my way to deliver all the bread... Here's another one... just for fun!

Click on the little arrows and you can see every page.

Getting bored yet?

I did this book last week.

I'm working on one now that is taking me forever. It seems I can only do a page a day right now.


As you can tell... I love, love, love the beach.


  1. Thats really cool! You are multi-talented!

  2. Those are terrific!! I especially love the moon ones.

  3. You've been PHOTO TAGGED!!!

    Come on over and see.......

  4. Dude! I photo tagged you!!! Come on - give up a photo, lol!

  5. I love these scrapblogs! I've never seen them anywhere else. YOu do a beautiful job with them. Don't forget to get yourself into the picture more as the boys go further into the testy teens stage of life. Once they come out of it and like you again they will want to remember what they missed because they were too cool to pay attention. ;0)

  6. Thanks Damama T... I'll do that. It's nice having someone who's gone through it guide me.

    They don't tell you all this stuff when they hand over the baby burrito at the hospital.


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