Monday, December 29, 2008

Oops! I did it again!

I woke bolt straight up this morning at around 3 a.m. this morning... and realized I had missed a PC meeting.
I hadn't been to one in so long... I FORGOT all about it.
What a dope!
I don't even remember whose house it was supposed to be at!
Funny thing... no one called me after to let me know what a dope I was... which usually happens!
I only have to assume it was canceled, and I DIDN'T miss it.
So weird...
I have been forgetting a LOT of things lately.
Maybe it's my age?
40... can't be old right?
I mean... I do have more grey hair than most... but that's what Hair Color is for!
I hate forgetting things.
I forget dental appointments 5 seconds after I make them... I call my nail guy a million times to see when I set my appt.
Yes... I know I should write these things down!!!
But when I do... I lose the paper.
If I put it down in a calendar... I doodle so much, I can't read the numbers!
I'm a mess...
Maybe I just need more sleep.
I think I'll volunteer for a sleep study for about a year.
Yeah.... that's it...
Dream University!


  1. Dont worry I am the same and I seem to be getting worse every day.

    I love your new pics of your handsome boys. Did you take these photos because they are amazing and you could be doing this professionally. Your boys are going to break some hearts - gorgeous smiles!!

    Happy New Year - I am spending today planning some new years resolutions.

  2. What's this Dream University of which you speak? Does it actually involve sleep? I might be interested...

  3. LOL, I forget things all the time as well. I do write them down though, and yes sometimes I lose the paper.
    I'd like to go to the Dream Uni as well.
    Save me a spot

  4. LOL! OH MY STARS! Are you talking about me? LOL! Actually, I had to get a phone with a calendar function in it so I can keep track of stuff. Otherwise, I am so sunk.

    HOpe youre Christmas was Merry and your New Year is safe and fun.

  5. Lilly, Yes, I took every picture... and I made each page look like that... Thank you...I am thinking about doing it professionally.

    Damama... glad to hear I'm not the only one.

    Michelle... it's in my dreams...

    Mommy... right next to me.

  6. You'll volunteer for a sleep study then forgot you did. Or you'll do it and forget to wake up. :)

  7. If I don't write appointments and things to do on my calendar I forget about them! I hate it!



  9. I hope 40 is not old!!! I think dream university sounds wonderful!!!

    Happy New Year...

  10. Saundra, darlin', have a WONDERFUL 2009, and thank you for finding me on the blogosphere xoxoxo

  11. I know I am far from organized and couldn't keep up with you for anything. Here's a tip I use that I hope will work for you. I color code my calendar. Conference calls in pink, meetings in green, schedules in blue, deadlines in red. Personal is highlighted in yellow. Works really, really well. When I wrote everything in blue it just all ran together!


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